Pictures from WOTBL's Archives: 1966

Led by Sister Vivian Vulture, the nuns at St. Patrick's Grade School celebrate after forcing James P. Nelson to give up his chance to be a future, world-changing inteelectual and making him go to the Hudson Junior High School, a government school run be the Hell's Angels and know for developing some of the greatest juvenile delinquents in the history of the Hudson School District.

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AndyRand said...


Maybe Sister Vivian got orders from higher up?
After all, her predictions turned out to be right, didn't they?

Don't feel bad though. Some of my best
friends are Socialist Scums.
If you think about it, I'll bet the OTBLer's would call Jesus a Socialist Scum.
I'll bet back then St. Pat's was a $32/student school and the Jr. High
about a buck three - eighty a kid.