Reaping What They Have Sown?

"These pictures, to be perfectly blunt, remind one of the pictures we see from Cuba, China, North Korea, and those not too long ago of Eastern Europe where children in bright uniforms carry banners proclaiming the greatness of their leaders or the socialist system. It has been said that under socialism men become the tools of other men; it is just as correct to state that under collectivism children become the tools of adult leaders."

"Children are very convenient when pressing forward one’s views or agenda. Most adults know it is irrational to engage a child in debate for several reasons. For one, the adult will always be depicted as the bully regardless of the merits of the argument; and secondly most adults realize that a child lacks basic worldly knowledge and therefore the debate would boil down to emotional irrelevance. Either way the adult is in a no-win situation. However when children are used as a political tool, it truly illuminates the shallowness of the promoting adult’s position. It is an act of desperation!"


(Admin's note: Yea, right spiritofpublicus, a "free market" only works when it profits you.)

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