Bethel residents gearing up for referendum

BETHEL -- When Tom Peters walked into the barber shop the other morning, he had more than a haircut on his mind.
The 63-year-old longtime Bethel resident wasted no time telling people he was opposed to the town spending an extra $7 million on the long-delayed Bethel High School renovation project.

"I talk about it wherever I go," said Peters. "When I got talking to other people in the barber's shop, I found some of them agreed with me."

For Peters, a retired Redding police officer, expressing his opinion on town issues in public is one of the best ways he knows to get his point across.

"I also write letters to newspapers," said Peters.

With Bethel taxpayers slated to vote on the project Tuesday, Peters has even put signs on his car urging them to oppose it.

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AARP helper said...

Why not give this Peter's guy a map to the Borderline Nut Farm? He'll find a boat load of people that agree with him over there!