Congressman Paul Ryan -- The GOP's Future!

You read it here first...

Now that the adults have finally been purged from the Republican Party and knuckle daggers of the true conservative movement have taken over the junior high school, it's time for the fruit cake rhetoric to start surfacing.

Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) had its convention in Washington DC over the weekend and it looks like one Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan will be one of the rising stars of the conservative movement. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal inserted his credibility foot into his mouth, when told lies during his GOP response to Obama's speech last week. Sarah Palin is fading like the North Star in mid-June Alaska and the GOP Committee Chairman Michael Steele can't even explaining the difference between a job and work and whether or not work is a job.

So the GOP needs a fresh face and that looks to be Wisconsin's own Paul Ryan. Not only does he have the photogenic face, but he can use the words "Karl Marx" and "Ayn Rand" in the same sentence. I bet that sends a tingle up Shaun Hannity's leg...

"The Wisconsin Republican inferred that Obama's plan may sound familiar to those who follow political history. 'You see, what we have here is an update of [Karl] Marx's famous slogan -- 'From each according to their ability, to each according to his needs.' Now we have 'from the suckers who followed the rules, to those who borrowed beyond their means.'

Ryan says while Democrats want to impose a more intrusive state -- 'something out of an Ayn Rand novel' -- he is proposing an alternative conservative vision that involves "junking the tax code," cutting spending, as well as reforming health care, the federal budget, and the regulatory system."

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