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The ATBL Cartoon Network brings you up to the minute reporting on Right Wing Idiocracy across the globe, in a fun and entertaining format. Stay tuned for more.
If you need a non-prescription sleep aide, visit ontheborderline.nyet. ( or read some of the full length propaganda comments from the OTBL blogger that thinks he's damaging our reputation
by posting thousands of meaningless articles about Marxism and "School Choice" from fine object sources like "The CATO Institute" Now that's entertainment!)
Sweet Dreams

Need a Wing-Nut Companion?

Right-Wing extremist blogging is tough work. Finding lengthy Marxist propaganda to embarrass your blogging competitors with can sometimes become a burden. Worst of all, Right-Wing extremist blogging can get down-right lonely. Think of all the hours spent alone doing research on those slacking "public servants" just to find some small indiscretion. The lonely hours of filling out requests for information. And the untold days of typing away past midnight to make the world aware of moral bankruptcy of all those slurping away at the public
trough. Wouldn't it be great to have someone to share these precious moments with?
Well now you can. OTBL escort services has combed the internet and the world (especially
Russia )for Hot Babes that share your passion harassing school boards and attacking public officials. And all at a very modest price.

Take Natash for example:

"I like early evening strolls to school board meetings, and late night blogging
attacks on my left wing political enemies.
And I love Wealth Building, if I didn't I you wouldn't be reading about me now.
Mention Taxes, and my hair stands on end. There's nothing more arousing than
plotting the destruction of Tax and Spenders. For a romantic evening, picture the
two of us wrapped together in the Star and Bars.
If you share these interests, I'm dying to spend time with you ( for a price )".
Call the WingLine tonight 1-800-Wingnut and ask for me, Natasha! Big Boy.

Quotes of note

"Western Europe developed the system of obligatory public education. It came to Eastern Europe as an achievement of Western civilization."

Ludwig von Mises

Meeting N.Onimous's Requests

OTBL keeps making requests of the ATBL Cartoon Network , and we keep

OTBL blooger resently made the following cartoon request:
" maybe a picture of his wife [the teacher] with a rolling pin bashing Bob
over the head and yelling, "Anti-education creep!"

Well, we tried, but Bob's wife [ the teacher, an excellent one, I might add ] is against violence (and besides, she's camera shy). So we did the next best thing. We asked Luke's wife to
stand in and she did so most graciously.

The Borderline Peanut Gallery Asks & We Deliver

"Maybe a picture of Bob and the kids sitting in front of Newton Field exclaiming, 'damn public education?'"

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. Enable them
to see that it is their interest to preserve peace and order, and
they will preserve them. And it requires no very high degree of
education to convince them of this. They are the only sure
reliance for the preservation of our liberty."

--Thomas Jefferson
to James Madison, 1787


OTBL Escort Enterprises

Our "Rent a Thug" program has been an unabashed success. The number of satisfied Thug rental customers has soared into double digits and OTBL wants to thank YOU the costomer. Because the Thug program's astounding reception, the crack OTBL venture capital investment team at OTBL has decided to expand into a new enterprise. That's right, OTBL is testing the waters of the High Fashion, Hot babe escort service market.
Nothing says "I'm Rich, I'm Powerful" like a trophy OTBL Hot Babe on your arm at the next school board meeting. Leave the ugly hag, AKA "Da Wife" home. Who cares if she does pay the bills. You're not going turn heads with her dragging the knitting to next board meeting.
When you stut into the auditorium accompanied by one of our lovely escorts, you know people will pay attention. No more disrepect and law enforcment ejections with one of these babes at your side. People's heads will turn and they'll be whispering "He da man!". or "What doe she see in him?".
Operators are waiting to arrange your "date". Just call 1-800-OTBLHOT. And start getting the respect you deserve.

Disclaimer: OTBL escort models accompany clients to school board meetings only. (So do expect any hanky panky!)

First Robin

This morning, when I left the house to get into my car to drive to work, it was obvious that spring had arrived. I saw my first robin a couple days ago. I heard red wing black birds yesterday afternoon while walkikng in Mary Park. The grackles were making their scissor-bird sound and it felt good.

It was a treat to the sound of Mother Nature's poetry. It was good. To celebrate, here's a poem by Kay Dee Ward titled "First Robin."

I saw my first robin
Of springtime today
Out on the lawn
Looking dazed and dismayed
Shivering with cold
On this late winter day
Wondering dismally
If he'd lost his way
Taken a wrong turn
In his long Northern flight
Instead of a left
Mayhap he'd turned to the right
And come to this cold and
Forbidding dark place
Without any warmth of
The sun on its face
The winter's been long
And dreadfully cold
So dear little robin
If I may be so bold
You're most welcome here
As the first sign of spring
With grand celebration
Let all the bells ring


Exposed on the borderline: Socialist Morphs Into Free Market Nut Case

All play and no work makes Luke a dull boy

Drivers’ heading into New Richmond on Wisconsin Route 65 from the south probably noticed this license plate on a car parked by a large sign on the property to be purchased with voters approval of a $93 million referendum ballot question on April 3. A tentative purchase price of $3.3 million for the 110 acres land has been agreed to by the District staff and the seller.


Mr. Peanut Alert: You Are Now Entering A Marxist Blog

Blogs Of The St. Croix Valley -- An Introduction

Welcome bloggers from around the world! It's hard to believe that the St. Croix River Valley of the Wisconsin-Minnesota borderland is ground zero of the rapidly expanding blog phenomena. Like everything you read on blogs, this is definitely true. To get you familiar with the blogs of the SCV, we thought we'd start this new feature with a introduction to the evil and ugly step sister of the SCV blogs -- On The Border Whine.

Operated out of a damp basement in Hudson's "skunk hollow," this blog has prided itself with attracting a wide variety of posters and comments. When ask what he attributed his blog's ability to draw such a wide variety of viewers, blog admin Killbore said it is probably the fact that so many prisons now have Internet access. He said that prisons are choosing his blog to be the startup page for their Internet portal. Prison officials hope this, plus porn-blocking filters, will have a calming effect on prisoners. When asked to explain this, one prison official say the theory is that, if the OTBL blog can numb viewers' brains so effectively, they figure it may numb other sensitive areas of the body.

Below is shot of a typical post on the On The Border Whine blog. Notice the nice picture of a river. Readers will quickly see the post titled “The moderate left–warning X rated” by Bob Ziller makes little or no sense to anyone who has passed eight grade with the minimal amount of effort. Ziller mentions a JPN. This is a blogger who operates another blog in the SCV. That blog, AboveTheBorderLine, is known for taking the "high road." Instead of slandering local community members, dedicated public servants and local reporters making less money that workers at the local MacDonald's, the ATBL blog is know for providing useful, interesting, heart warming posts that delight readers of all ages and political persuasions. More on that blog later.

(Double-click the pictures to expand for readability)

Of course, hip bloggers know that any good post will generate an excess of insightful, intelligent discussion. It doesn't take long to realize there are no hig bloggers on the OTBW membership roles. Discussion comes in the form comments to the post. The OTBW blog generates a great deal of discussion of the variety you would find on a audio tape loop. In the true spirit of the maxim "Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut," an intelligent comment is accidently posted on the OTBW blog site. Below are the comments that have been made so far to Mr. Z's post. With the exception of the hyper-intelligent comment by dratsum (that's "mustard" spelled backwards), the comments to this post are similar to comments commonly found on OTBW posts.

We hope you found this post helpful. We explore more of the St. Croix Valley blogosphere in future postings. Please feel free to leave you comments below.

Shell cracking news...

The Battle of Boondoggle staring Mr. Peanut

Self-proclaimed "resident slacker freak" Luke the Blogger finds someone new to roam Boondoggle with in the form of self-proclaimed "social commentator and stay-at-home crank" O. Nonimous. Sarcasm and humor abounds. Kowboy Kurt, Lil Bill and Dr. Spiritmynutsitch finally get McJobs in the fast food industry. This leads to the world's record in shortest careers. Meanwhile Mr. Keebler and company arrive just in time for drive thru service as the chaos erupts inside the OTBL hot tub. The calm of the spring Boondoggle night is shattered when a hold-up attempt by a duct-tape encased jogger wearing a pink headband goes awry, thanks to the chaotic intervention of the robber's unintended hostage: a hyperactive, cigar-smoking six-year old named Boobbie O'Stickit.

Mr. Peanut reminds you to "think less and cut-n-paste more."


Mr. Whipple Cleans Up

How to diffuse a blog bomb

By Nora Carr

Thanks to the proliferation of blogs on the internet, cyberspace is becoming an increasingly popular forum for would-be political critics and journalists to express their displeasures with state and local officials, including school board members. But, as eSchool News columnist Nora Carr points out in her latest column, elected officials who take offense to such commentary on public blogs should weigh their options carefully before going on the offensive.

March 16, 2007—A venerated public relations mantra goes something like this: "Never get in an argument with people who buy their ink by the barrel." With the advent of the internet, it's time for an update: "Never get in an argument with a blogger."
Just ask Lawrence, N.Y., school board trustee Pamela Greenbaum, who recently asked the Manhattan Supreme Court to force Google Inc. to reveal the identity of an anonymous blogger called Orthomom.

Reportedly an Orthodox Jewish housewife who lives on Long Island, Orthomom regularly tackles school district and community issues on her blog.

The blog unabashedly supports the rights of private school parents and the conservative--and growing--Jewish community.

Read more @ eSchool News.

Mr. Peanut meets the business end of a good knight...

Family Values: More than just a Republican slogan!

JPN searches for the farces of evil in New Richmond


Blog For Sale


OTBL - Rent A Thug - It's Good for Business

Tearing down public education is hard work. It takes strength and
determination, even if brainpower is not a prerequisite. In short,
Public Ed. destruction is a job sometimes better left to PROFESSIONALS.
That's why Ontheborderline.nyet (Education Naysayers Who Mean Free Market
Education Business) have developed a new, effective product for taxpaying concerned citizens in St. Croix Co. Why leave all the thugary to the educrates, and teacher spouses with Cadillac Health Care Plans. Like any good business ontheborderline.nyet knows the competitive advantage outsourcing can bring to the bottom line.
Local officials trying to pick your pocket with school referendums? School board elections coming up and you need a concerned citizen stooge to represent you, the taxpayer? Look no further. Rent a Thug is your answer (Results Guaranteed )!

The next time you need intimidation of School Board Members and other pesky educrates, forget the "do it yourself amatuer approach", Check out our "Rent A Thug" program instead. It's fun, it's easy, and it won't cost you an arm and a leg. Just choose the and appropriate level of Thugary and payment plan right for your budget.
Call our advisors (midnight's a good time ) at 1-800-Thugs R'Us or visit us on the web at www.ontheborderline.nyet.ru.
You'll be glad you did.

Actually, corporations aren't the root of all evil...

As always, there is confusion over at ontheborderline.net. They are thinking someone on associated with this blog thinks that corporations are the root of all evil. Of course that's nonsense, but it gives them a chance to call someone who doesn't buy their colostomy bag of misinformation a "communist." Always remember: you can always tell an ontheborderline.net blogger, you just can't tell him much.

The correct answer is "the love of money is the root of all evil."

"No, it's not. In fact that line does not appear in the Bible, rather it is a misquoted cliche. The Good Book actually states, "For the love of money is the root of all evil." (Timothy 6:10). There is quite a difference."

Modern society is corrupted by the lust for money, money, money BY Ronan McSherry

"I believe being an American is more then looking to make money at the expense of others and hope we can all take a look at the morality of our own professions, investments, purchases and lifestyles to make the country better. And this is hardly news - one need only look as far as the first book ever printed to see the abandoned ancient wisdom that says "Love of money is the root of all evil".

Read: Are your investments killing America? by Gustav Wynn.

"Love of money is the root of all-evil. GW Bush is a symbol, much more evident than his icon of devotion, the Red on white, Crooked Cross."

Read: How To Regain Our Freedom Forever! Part I of Two Parts by Professor Emeritus Peter Bagnolo.

"Music has lost passion and exploration and as an avid fan of music it makes me sick. Music is about self-expression, not money. It just proves true that money is the root of all evil and is capable of destroying anything."

Corporations ruin originality, artist's self-expression in today's music by Scott Recker.

King Kurtass Is Korinated

"As the self-annointed KING of St. Croix County I, and ONLY I, will determine who can speak out in the communities where the Rivertowns newspapers are published. If you speak out against a referendum you will be silenced. If you write a letter against a public official you will be silenced. If you ask for ANY accountability at all from your government employees you will be silenced. Our newspaper have an agenda and we will see to it that it is carried out. As the publisher I HAVE SPOKEN!"

Luke The Kook