column reporter TownCrybaby reports on safety
issues and incidents at the Hudson High School he finds entertaining. In his long career as SchoolBeat I-Team Investigator, Crybaby has never reported on this kind of entertainment at the local $3500/student Private HIGH SCHOOL. Critcs say, that's because there is no $3500/student PRIVATE HIGH SCHOOL in Hudson. CryBaby could not be reached for comment to clarify the disingenuous discrepency.
A spokesperson from WOTBL ( Crybaby's Mommy ) said Crybaby could not repond to the discrencies in his report because it was still his nap time.

WOTBL promises more film on this story at 11:00 or as soon as Wal-Mart finishes processing
the footage. Stay Tuned to WOTBL for Breaking News within the a week of when it happens.


CANRAC said...

There covering up a scoop I have. I hired a forensics expert whom I got cut-rate, and a private eye. The real scoop is Luke and the armed robbery at the porno store downtown. Nothing like a good movie and holiday nuts.

Dectective Friday said...


I think you are confused about the report on the robbery. It said the robber took a dildo and you obviously thought they said the "robber was a dildo." If the later was true, you would be correct sir.

EPA Airpolice said...

So what does this robbery have to do with air quality at the High School.

CANRAC said...

It's connected and inter-related to the connection and relationship that the Willi threat letter has to do with crowded classrooms, kind of a backlash from the intertwining of dogs pooping illegally and bad air germinating at the OTBL site. Is that clear?

The Fabreezer said...


Thank's for clearing the air.

CANRAC said...

Right now I'm pondering the question of "can a dildo steal a dildo"????

Bubba Buddha said...

Wow man,

That's Zen like!

norseman said...

Sooooooo.....what did Luke do with the "dildo"?????? Since we use the same deduction process as the OTBL pooop trackers doooo, it must have beeen Luke. So Luke what did you do with the Dildo?????