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You Don't Have To Go To New Hampshire To See Guns At A TEA Party Rally

The clip below hi-lights a guy wearing a gun on private property in the area where President Obama was planning to speak. The man is on private property and the loaded weapon is exposed. I saw the same thing at the July 19 TEA Party rally in New Richmond.

This is legal in Wisconsin. The NR rally was held on private property and the loaded weapon was not concealed. The guy wearing the gun in NR was the organizer of the April 15 TEA Party in North Hudson.

It's interesting that someone would find the need to wear a weapon to a "non-partisan" politcal rally. Of course, it wasn't a non-partisan rally. It was a Democrat bashing session.


Rightie Turncoat Exposes TEA Party Fruit Cake Receipt

If you can stomach intelligent talk radio and can deal with adult discussions, the clip below will help you better understand what is brewing with the TEA Party and the angry white men left to pump the Viagra of hate into the increasingly flacid Republican Party.


The Voices Of The TEA Party...

so much for intelligent discussion on a complicate issue...

FYI: The bill isn't complete and therefore isn't ready to be ready.

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The Republican Brownshirts Shout Down The Townhalls

Who is fertilizing these "grassroots" organizations that are disrupting the health care townhall meetings? Apparently it's some of the billionaires who spent millions for their lackies to shoot down the Clinton's black helicopters.


The Republican TEA Party Exposed

If you weren't able to attend the "non partsian" New Richmond TEA Party, here's an interesting video that exposes to Republican connection to the TEA Party.