The GOTea -- A Two Book Party

"...Russ Feingold. He is running for a fourth term, in a very tough race against Ron Johnson, a plastics manufacturer and one of those rich political virgins who have been popping up in races across the country, waving a checkbook and a copy of “Atlas Shrugged.”

It’s ironic that Feingold, who is possibly the most independent member of the Senate, a Mr. Clean who votes against his party regularly, is among the incumbents in the most danger from an anti-Washington voter rebellion. Especially since Johnson is not all that impressive. Unless you like Ayn Rand and are yearning to see the country run just like a plastics business...."

Gail Collins
New York Times


GOP Nut Jobs...

"My problem is that no matter what, Christine O'Donnell is making a mockery of running for public office. She has no real history, no real success in any kind of business and what that says to my generation is one day you can just wake up and run for Senate no matter how (little) experience you have. And it scares me for a lot of reasons. And I just know in my group of friends, it just turns people off, because she's seen as a nut job."

Meghan McCain
Spawn of Deflated Deflated GOP Maverick