WOTBL's Sunday Morning Lapdog News at 9 AM

This week, WOTBL's official lapdog Luke will lick the hand of his favorite hot tub mate, Carnac. Hear international fruitcake mogul Carnac ask and answer bowel-stimulating questions that borderline on the low side of an eight grade education. Expect Jethro-like paeans like:

Question: How do a couple of local communists spell higher taxes?

Answer: Progressive.

Luke will also interview Sean Hannity about what flavors of gum are stuck to the bottom of Vice President Cheney's desk.


CANRAC said...

Ever notice that my cousin Carnac no longer gets replies or even laughs at his lame attempt at humor. What I want to see one of these OTBL's do is threaten to move if the referendum passes, and then follow through on it when it does. And to be honest I'll continue to vote no in protest of not seeing the high school issues addressed, but if it passes its not the end of the world.

Anonymous said...

Canrac, we need the elem school. Do the right thing now, then go to work to get the HS done.

CANRAC said...

How about we do them both at once and maybe save on some costs. Maybe the savings isn't that great, but its savings. I'm sorry but I think an elem school is needed but the plan is poor. I feel that if this one passes (which I think it will) and the economy continues to suffer, the odds of following up with a high school project are slim to none. I think people will be looking at their pocketbooks a bit closer in the next few years.

thin wallet already said...


I don't know about you, but I've been looking close at my pocket book for the last 6 years. Bush has screwed this country royal.

CANRAC said...

Well I watch mine too. To be honest I don't consider our property taxes out of line right now, but then again I'm not at the fixed income stage yet. It has a different impact on everybody. And I expect an occasional bump for large projects in the community. Too many people compare our taxes to Minnesota when they should be looking at other Wisconsin communities, compared to the Fox Valley and Madison area our taxes are much less.

All I ask is that the school district devise a plan and long range estimation on the entire system. It makes sense that if our elementary school enrollment is up the high school numbers will increase down the road. Is our middle school adequate for this increase in numbers?

Regarding Bush I don't get into that too much, the dems and Clinton created problems too, I think recent presidents have been plauged with bad advice from bad advisors.

Anonymous said...

you lefties don't get it. There is a big underground of anger with the socialist schools and supporters. All the little yellow signs and group-hug coffee parties won't change that. This referendum will fail and government education will whither on the vine. Change will happen and it will start here in Hudson.
Good luck getting into our pockets.

CANRAC said...

You need to get out and about anonymous. This is not the same Hudson populace we had here ten years ago, things are changing including the philosophies of the residents.

It is my beleif that even with my no vote the referendum will pass, and there isn't much I can do about it. This has nothing to do with who has the most coffee meetings and signs up. I am in this community every day, I've lived here for over 20 years. I'm hearing alot of support from those who voted no last time, or didn't even speak about it. This is being touted as much as a community investment and magnet for more growth, as much as classroom space. I also talk with established residents who have no kids in the schools, they support it.

You also now have a school board member who is influential, and effective at getting things done like building YMCA's. People are confident in his abilities.

And lastly, you have the group who is tired of the repetitive letters to the editor ragging on the same school district issues over and over again. Some people have told me they want this to pass just to irritate these people further and make them look stupid. If they really want to stop this, come up with some new material and do it in a constructive manner.

I am not what you would call a mover and shaker in Hudson, nor do I frequent coffee shops or social gatherings. I'd consider myself just a regular person who drinks his coffee at restaurants or gas stations and has an occasional drink in a bar. I've stated my opposition to this referendum, but from what I see and hear from people I think it will pass.

The underground of anger is a very small group in my opinion, most I talk to like living here.

ATBL Admin said...


You comments are interesting. Interesting is the fact that there are pro and con arguments being disucssed on this blog concerning the upcoming referendum. Obviously, you have failed to notice the intellectual standards that we strive for here at ATBL. To come in and dish those debating and discussing the issues is very uncool. We ask you to refrain of such juvenile behavior in the future and join the discussion with an open mind. No one wants to waiste his or het tax dollars on unneeded expenditures for the schools or any other government related activity.

If you have legimate, reasonable arguments to the issues at hand, by all means bring them to the table. You will not be called a selfish, greedy rightie or free-market fruitcake here. We don't play that type of gamesmanship on this blog.

Peace, my friend...