She Says Ann Coulter Is "Main Stream Media"

Hear Orly Taitz,the Republican TEA Party main voice of conspiracy, say that Ann Clouter is "main stream media." Boy are the wing nuts coming loose on the Republican band wagon or what?

Could it be the conservative Republicans have tied their straight jacket with a Gordian knot?


Forget Eliminating The FED! Dump The CIA & FBI

The "birther" wing of the Republican Party is doing its job to prove that President Obama is not a US citizen and is illegally running our country. Orly Taitz, a lawyer, evidently have all the facts. She's from Russia (Are we supposed to believe a Commie?) I haven't seem a copy of Taitz' birth certificate yet.

Anyway, this is a hot topic for those who have overdosed on fruitcake.

I say, if the FBI and CIA can't uncover the origin of President Obama's birth, I say we eliminate those federal agencies before we fulfill the Republican TEA Party's demand to eliminate the Federal Reserve, the Department of Education and return to the gold standard.

If you attended the July 19 TEA Party in New Richmond, you would have had a number encounters with these "birthers." Evidently reality is too hard to swallow...