Teachers Union Battling For A "Raise"

Here's any interesting example of a public that might be fighting for something that might make the flaccid public stand up and take interest. Down in Milwaukee the teacher's union would rather have Viagra than keep 17 of their fellow teachers employed. Democratic candidate for Governor, Tom Barrett, is opposing the teachers union on this one. Read on...

Barrett calls on Wis. union to drop Viagra lawsuit

Breaking with his own supporters, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett asked the Milwaukee teachers union Tuesday to drop its lawsuit seeking taxpayer-funded erectile dysfunction drugs such as Viagra.

The Milwaukee mayor said he was "surprised and disappointed" to learn about the lawsuit at a time when Milwaukee Public Schools has laid off hundreds of teachers, including his own wife.

"As governor I will work to invest more resources to strengthen education in Wisconsin," Barrett told Mike Langyel, president of the Milwaukee Teachers' Education Association, in a letter. "However, I believe education dollars should be devoted to enhance performance in the classroom, and I urge you to drop the lawsuit."

Barrett noted a consultant's estimate that reinstating the drug coverage would cost the district up to $786,000 per year, money he said could be better spent on other priorities...

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