Turnip Trucker Finally Supports Community Schools!


pumpkin farmer said...

Dang, I miss seeing the mayor's big puffy red face on that truck. Maybe next year for Halloween.

CANRAC said...

I missed seeing the mayors face with the moustache drawn on it and the D work above it. Makes a heckuva screen saver.

Turnip Truck tracker said...

Puff daddy was fun, but I really miss the Charmichael Corner Tax Rocket!!!
You'd think the Naysayer paint bucket brigade and the OTBL junk rocket scientists would come and paint the truck with that symbol of illegal taxation. Even the corner farm doesn't have any good Naysaying propaganda this year. The price of corn must be down.

CANRAC said...

Agree with him or not, I have respect for the truck owner in many ways. I was disappointed with his association with certain others, I told him that. The truck owner may rankle a few feathers, but he is a very smart man. Maybe there is a reason the truck isn't out.

bill berditzmen said...

Maybe that reason is that the person the truck owner had a beef with is now not involved with the schools. Maybe he understands that a school is needed and has decided to sit this one out.
I respect him as well, except when he plays the "getting taxed out of my house" card. Remember that he lives on the bluff with an inground pool. He also owns property on east 94 where any development will put $$ in his pocket. He is a smart man indeed.
One of the arguments against his using his truck for politics was that he supported Jack for mayor and parked his truck downtown for 3 days and nights with wheel chocks because the truck has no parking brake, taking up 2 1/2 parking spots and it had farm plates on it. Unless he was buying seed at a new downtown seed store I don't think his truck should have been there. Especially when Jack is so worried about the downtown parking situation. Yes, to many community leaders his association with the naysayers became an issue and I have heard that the alliance with them has cooled.

Turnip Truck tracker said...

Alright, I don't know how smart the turnip truck driver is or isn't. Clever maybe.
My only encounter with him was at a crosswalk downtown with him blastin his horn and chomping on a fat cigar. He had the huge I support Bush stuff on the truck. Since I never suported Bush, I was tempted to flick him the bird, but restrained myself and settled for a big thumbs down.
Maybe if I talked to the man I'd feel differently but right now my feeling towards him is, he's a jerk.
A lot of that is based on him flaunting his truck around for political purposes and violating the law with his parking over night and having farm plates.