OTBL Starts New Training Program

Do you hate the government as much as we do?
Are you tired of your hard earned money being confiscated to
teach other peoples kids how to read and write?
Are you sick of "Public Highways".
Well stand up and do something about it!
At ontheborderline.net we hate taxes with a vengence.
That's why we've started the OTBL Anti-Government
Mercenary Training Center and Spa.
You start with basics of Government hatred.
Lew Rockwell.com, The CATO intitute, Libertarians Anonymous
and more. You'll learn the truth about WEALTH CREATION and
Government Confiscation and get a firm philosophical base and insights into
why OTBL bloggers are always right and the rest of the world is wrong.

Phase II: Making a difference.
Take is cheap, weapons cost money!
We believe in the 2nd Amendment and we're not ashamed of it!
We've acquired the largest aresenal of weapons for training this side of
the St. Croix. Learn from our expert marksmen how to put tin cans out of
their misery before you can say April 15th.

Spreading the Word:
Our expert bloggers have been preaching Freedom and Liberty for almost
3 years now. Can you say Tradition. That's what the "OTBL Anti-Government
Mercenary Training Center and Spa" is all about, a fine 3 year tradition of fighting
government at every juncture.
Got pesky teacher spouses defending public schools. We have a program to deal with them.
Have a local fishwrapper that cowtows to the whims of local educrates. No problem.
Our psychological warfare and intimidation team is ready with instruction that works.
Bring the whole family for a our Next Fun Filled Anti-Government Training Session.
Payment accepted in cash, or better yet Gold Boulion. You'll find our training rates among
the most reasonable of any other crackpot organization preaching the destruction of Government Tyranny.
Call 1-800-McVeigh to secure your reservation today.

Short Circuit City Rewards Loyalty

Overpaid Exectutives Receive Stock Options and Bonuses valued at $4,761,046.

"Circuit City fired 3,400 employees in stores across the country yesterday, saying they were making too much money and would be replaced by new hires willing to work for less.

The company said the dismissals had nothing to do with performance but were part of a larger effort to improve the bottom line. The firings represent about 9 percent of the company's in-store workforce of 40,000."

"Circuit City chief executive Philip J. Schoonover received a salary of $716,346, along with a $704,700 bonus last year. He also has long-term compensation of $3 million in stock awards and $340,000 in underlying options, according to company filings."

Read More in Washinton Post:

Dr. Peanut's Lesson of the Day

Saturday Night Movie of the Weak: Sybil starring Mr. Peanut

Tonight's feature follows two weeks in the so-called life of a St. Croix Valley blogger who blogs bogus comments on the Hudson and New Richmond newspaper sites. By using numerous different names, he is able to fool himself that nobody knows who he is. The one-track plot stagnates in the outhouse of his mind, as he waits for someone to mention his real name in the comment section of the newspaper blogs. When this happens, watch the fireworks fly as he calls up the local editor and threats to sue the newspaper. Don't miss the hair-implant popping drama, as Mr. Peanut's Type-A personal and total lack of interpersonal skills tip over the checker board repeatedly. So grab you sack of nuts, sit back and watch the mono-talented Mr. Peanut fool himself in the dark of the night.

Here's a preview of a scene from tonight's movie. Check out the sophisticated dialogue Mr. peanut repeats over and over and over during the movie. Mr. Peanut's performance will make you look forward to your next colostomy.

"You're all pieces of shit and I'm the self-anointed KING of St. Croix County I, and ONLY I, will determine who can speak out in the communities where the Rivertowns newspapers are published. If you speak out against a referendum you will be silenced. If you write a letter against a public official you will be silenced. If you ask for ANY accountability at all from your government employees you will be silenced. Our newspaper have an agenda and we will see to it that it is carried out. As the publisher I HAVE SPOKEN!"...How should I sign this post this time. If I use the same name, people will start to suspect something...I wonder what it's like to actually have a job?...I'm starting to think that only socialists and communists work for a living. The rest of us live off the fat of the land. Ain't that right Lennie?

Undermining The Educational System

Um!! Tasty and nutruious!

Trolling For Nuts: It's A Ziller Kind of Thing


On The Borderline Movie of the Weak:

Hear stupid crap like this repeated over and over by an anonymous idiot too embarrassed to use his real name.

"As the self-anointed KING of St. Croix County I, and ONLY I, will determine who can speak out in the communities where the Rivertowns newspapers are published. If you speak out against a referendum you will be silenced. If you write a letter against a public official you will be silenced. If you ask for ANY accountability at all from your government employees you will be silenced. Our newspaper have an agenda and we will see to it that it is carried out. As the publisher I HAVE SPOKEN!"

Anonymous rail...


Hudson blogger Luke denies losing his mind...

He said he has only misplaced it. He continues to search for it, when not making stupid comments in the local newspaper blogs.

...he added that his face has been feeling flushed lately.

Mark Kaisersatt Not Quite Himself Today

School Board candidates victims of Identity Theft.

Welcome Sleepless Hudson Observer Readers

I couldn't sleep last night so I pointed my brower to onthebordeline.net. It worked like a charm. After reading just a few sentances of N.Onimous. I was out like a light. I highly recommend reading ontheborderline.net when you have trouble sleeping at night. It's as good a prescription medications and with absolutely no chance of becoming
habit forming.
For the forelorn, check out ontheborderline's HOT RUSSIAN BABE
ontheborderline.net has become a "One Stop Internet Shopping Center" for the mentally unstable and psychotic residents of St. Croix Valley. Best of all it's free.
If you're really in the market for promotional items. Checkout the ontheborderline.net online
gift shop. This week there's a special on "hot pink headbands" (just like the borderliners wear) also available in lavender.
Oh, and tell them Luke sent you.


A recent unscientific poll concludes "Luke's Nuts"

Results of Poll:

Is Luke Nuts?
Yes = 99%
No = 1%
Luke is Nuts!

* Luke was allowed to respond to the survey.

Used Sign for Sale

Turnip Truck Takes Road Trip To New Richmond

Word on the street is that the Hudson turnip truck is loaded with bags of peanuts. It's believed the peanuts will be used to entice people to vote.


The "Lukinator" Demands Answers

The Lukinator:
"Bob, the more writing I see from you the more conflicted and confused you seem to be. Are you voting for the largest referendum in the history of Wisconsin or not? You refused to answer the question when it was asked of you before."

BobZiller on 3/26/2007 @ 5:07 pm

"My vote? You ain't gonna get it."


CATO Institute: Making crazy ideas desireable, daily.

Private-Account Concept Grew From Obscure Roots

By Jeffrey H. Birnbaum
Washington Post Staff Writer
Tuesday, February 22, 2005; Page A01

Twenty-five years ago, Peter J. Ferrara was a Harvard Law School student with what he called "the craziest idea in the world." In a paper he wrote before graduating, he suggested converting the government-run Social Security program into a web of private investments.

The paper caught the eye of Edward H. Crane, a former head of the Libertarian Party who had recently started the Cato Institute, which has a stated mission of encouraging "limited government." To him, Ferrara's idea wasn't crazy at all, but a way to challenge Washington's largest and most revered social program.

See Washington Post:

Change is good -- even on the borderline!

Regular followers of the St. Croix Valley bolg scene will have noticed by now that the On The Borderline blog that oozes out of Hudson has made a few changes in its layout and focus.

The entire visual look of the blog has been updated to reflect the only colors they understand: black and white. Anonymous names have disappeared from the posts to further protections of the guilty.

The whole focus of the blog seems to have switched to New Richmond. One reason is that good citizens of the Hudson community have totally rejected their anti-community agenda of personal attacks and misinformation. Evidently they think there's a niche for them in New Richmond. Likewise, they have run off some of their former members by attacking any local Republican for supporting anything would help the local communities grow and prosper. They've attack State Senator Shelia Harsdorf and State Rep. Kitty Rhoades, calling them RINOs (Republicans in name only). I guess you can eat only so much of your own before you reach the tipping point that sinks you to the bottom of the cesspool of rejection.

We will still continue to monitor the OTBL blog and to make sure the local communities are updated on their anti-community antics. It's been our job here since day one. Our mission of "riding herd on the skunks in the St. Croix Valley" still stands. They might have changed the color of their underwear, but the skid marks still show through.

For those who haven't visited their site yet, here's a look at the changes that have taken place...a before and after look.

As you'll recall, this is what the OTBL blog looked like prior to the changes last week:

Here's the new look of the OTBL blog:

Always remember...

"Sometimes in politics one must duel with skunks, but no one should be fool enough to allow the skunks to choose the weapons."
Lester R. Bittel


Well there you have it!
People who want to stop Global Warming really want to destroy America.
The Bible tells us so! Oh did I forget to mention "Most importantly, it is Satan's Attempt to Re-direct the Church's Primary Focus" Jerry Falwell.
Read More: