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Come on! Let's save the world...


In a beautiful valley the river of my life flows. The river is wide -- but not too wide -- and the hills are high -- but not mountians. Four seasons bring ice, snow, rain, green, orange, red and brown colors. More and more people are seeking out the offerings of my valley and with them come an ever expanding array of ideas about life, politics, education, reacreation, progress and history.

I was born 50 years ago 20 miles from where I type this. My father grew up 20 miles from here. My grandma and her people grew up 20 miles from here. Here grandfather built the log cabin she was born in and cut down the last of the white pines.

Looks like we are staying put. From the factory where I work, I can alomost see the house I grew up in. It is six miles as the crow flies. When I was a paperboy, I could hear the same factory's whistle, as I headed down the hill to delivery my morning papers.

On my way to work now, I stop for coffee and get the same paper I delivered over 40 years ago. Then I cross the same river my father crossed for 35 years to work at the same factory. A couple of my brothers and one of my sisters cross that river too, as do a number of the guys I grew up with. "Globalization" has not found us yet and our company hasn't embraced the concept of "outscouring" -- yet.

The world keeps turning and the bills keep getting paid and we keep saving for retirement. Where this all leads, we can only guess, but I would like you to join me on this journey and share your insights and perspectives with me and join together to make the world a better place for us, our children, their children and the future generations that we will leave this planet to.

Is this a noble cause? Definately. Can we do it? You are living proof that it can be done. Why should you be part of this crusade? ...you made the call...

Feel free to join in the conversation and join with me as we embark on the seemlingly impossible task of polishing up this "big, blue marble" we call Earth...