They are only guidelines...

A note to blog readers in the St. Croix River Valley. If you happen to venture over to the dark side of the local blogoshpere and are reading a post at ontheborderline.net titled: "Willi In Hot Water Again," you may notice the following phrases:

"gubment shitters"
"pretty shitty implications"
"the shit will hit the fan"
"all the shitty details"
"maddeningly confusing, and shitty"

May we remind OTBL readers that the admin there is quite opposed to the use of such profanity. Point 4 on anal retentive blog guidelines clearly states:

4) No profanity or quasi-profanity. I hate it.

Also note that a local cultural warrior gone south and back north and who really cares where, did his parental due diligence and reminded the commenter: "Max, your comment had to be slightly edited, hope you don’t mind. Double check the yard in question on your way to the Y and you’ll see my point…"

It is clear that the lights are off at the OTBL Club Outhouse and everybody is home huddled in their hot tub of despair listening to Bob Seger, polishing their silver bullets and plotting their next nocturnal mission to the sounds of "Night Moves."

As Count Floyd would say, "Scary! Very scary!"

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