Stop the Assault On Christmas

Well it’s that time of year, when snowflakes glisten, children listen for sleigh bells in the snow, and Mom and Dad max out the credit card in a vein attempt to bring joy to little Dick and Jane. Don’t forget, the main idea here is to build the Bush economy and add to the wealth creating capacity of the Waltons and other affluent marketeers of the world.
( See Forbes 400 Richest Americans) .

But there are some out there who want to spoil the fun. We’ve all heard of the “Assault on Christmas”. Well it’s time to fight back, and get the whole family involved by enlisting the little ones in the battle.

Some may want to stem the cultural tsunami sweeping over America by saying “Merry Christmas” at the check out line, displaying a Nativity scene in the their front yards, caroling door to door or heaven forbid attending church services between trips to the mall.

But there’s a better way. We can all start attacking the assault on Christmas by getting serious about the fight and engaging our kids with real life toys that will prepare them for the battle ahead. Here’s a place to start. That prissy and demure little angle won’t cut it on the battlefield. But Machine gun Barbie’s never going to miss her mark. It’s Holiday
(I’m sorry I mean Christmas) fun for the whole family.

This week’s OTBL special:

Order Machine Gun Barbie for $39.99 and we’ll throw in an extra set Camo fatigues and a Beirut Beach Party Swim suit at no charge. Order today because the assault on Christmas is already under way a local government school near you.

Pen & Ink Jabs:

Where Do We Go From Here?


Quote To Ponder

Is Democracy Fact or Fiction?
America’s “One Man, One Vote” ideal is a joke

An active, well informed citizenry is the cornerstone of democracy.
All the flag waving and heart-rending speeches in the world will not translate into democracy without our direct and informed participation. This course of action requires that we give up our boredom and replace it with activism. It also requires that we take responsibility for seeing that government adheres to the will of the people—not the shareholders of the corporation. We must stop selling ourselves short as citizens. We can and must take power out of the hands of the special interest groups. Understand that the champions of the status quo will not give us power—we must take it back from them. We must restore power to its rightful place—in the hands of ‘we the people’.

“We must demonstrate sufficient self respect, as well as respect for justice, to know that what we think matters. We should ask ourselves why wealthy corporate donors have a dictatorial voice in government, while ordinary citizens have no voice at all. Who represents us in Washington? If our elected representatives do not, then why allow them to serve the enemies of a free and open society? Is this not government without representation? Why do we tolerate this intolerable state of affairs? Our silence—our inaction—in the face of evil not only allows these oppressive events to continue, it fuels them.”

Charles Sullivan


Hey Thanks For Letting Me Into Your Blog Site...

Where Do You Hide The Syrup?

Howdy Bloggsters:

They just let me on to this site, in an attempt to even out the socialist, Marxist, collectivist leaning over here. There's been a lot of unsubstantiate rumours and outright gossip about me floating throughout the valley. It's reminds of when I tangled with a skunk of once on my 20 mile walk to school back in Pooptersfroth, Wyoming. Did I mentioned that was 20 miles one way. Taxes were cheap back then. We had to bring our own ink to school. If this is getting confusing, it's because I'm chrewing gum and trying to type at the same time. I'm definately not to be confused with my twin brother ZBobZ, the author who had his letters to the editor compiled into that epic work of litterature: The Letters To The Editor of ZBobZ: Volumes 1-666.

Anyways, I need to introduce myself to do away with the false information being attributed to me. People have been approaching me in the purgative isle at Wal-Mart and asking me if I'm the ZBobZ they are talking about on the borderline blog. I went home and fired up the computer and there it was right there in black-n-yellow and I emphasize YELLOW.

M. Odious wrote: "It appears as though zbobz now wants to "out" himself because an individual is playing a parody with his online name. That's fine if you want to do that, but don't chastise the other bloggers because they want to remain anonymous so they can backstab, slander and avoid having an intelligent discussion over important community issues. The very belligerence that you are showing towards some of the bloggers on this site is the very reason we remain anonymous. Your Friend, M. Odious."

Then somebody using zbob commented,"Think old-man-zbobz needs to start taking the metamucil again."

This is where I had to draw the line and must end the confusion. I never stopped taking Metamucil. I was weaned on that stuff and never quit. My twin brother is the one consuming the Blogger Lager. After slamming a big glass of the Mighty M, I like to shout, "Do the Doo-Doo." I think I'm going to see if the Do Group wants to make this the official team drink. After joining that other Aanonymous group, my twin brother drinks primarily Kool Aid.

As far as my favorite food, my brother and I are in complete agreement. It is hands down -- or as we say at the feed table "Hands off" -- the waffle. Whether at home at the breakfast table, it a letter to the editor, on a blog post or at a local meeting, there's nothing better than a good waffle.

In know the OTBL admin. and Dr Bil Danielson and I respect their opinions because I know who they are. Admin his blog with anonymous bloggers if they desire. He makes the rules and I can live with them. What's really good about these guys is they use one name when they want their posts and comments make them sound like fine, upstanding American patriots and they use other hood names like spiritofpublicus, luke, jellyfish, sewerdweller when they want to be anonymous attackers of well meaning members of the community.

For all you know, M. Odious is me.

To be frank, if these attacks don't stop I I might be movin' to Montana soon. Just to raise me up a crop of Dental Floss. I'll be raisin' it up and waxen it down putting it in a little white box I can sell uptown. By myself I wouldn't have no boss and I'll be my own free-market capitalist

For your information, it's not all politics with me. Below is a picture from a recent concern my twin brother and I attended.

Hoax Exposed On The Borderline

If a 666 turned out to be 999

I am here to help! Obviously, you are trying to be creative here. I tried to come up with a unique name but we found "zbob" and "bobz" where already taken. After a tall glass of Metamucil with a double shot of bitters, I settled with 666 for my hood name. Of course, with my name choice, I in no way meant to confuse the OTBL'ers anymore than they were with my post describing me visit to their shooting range.

Lord knows they have a hell of a lot more important issues to debate than whether or not one person wishes to be anonymous or not. I know I will be a valuable contributor and will certainly be entitled to my opinions -- as long as they are approved by Dr. BillD. For you other knuckleheads there is an important fight going on and it is ridiculous to waste time stealing the confused ramblings from a wing nut website and twisting the meaning in a Michael Moore-ish way!

I understand this blog site is quickly approaching 2000 articles, and will quickly have over 2600 comments by me and admin using different names to those articles. As Minnie Moe says, the number of hits is also approaching a staggering 1 brazillian. Yes, two brazillian...I repeat 3 brazillian -- hey, they are only numbers. Personally, I plan to generate around 400 posts containing around 200,000 words that say absolutely nothing. That is roughly equivalent to a 53-foot semi trailer full of Dick and Jane readers. Not War and Peace, but very close to Green Eggs and Ham..."

And may I add, I hope it is evident that I came onto this blog to merely snipe and waste the time of the confused, outhouse-dwelling knuckle-headed posters on the borderline.

Obviously, not everything that gets posted out here is serious, but sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut. There is a very hard effort here most of the time to present compelling slander and confusing rhetoric in the ongoing mission of this blog. I hope my silly comments are particularly juvenile and made with a total disregard for the prior writings and public speeches of Dr. Bill D. and his fellow blogtroppers at www.ontheborderline.net.

The point here is pretty clear -- if you are going to wander in here, you better forget about due diligence of researching the opinions and positions of the main contributors and focus on mischaracterization and baseless arguments. Although those approaches were frequently used by Dr. BillD aka (spiritofbullshitus, ruthless, luke, dimwatt, theythinkiamjerrylewisinmississippi, constipatedbeyondbelief, etc) during his long, windy and worthless ride ontheborderline - he contributed nothing there. Although, I must add, he did take up a great deal of space on our server.

In Dr. Bill's case, he could not provide any arguments that were rational because he refused to drink the Metamucil-flavored Kool Aid. Likewise, he's be unable to indoctrinate his lemmings with the prior writings and positions taken by the serious contributors to this blog. I say, howdy folks, it's good to be home.

PS: I'm not blaming my highly, incoherent typing on public, excuse me, government education. I'm blaming it on the abuse I suffered from Sister Vivian Vulture's ruler at St. Pat's


Learn More About The Conceal & Carry Law

Why Would The State Of Wisconsin Need A Law To Conceal and Carry a Handgun, When There Is Already A Law On The Books Allowing This...

Can't You Say, "Politcal Wedge Issue?"

Check out the video and learn more...

Virtual light: Right to know on the Internet

THE INTERNET gives public officials a whole new way to circumvent New Hampshire's right to know law. And unfortunately New Hampshire is not free of government officials who wish to keep secrets from the public. Thankfully, a new House bill would make it illegal to hold public meetings in secret over the Internet.

House Bill 626, introduced by Rep. John Thomas, received unanimous support from the House Judiciary Committee last week. It would strengthen the state's right to know law by requiring the public disclosure of any communications among a quorum of a public body, and by clarifying that electronic communications are covered under the right to know law.

Read more: NH Union Leader

Quotes To Ponder...

Local OTBL Blogger Comes Face-To-Face With God -- Almost...

OnTheBorderline blogger, Dr. Luke, decided to go ice fishing. He needed something to do. He'd spent most of the morning sitting out in his 1776 outhouse wondering if the old lady would unlock the door from the inside of the house and let him get back on his computer and slander some more school district officals. Once he realized the outhouse smelled better than he did, he gathered his fishing gear and walked around Stone Pine until he found a big patch of ice. He headed into the center of the ice and began to saw a hole. All of sudden, a loud booming voice came out of the sky and said, "You will find no fish under that ice."

Dr. Luke looked around, but saw no one. He started sawing again. Once more, the voice spoke: "As I said before, there are no fish under the ice."

Dr. Luke looked all around, high and low, but couldn' see a single soul. He picked up the saw and tried one more time to finish. Before he can even start cutting, the huge voice interrupted him: "I have warned you three times now. There are no fish!"

Now Dr. Luke was flustered and somewhat scared, so he look up to the sky and asked the voice, "How do you know there are no fish? Is that you up there almighty Dr. Bill Danielson trying to warn me of impending danger?"

"No", the voice replied. "I am the manager of this hockey rink."

Dr. Luke picked up his equipment, turned to the rink manager and said, "Who would want to fish here anyways! This rink is paid for by 100 percent of my tax dollars which are illegally stolen from me and six others redneck bloggers from Hudson. Get out of the way you socialist, collectivist, Marxist, government school-educated, vast left wing conspirator. I bet your wife is a teacher."


Father Knows Best: It's All About Hypocrisy At OTBL Not Democracy

Dr. Bill D, head OTBL herdsman, updates his flock on his current work Of Friction: "The Dumbing of My Fellow Sheep: Or Why My Blogger Buddies Think I So Smart"
"that's not writing, that's typing" - Truman Capote
Yesterday, local blogger and product of public school education turned preacher of anti-public education propaganda, let his readers know he is working very hard on his next book. He predicts this book will get double the sales as his last book "Why Everybody Crosses The Street When They See Me Coming." That book reached sales way into the single digits and came right on the heels of his first manifesto: "It Takes A Group Of Right-Wing-Nut Idiots To Destroy A Community."

Here are a few excerts from Dr. Bill's interview with himself:

"Personally, I have generated around 400 posts containing around 200,000 words. That's roughly equivalent to a 600 page book. Not War and Peace, but we're getting there..."

He also include this insight into the policy of open debate OTBL:

"If you are going to wander in here, you better be prepared to do the due dilligence of researching the opinions and positions of the main contributors, or refrain from mischaracterization and baseless arguments. Those approaches were used frequently by James Nelson (dratsum) during his short and worthless ride ontheborderline - he contributed nothing, nor did hsgrad. In both cases, they could not provide any arguments that were rational because they refused to acknowledge the hard work and prior writings and positions taken by the serious contributors to this blog. I say, good riddens."
Editor's note: Apparently Dr. Bill was be a little childish, slanderous and taking cheapshots at the contributions of James Nelson (dratsum). Apparetnly the OTBL admin thought enought to use Nelson's comments in the admin's big post the day before last April's school board election. Read below:

"To paraphrase dratsum; “That the school board is elected to oversee the school administration refers to the board as a “watch dog.” The “coziness” of the board to the administration makes is seem as if board is acting more like a “lap dog.” I am in 100 percent agreement to what the board’s function is. Its function is not to freshen up the inkpad for the rubber stamp of approval. In my opinion, that is the board’s function. Likewise, it is the school administration’s function of oversee the daily activities of the school and do the future planning for the district to see that it is in sync with the evolving future of the school district. In the case of school districts in our neck of Wisconsin, this target is moving and expanding. It is up to the voters of the district to determine which role the board plays: watchdog or lapdog.”

Editor's note: The OTBL admin must have been off his feed this day. Usually, he is busy stroking the almighty Dr. Bill's ego and slavishly polishing his jack boots.

Evidently Dr. Bill is still licking his wounded backside over intellectual arguments that dratsum made that he didn't agree with. See below from the 3/22: Economic Truths -- Von Mises Lives:

Comment by dratsum 3/21/2005:
"Any good libertarian and follower of the writings of Ludwig Von Mises knows he favored the legalization of drugs and, most certainly, he would have been in favor of a woman's right to have and abortion and to be a prostitute;not to mention homosexuality"

Dr. Bill replies:
"Before one takes a cheap shot at an intellectual giant such as Von Mises, one should actually have a little knowledge. Actually, a great deal of knowledge which it is fairly evident mustard spelled backwards lacks. For mustard spelled backwards' edification, as well as a few others who horn in here from time to time, I bring you a small taste of one Ludwig Von Mises - the man who murdered Marx."

Editor's note: If you notice above, Dr. Bildanielson didn't respond to dratsum's point. He attacks him for pointing out facts about von Mises that Dr. Bill doesn't what the public to know about. That's a common tactic of his, as we saw with hsgrad351: attack the questioner and ignore the question.

Another post by Dr. Bill under the hood name visciousventor on 6/22 called "Dear Jimmy Boy," was a respones to a letter to the editor about the OTBL blog site. It gives insight into the close-mindedness of the OTBL blog and how they really feel about those that don't agree with them:

"There is a BIG BIG BIG BIG difference between a private web log (blog) and a governmental body... The former has no obligation to be either "fair" or "balanced", nor is there any presumption of anyone's right to access or input - it is the essence of private property! Just because your neighbor might want to sit on your deck and drink beer on a hot night doesn't mean he has a right to it...

In today's HSO editorials you will find an irrational James "dratsum" Nelson crying hypocrisy because this blog screens out unwelcomed contributors. Clearly he is attempting a pathetically transparent appeal to the idiots out there that see no difference between a private web log and a government institution supported by tax expropriations.

Using Jimmy Boy's logic, any discussion you have in the privacy of your home should be subject to the first amendment rights of your neighbor to walk in and have a say over how you discipline your child, or what they will have for breakfast, or when they should be in bed.

Jimmy Boy, the First Amendment does not apply here - get over it."

Editor's note: Obviously, the point of www.ontheborderline.net is not to debate these issues. Rather it is a launching pad to slander anybody who happens to be on the government payroll. Dr. Bill is right, I don't have the right to walk over and join my neighbor on his deck for a beer. But I do have a responsbility to inform the authorities is I see my neighbor beating his wife with the shades open. That is the point of this blog site -- to be a watch dog of the OTBL'ers. How are we doing?

Dr. Bill provides us with another example of his approach to dealing with anyone who dares disagree with him in a 6/30 post titled "aka Dratsum." He opens the post with the following statement:

"Over the course of the last two issues of the Hudson Star Observer, one James P. Nelson has been busy flame throwing at those of us out here Ontheborderline. Well, a little history lesson might be useful with James P. Nelson, aka dratsum. I apologise for the length of this entry, but going back almost a year we find that time and again dratsum has been nailed in his arguments - he is appearing to be a sore loser who is now using the HSO as his venue for cheap shots. At least admin had the good sense to boot his whiny you-no-what off the blog. How bitter is this guy?"

If you care to read the exchange of letters between Dr. Bill and me, click on this link: Letters to the editor. Since Dr. Bill does everything he can to get as much of his ego exposed to the public, he has put both of his letters in the post and my letter. If you do read the exchange, notice once again he spends his second letter attacking me and ignoring the legitimate questions I included in my letter. Once again, attack the questioner and ignore the questions.

In conclusion, it is very interesting that Dr. Bill can expend 200,000 words telling us the following:

1. public education is evil
2. unions are evil
3. taxes are illegal
4. what I say is right
5. if you agree with me, you are smart
6. if not, you are a collectivist, solcialist, Marxist parasite
Read more about organic sleep aids visit www.ontheborderline.net

Ground Loop Lessons Available From The OTBL Air Farce

Dr. Freemarket Flyboy is so cheap that after his airplane landed safely he grumbled, "Damn, there goes five dollars down the drain for that flight insurance! Well, it least I'm not a public official, publicly elected official, or anyone who lives off of the backs of the producers like the wife of a janitor at the high school
...I am sure glad the government spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to put a fence up around the airport in the name of "homeland security." Before the fence went up, I never realized how close the New Richmond airport was to ground zero.
...thank God for taxes and the dedicated public servants who dole out the funds to worthy community projects...at least they aren't wasting that money on our children's education and socialistic stuff like that. Need I say more?"

White Flight:

Atlanta and the Making of Modern Conservatism

During the civil rights era, Atlanta thought of itself as "The City Too Busy to Hate," a rare place in the South where the races lived and thrived together. Over the course of the 1960s and 1970s, however, so many whites fled the city for the suburbs that Atlanta earned a new nickname: "The City Too Busy Moving to Hate."

In this reappraisal of racial politics in modern America, Kevin Kruse explains the causes and consequences of "white flight" in Atlanta and elsewhere. Seeking to understand segregationists on their own terms, White Flight moves past simple stereotypes to explore the meaning of white resistance. In the end, Kruse finds that segregationist resistance, which failed to stop the civil rights movement, nevertheless managed to preserve the world of segregation and even perfect it in subtler and stronger forms.

Challenging the conventional wisdom that white flight meant nothing more than a literal movement of whites to the suburbs, this book argues that it represented a more important transformation in the political ideology of those involved. In a provocative revision of postwar American history, Kruse demonstrates that traditional elements of modern conservatism, such as hostility to the federal government and faith in free enterprise, underwent important transformations during the postwar struggle over segregation. Likewise, white resistance gave birth to several new conservative causes, like the tax revolt, tuition vouchers, and privatization of public services. Tracing the journey of southern conservatives from white supremacy to white suburbia, Kruse locates the origins of modern American politics.

Read more on the roots of "White Flight"

OTBL Adopts New Slogan

The OTBL network is kicking off sweeps week with a brand new slogan for a tired and worn-out message. At the top of their line-up, the new hit series Yust fer da Recard, starring blogmeister
Dr. Bill. Check out the online trailer:
Yust fer da Recard.

Or if you're really a glutton for punishment, rush down to
your local video store and rent the epic Maxi-Series
War and Peas on DVD.


Pssst...and some local blogger complain about MSM

Economics 101: Ignore The Writings Of The Desperate Austrian Economists

Q: Why are some many people watching "Desperate Housewives" and some few getting aroused at the www.ontheborderline.net blog site over Austrian economics and the "raging debate over school vouchers?"
For some reason, economics is sometimes called the "dismal science." The dismal science is a slang term used to describe the discipline of economics. It was given this description by Thomas Carlyle, who was inspired to coin the phrase by T. R. Malthus's gloomy prediction that population would always grow faster than food, dooming mankind to unending poverty, hardship and terminal pot holes on Wisteria Lane.

The economists of Wisteria Lane grapple with their own problems, and the disturbing note addressed to Ludwig. Mrs Hayek tries to blackmail Fredrick over his involvement in the Box-Jenkins matrix.

While this story is well known, it has been debated and deemed to be inaccurate by some. Those doubting the story say that Carlyle was reacting not to Malthus but economists such as John Stuart Mill, who argued that institutions, not race, explained why some nations were rich and others poor. Carlyle attacked Mill, not for supporting Malthus's predictions about the dire consequences of population growth, but for supporting the emancipation of slaves.

A mysterious break-in on Wisteria Lane leaves the economists feeling vulnerable and think about import sactions. Ludwig locks horns with another Kenysian at the twins' school, and Fredrick investigates Freidman's disappearance.

It was the discipline's assumption that people are basically all the same and thus entitled to liberty that led Carlyle to label the study of economics "the dismal science". The connection was so well known throughout the 19th century, that even cartoonists would refer to it knowing that their audience would understand the reference.

Ludwig's sexy houseguest gets in the way of his first date with Dr. Luke. Tragedy forces the economists on Wisteria Lane to reassess their lives. John Maynard decides to take Adam's out-of-control, free market behaviour into his own guiding hands. Thorstein plans to take his relationship with Dr. Luke to the next level. It's Valentine's Day on Wisteria Lane and economic theories are all around (sort of), as Ludwig looks forward to a romantic date with a curvey supply-sider.

Learn more about the dismal science...


Today In Labor History

December 06

At 10:20 a.m., December 6, 1907, explosions occurred at the No. 6 and No. 8 mines at Monongah, West Virginia. The explosions ripped through the mines at 10:28 a.m., causing the earth to shake as far as eight miles away, shattering buildings and pavement, hurling people and horses violently to the ground, and knocking streetcars off their rails. Three-hundred and sixty-two men and boys died. It remains the worst mine disaster in the history of the United States.

The Monongah Mines Nos. 6 and 8 were located on the West Fork of the Monongahela River, about six miles south of the town of Fairmont, West Virginia. The mines were connected underground and were considered model mines, the most up-to-date in the mining industry. Electricity was used for coal cutting machinery, locomotives were used to haul coal, and the largest areas of each mine were ventilated by mechanical fans.

National Federation of Post Office Clerks merge with National Postal Transport Association to become United Federation of Postal Clerks.

International Glove Workers Union of America change name to Amalgamated Clothing Workers.

Quotes to ponder as you go west...

"I cannot forget that the laboring class, so-called, must, like any other, stand up for its rights, or be content to see them trampled underfoot; and that the strength given it by organization, superintended upon numbers, is its only effectual defense against the else unchecked tyranny of capital, greedy for profit and reckless of others’ rights. The power developed by combination may be abused, like any other power; but labor is helpless and a prey without it."

-Horace Greeley,
American educator, lecturer, political leader

This Harper’s Weekly cartoon by Thomas Nast criticizes Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune, for providing bail to former Confederate president Jefferson Davis and for unjustly slinging mud at President Ulysses S. Grant. The cartoon’s caption is a humorous adaptation of the title to Greeley’s book, What I Know About Farming.
Greeley was a leader of the Liberal Republican movement of the early 1870s, which emerged to challenge the leadership of Republican president Grant. The Liberals backed civil service reform, berated the Grant administration’s corruption and expansionist foreign policy, and wanted to end what they saw as the failed Reconstruction policy for the South.

In the cartoon, Greeley “The Traitor” (left panel) bows humbly to Jefferson Davis, as the editor pays the former Confederate president’s bail in a Richmond courtroom. The image forcibly reminds readers of Greeley’s controversial action in May 1867 to secure a bond for Davis’s release from federal custody. Meanwhile, Greeley “The Patriot” (right panel) prepares to sling “Tammany Mud” at President Grant who sits on the White House porch, imperturbably puffing his cigar and following the progress of “Civil Service Reform.” The artist, to whom Grant was a hero, believed that Greeley and the Tribune had been too soft on the Republican faction cooperating with the notorious Tweed Ring of Tammany Hall, which stole millions from the public treasury of New York City.

A few months after this cartoon appeared, Greeley became the surprise presidential nominee of a coalition of Liberal Republicans and Democrats, but lost to Grant in the general election in November.


OTBL Stands Guard

There's a dangerous and sinister force on the dark side of humanity lurking out there and the OTBL bloggers are standing watch to protect us from this menacing
evil. You might think this wicked influence might be the Al-Qiada terrorists, the potential Avian Flu pandemic, or the threat of nuclear proliferation. But you'd be mistaken. The manevolent influence that OTBL is protecting us against is the dreaded, Public Good. That's right that wolf in sheep's clothing that promotes trechery like Public Education, Social Security, and Interstate Highways. But fear not, OTBL blog warriors are on guard against this menace. They are lobbying hard to dismantleSocial Security, Public Education, and public transportion and replace these evil institutions of the commie pinko left with market based solutions ensuring that only the affluent will enjoy these kinds of benefits. There's no need to worry about the next generation of trailer trash taking your son or daughter's rightful place at that Ivy league institution of higher learning since they won't even be thinking about graduating from the evil Public (Government) highschool. And thus no need to worry about competition from them for the living wage jobs. They'll be slaving away at the local Wal-Mart for generations. It's the way things should be in America according to OTBL.
You can rest easy that you are being protected by OTBL from these abominations. As we speak, OTBL is laying out the plans for toll booths and guard houses on every public byway and they're preparing to liberate the Hudson High School parking lot guard house for the taxpayers ( afterall it was purchased with their money, and only OTBLers pay taxes you know).
They've implemented a test program at Stalag StonePine to make sure no riff raff will be sneaking into their ultra secure gated community, especially designed for the blogging elite. As you passed by Stonepine all these years the thought may have crossed your mind " Why did they build those guardhouses?" Well now you know, it's for your protection.
Velcome to Stalag StonePine


A job well done!

A Sheep Shot...