A Note To "Luke" At www.ontheborderline.net

Dear Luke:

Since you've had such a nice time criticizing me in issues you have no knowledge base. Why don't you say your name. For once be honest. Lets have an open discussion.

Email me at dtrende@comcast.net

Retired Chief Richard Trende

Porter Goss & "Hookergate"

Behind The Goss Toss: NY Daily News.

CIA chief quits after 'Hookergate'

ALL the ingredients for a spy thriller involving prostitutes, poker, a congressman called Randy and parties at the legendary Watergate complex may lie behind the sudden resignation of Porter Goss as director of the CIA last Friday. The saga has already been named “Hookergate” and the CIA is buzzing with rumours that there is more to Goss’s departure than meets the eye.

The timing is certainly curious, coming hard on the heels of the CIA’s confirmation last week that Kyle “Dusty” Foggo, the number three in the nation’s spy centre who was hand-picked by Goss, had attended poker games at the Watergate and Westin Grand hotels in Washington with Brent Wilkes, a defence contractor and close boyhood friend.

Wilkes is under investigation for allegedly providing Randy “Duke” Cunningham, a disgraced Republican congressman, with prostitutes, limousines and free hotel suites.

Read more: The Sunday Times.

Children It's 8:36 AM Saturday morning...

Do you know what your daddy is up to at www.ontheborderline.net?


Congratulations Chief Trende On Your Well Deserved Retirement

Dick Trende, Hudson's police chief, hung up his guns and retired his badge today. Starting as a HPD rookie in 1972, he worked his way up through the ranks and spent the past 12 years as chief.

For me, a kid growing up in Hudson, the early 1970s meant hanging out in the Lakefront Park, jumping off the dike bridge, swimming at the end of the dike, hanging out downtown and downing a lot of things that today would result in prison time and exemptions from federal student loans. I remember when Officer Trende started in Hudson and I remember that he made the same impression on me then as he does now. The impression was that of a nice guy who was serious about his job and approached things with an open, honest and profession manner. He was actually one of the first policemen I can remember who tried to win the respect of the local youth by showing them respect. Most of the other cops back then tried to earn your respect through fear and intimidation.

It is interesting to think back as to what Hudson was like in 1972. Downtown Hudson was the business district, the center of commerce and a place for kids to hang out. The drinking age in Wisconsin was 18 and 21 Minnesota. The bars were pack most every night with long lines of thirsty kids waiting outside to get in. Drugs, mostly pot and LSD, had found their way into the St. Croix River valley.

Most parents let their kids roam free in town. Most everybody knew everybody. Wednesday nights in the summer were marked a dance at the Elks Hall (now the Phipps Center). Drinking, drugs, etc. were main staples of Wednesday night, as were occasional fights with guys from Stillwater. Gas was 25 cents a gallon and it wasn't uncommon to put a couple hundred miles on the old man's station wagon on a summer night. In other words, Mr. Trende joined the HPD when the first half of the baby boomers were staggering and swaggering into a world where the cops were called "pigs" and authority was something not to be respected by the long-haired youth of Hudson.

Dick Trende was one of the first policemen to come into this chemical and hormonally unbalanced valley and help the HPD teach the kids that cops ain't all bad. I've bumped into Chief Trende infrequently over his career and he always to the time to say howdy. He choose to make his home up there on the top of the hill were I grew up.

Hudson has changed a great deal in those 37 years since Chief Trende came to Hudson. People come and they go. The business district has splintered. There's no more benches for the old men on Second Street. Elmer's still riding his bike. Vick's gone, but Verna is still running Dibbo's. There's a lot more hustle and bustle. Despite all the changes, Dick Trende has retained the foundation that he brought with him to Hudson. That foundation is a pragmatic understanding of the fundamental building blocks of human relations cemented together with a good-natured, mortar of respect of his fellow citizens.

We here at ATBL wish Chief Trende and family the best in his next role as a good citizen and fine member of the Hudson community. We commend him for the examples of fairness and understanding that mark his career with the HPD. In case you missed the story about his retirement in today's St. Paul Pioneer Press, check out this excellent story by Kevin Harter: Departing chief ready for 'quiet life'

Patrick Kennedy Needs To Contact Andy Lamb About Drinking And Driving


Check out the birth date on Andy's official web site. Notice the name and birth dates on the two drunk driving charges below:



In fact, check out the lengthy details of Andy C. Lamb's appearances in the circuit courts of St. Croix, Dunn, Chippewa and Eau Claire counties.

Check out the details: Wis. Circuit Court Access

Sen. Frist Offers Every Taxpayer An SA Speedy Rewards Card


Sen. Harsdorf Gives In To Borderwhiners - Adopts New Logo


Life On The OTBL Animal Farm

Bush Fronts For New Mariachi Band!!

Chicas Go WILD!!

Luke Recommends Hudson Bowling Lanes for Retirement Parties

Noting that most public employees have to settle for a retirement party at the lousy Hudson Country Club, Luke on OTBL was thrilled to have his retirement party at the swank Hudson Bowling Lanes. The party was a success until Dr. Conn bowled Luke's head down Lane 13.

They Say It Like It's A Bad Thing!

N. Onimous on OTBL: "The Hudson School Board members are socialist vermin that should be put in jail."

Hey OTBL, you're going to have to do better than that to insult these good folks. Some of my best friends are socialist vermin and proud of it.

The Art of Politics: Diego Rivera

Diego Riverawas born December 8, 1886, in Guanajuato in Mexico, to Diego and Maria Barrientos Rivera. Being a family of rather modest means, they lived in Guanajuato until 1892, when they moved to Mexico City. At the age of ten Diego Rivera was doing well in school, and, passionately fond of drawing from an early age, started taking evening painting classes at the San Carlos Academy. In 1898 he enrolled there as a full time student, and in 1906, at the annual show, he exhibited for the first time, with 26 works. Thus at age twenty Diego Rivera was established as a painter.

Diego's father was a municipal councellor in Guanajuato, and was a liberal and anticlerical man. Diego's two aunts, who lived with the family, were rather religious. Diego was interested in military issues, and he was especially fascinated by the Russian army and the conflict it was facing; the Tsar and the Orthodox Church versus Marxist Revolutionaries.


Who's Pulling Whose Chain?

"The conservatives think it is socialist bunk, and the liberals think it is conservative trickery."

- Don Stewart, spokesman for Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), on widespread criticism of a Senate Republican proposal to offer $100 rebate checks to ease the burden of rising fuel prices.

What is the value of a Borderwhiner Blogger?

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - A full-time stay-at-home mother would earn $134,121 a year if paid for all her work, an amount similar to a top U.S. ad executive, a marketing director or a judge, according to a study released Wednesday. "

That leads to a question. How much is a self-employed, wealth-producing, small business owner, nut salesman, stay-at-home borderwhiner blogger worth??

Hey Children What's That Sound?

May 4, 1970, the Ohio National Guard opened fire on student demonstrators at Kent State University in Ohio and killed four unarmed students.

Read and see more at this link for an eyewitness recount.


New Age Bus New Richmond Bound

Forget Aquarius! This is the Age of Von Mises!

4 Out Of 5 Doctors Recommend Abovetheborderline Blog

The borderwhiners on OTBL have finally paid homage to the No. 1 Blog in the St. Croix Valley. This past weekend they referred their readers to the Abovetheborderline Blog hosted by James P. Nelson no less than 12 times.

Go James! Your hit count just tripled!


OTBL Blogger Collapses After Denying Involvement in Mississippi KKK

The Wisconsin transplanted "Doctor Bill" rose with an angry red face and matching neck at a recent OTBL blogger hot tub party, saying, "Someone in this blog group has spread a rumor that I belong to the Ku Klux Klan. This is a
horrible lie, and one which a Christian blog community
cannot tolerate. I am embarrassed and do not intend
to accept this."

Dr. Bill continued, "Now, I want the party who did this to stand and ask
forgiveness from God and this Christian family."

No one moved.

Dr. Bill continued, "Do you have the nerve to face me and admit that this is a falsehood? Remember, you will be forgiven and in your heart you will feel
wonderful. Now please stand and confess your transgression."

Again all the hot tubers were quiet.

Then, slowly, a please drop-dead transvestite named Luke,
with a body built like a brick outhouse, rose serpent like from the bottom of the hot tub. His eyes glazed, head bowed and speech slurring
as he spoke, "Dr. Billll there's been a terrible misunderstanding."

Luke continued his babbling, "I never said you were a member of the Ku Klux Klan. I
simply told a couple of my friends that you were a wizard under the sheets!"

Dr. Bill fainted and Jack Bauer applied mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.


Danielson Plays All His Cards. Now We Wait ... Will Madison Listen?

Did you notice? Bill Danieslon just played all his cards. He bet the OTBL house, and now we wait to see the results ... or lack thereof.

What a Grand Experiment!

Last weekend, Danielson made the case that blogging is an efficient tool to push for political change. He said: "Blogs are an incredibly effective mechanism for getting information out, and debating ideas. Blogging, in general, has had (and will continue to have) a huge impact for the time and dollars invested - it rings of good ole fashioned republican efficiency!" (And you can do it in your boxer shorts, too!)

And, almost as if he needed to prove his point, he blogged his 2000-word manifesto entitled: "Education Credits and the LLEC in Wisconsin." (Even though he doesn't actually live in Wisconsin.)

I'm not going to reprint the manifesto here on ATBL. It's just more Danielson manure - but, hey, if you're into cowpies feel free to check it out on OTBL.

Anyway, the key here is not the weak substance of the Danielson Manifesto. The key is that Danielson actually expects his gibberish to get the attention of Madison! He says: "It is my sincere hope that candidate Mark Green, Senator Harsdorf and Representative Rhoades take a serious look at this proposal and immediately start the process of detailed analysis of the financial impacts of such a system and to begin crafting legislation that would implement it." (Yeah, he really said that!)

But, will our good legislators in Madison read the manifesto on OTBL and take immediate action??

In a month or so, I think I'll call a few senators and representatives in Madison and ask this question:

"So, have you started crafting legislation to implement William Danielson's local levy education tax credit system, as fully described for you in the ontheborderline.net blog site?"

I expect I will get some answers like this:

1. Huh?
2. William who?
3. On the bordereaux?
4. Local tax credit wha..?

But, Danielson can't cheat. He can't mail letters or e-mails or make phone calls to legislators on the subject. That would skew the results.

We need to find out, once and for all, if OTBL is the Power-Blog of Madison that The Doctors of Liberty claim it to be.

Tick-tock. Time will tell ....

Why Take Chances?

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A Year Of Blogging...

...and so just about a year ago today, I started this blog. It's been an interesting, educational and enlightening experience -- to say the least. We've accumulated nearly 22,000 "hits," since I figured out how to put a hit counter on this thing. Over the past year, a number of people joined this blog and added immensely to the humor, satire and community enlightenment that has been our focus. Others e-mailed me good stuff to post. Some just sent me e-mails and thanked us for sticking up for the community and helping to expose what's lurking at the www.ontheborderline.net blog site.

The focus of this blog wasn't to attack the person but to debate the issues. I'm sure there is plenty of evidence in the archives of this blog that will show we swerved off the objective, crossed over the gravel shoulder and hit the ditch more than once. I don't know how many times we pointed out the hypocrisy of what is preached on the site of our evil blog neighbor -- www.ontheborderline.net -- but I know we left our ass exposed to the sting of the hypocrisy paddle many times. Speaking for myself, I'm human and I'm a hypocrite. If you're overly self-righteous about yourself, look up the definition and think about the areas where it applies to you.

Hell, this blog even reunited me with a few old friends I've lost track of. Even the OTBL'ers must have run into a few of my old Hudson acquaintances, as evidenced by the posts using one of my old Hudson nicknames. I felt flattered to see it up in blog lights.

It's interesting see the dedication people have to working on these blogs. There's way too much midnight oil wasted on putting the right cartoon captions tying transvestites and skunks together in the vast OTBL conspiracy. There's too much typing and not enough writing, to steal the words from Truman Capote concerning Jack Kerouac. I don't really think anybody every actually reads an entire post on most of these blogs -- including the authors.

The return of spring has reminded me that there's a much more important stuff to do out my backdoor. My guitar playing callouses need to get built up for the summer jam season. There's fish to catch. Golf balls to shank.

To my friends over at OTBL, I want to thank them for kicking me off their blog and telling me to go start my own. Just think what an unknown deadzone OTBL would be now, if they had tolerated a little opposition and debate. Over the summer, the OTBL'ers will continue to rehash the same stuff. All the additional publicity I got the OTBL blog has only increased their active poster by a couple. They also had people don't off. There's a sick bastard postings on under the name of Jack Bauer who does her best to lower the standards of OTBL. Keep it up Jack!

So with all this in mind, those of us who blog here at this site -- in honor of school teachers across the nation -- have decided to take a summer vacation. We've decided to increase our dosage of vitamin D, spend more time with our family and forget about the idiocracy the slithers through the cut-n-paste ramblings of our evil neighbors at OTBL. Of course, we will leave the blog open to any one whoever cares to use it. You can enjoy the archives, checkout the links -- which I will continue to update -- and join our blog and breath your own brand of creativity into it. If you are interested in joining, send an e-mail to abovetheborderline@yahoo.com. I check that periodically and I will gladly set you up as a member. It's easy.

Likewise, if you find anything on this blog that is offensive to you, use the comment section on the posts to express your feeling or shoot us an e-mail. We will take you thoughts into consideration. Likewise, if you want to be notified when we start backup, use the e-mail option.

With that in mind, we hope you enjoy the summer ahead and we hope to see you online down the road.

James P. Nelson
aka dratsum
aka Shamus
and the rest of the cast here on the island.

PS: OTBL, as always, we are keeping our eye on you.

To be continued...

OTBL members seen on "Government" Roads

It's an open secret that as a part of their initiation rite OTBL members are secretly sworn
to dispise and distain anything "Government". So it came as a shock when members of this
secret society were seen being driven on "Government" roads.
Being the "Rugged Individuals "they are, they offically advocate that each citizen build their own road on their own private property and have tolls collected from their freinds and neighbors by the local OTBL BridgeTroll.
Our sources obtained photos of a recent excursion, taken late at night (approx. 1 A.M)
of the OTBL brain trust reportedly making a secret venture on government roads reportedly to achieve 2 objectives.
1. To enjoy a well deserved "hens night out" to celebrate their "victory" in the recent Hudson School Board Elections,and
2. To pick-up their secret blogging check from Wal-Mart.
Our sources say a good time was had by all.
As dawn arose, the secretive group retreated back to their basement computers to battle the "collectivists" and continue the never ending stuggle of the rich to hold on to "all" their wealth.

The OTBL Limo was returned to it's guarded location on private property.


Vile Non-Mises Thought for the Day

Greed venomously strips you of even the most minuscule
of your resources,
Selflessness is a meadow of congenial tranquility;
pioneering an unconquerable camaraderie; between man
and the ravishing environment….

Greed hands you instantaneously to the devil,
Selflessness is a blooming wand that altruistically
kisses all your acerbic agonies away; propelling you
to be born beautifully; a countless times yet again….

Greed traumatically imprisons,
Selflessness is an evergreen leaf of Godly freedom; an
impregnable will to forever follow the path of the
Almighty Divine….

(c) (r) copyright-2004, by nikhil parekh. all rights reserved.

Nikhil Parekh

Borderwhiner Bloggers Take Next Logical Step To Protect Against Collectivist Conspiriology: Tinfoil Beanies