Bannergate At City Hall!

Breaking News:
WOTBL reports that Hudson City officials are scrambling to cover up the 40 foot "Vote Yes" banner they allowed a PAC to hang from the front of City Hall. City officials claim they were duped into thinking it was just a Christmas decoration. Film at 11.


CANRAC said...

Rats, I got all excited when I heard it was a threat letter in the form of a banner hanging on city hall, then found out it was this!

My research found that when somebody wants to hang a banner they go to the third floor of city hall to the public works office. The reserve the week and it gets hung by the city, sponsor provides the banner. I'm sure if the person doing the reservations has questions she asks her boss, the public works supervisor. There is a policy. It would be highly doubtful the city administrator would even be involved with this unless he is asked, which I'm told is remote. If the ball got dropped it was on the third floor, but I would say this may not be against city policy. I think it is wrong for the city to get involved in an election/referendum issue, however if the policy is there and the people paid any fees, they have the right. The "no" faction is probably just pissed they didn't think of this one first.

Of course this is all part of the big plot to keep Hudson modern and a quality place to live, orchestrated by the city administrator, right?

Maybe we'll get a forensics investigation going to see who actually made and printed the banner.

Isn't paranoia great?

CANRAC said...


The OTBL News Fallacy unit is reporting another possible threat to city staff. Efforts are being made to wake up and sober the "forensics" expert but don't expect any written reports or facts. He'll get on the case as soon as he can, negotiations for holiday nuts and a free vacation in Illinois in return for the investigation are underway.

Be aware of strangers hiding inside banners or pieces of the sky which some report is falling.

More as things develop.........

Relieved said...

I for one am sure glad that we have concerned citizens watching out for us. My god, I walked out of the porn shop and saw that huge, yellow, monstrosity hanging there and offending me with it's Anti-Anti-Public Edumacation message.

When that damn thing was hanging up there, my vote was YES. Now, I feel safe voting NO again.

CANRAC said...

I'm getting a little nutz or paranoid. Everytime I look at that eye on the upper right of the ATBL homepage its like somebody is looking at me through a hole in a banner.

truth-sayer said...

As I understand the ATBL sissies love to talk big, but everyone of then is all air. Have you seen these guys? What a joke!

Duke said...

Yea, real men jog is pink headbands.

truth-sayer said...

sorry about that!!! "MY BAD"

Petty Red Pen said...


You must have gone to public ( I mean government) school. There's only 5 vowels and you got 2 of them mixed up?
That's 60% of the blog identification test. You get an "F" for "FFort".

norseman said...

red pen;
Obviously you aren't acquainted with slang. Please try and crawl out of your hole occasionally.

Petty Red Pen said...


Being petty is hard work, and it has to be done deep underground.
I'll consider your advice.

The Naysayers should really think twice about what kind of groups they want prohibited from displaying banners downtown. This time it's the Yes group, next time it may be their church picnic, or favorite charity. "Censorship is only good when you're the censor." I think this would be a fine Naysayer slogan.