Media Rare

“…every time one of my concrete-pouring pals tells me the country is headed to hell in a hand basket thanks to drug-addled media lesbians soft on crime, I am tempted to reply, in my best third-grade-recess voice, ‘I know you are, but what is Rush?’ There are the standard targets, but I swear to your, the scariest thing I heard on my car radio all year aired on a station that had recently switched to a liberal talk format and was running promotional liners one of which featured a female caller saying, ‘I used to listen to NPR, but now I listen to Air America in the morning, because they make me laugh.’ I was pouring hot coffee in my lap at the time, and may have misheard.”

Michael Perry
Truck: A Love Story


TEA and Fantasy

"Many people live in information cocoons in which they talk only to members of their own party and read blogs of their own sect."

David Brooks
NY Time columnist

"They come with perceptions fundamentally at odds with reality...and create a world in which their consumers have a reality presented to them that is completely at odds with the reality the rest of us live in."

Michael Tomasky
New York Review of Books