No Junk Science Believers At Blog Fest

Blog Fest Subsidized with Your Tax Dollars

BAGER BLOGGER FEST Held in Socialist "Government" Park

You have to admit it's pretty ironic that as much as these Badger Bloggers complain about Socialism and Government and Taxes that this bunch would choose a Public park, paid for with PUBLIC FUNDS to hold their little get together. When I visited the NAGA-WAUKEE PARK Website, I discovered what looked like a really great community asset. It looked like a great for families and or bloggers to get together to have a few brats and beer and a good, safe, fun time. Contrary to all the teasing we've done about the event on this blog, it sounds like that what our Blogger Buddies had today, a good safe fun time to share a beer, brats and conversation. You see boys that's what we want too, and we want it to be accessable to everyone, (even you guys). It's called the Public Good, and that's what irritates us so much about the philosophy that you espouse especially over ontheborderline. net. From everything you guys write and say, it's obvious that you don't believe in the Public or Common Good, you only believe in me, myself and I.
If I had the same philosphical beliefs that you guys do, I should be really upset that Taxpayer dollars helped subsidize your political gathering so you can all go back to your computers and bash, Schools, Government, Teachers, and Public Parks. But I don't share that philosophy and I'm not upset that taxpayers funds helped you guys have a nice park to have your barbecue. I'm glad there's was a PUBLIC park that you, or anyone else could go to and have a good time in a really nice setting. Just remember that if and when you achieve your stated goals of dismantling government and drowing it in the bathtub, places like NAGA-Waukee Park
will no longer be available for the public (or as you like to refer to them "Socialist/Collectivists Scum" ).

Blogger Bash Creates Many Wealth Building Opportunities

It's been hard to infiltrate this crowd without the aluminum foil
beenie and concealed weapon bulge. I had to wait till the Bud Light Beer
tent started to collectively staggering before I could get close enough to
file this report. Of all the concessions here, the one doing the lion's share
of wealth building is the Tijuana Tommy's Tatoo Parlor............

Gotta run, a couple of the OTBL Dr.s of Liberty
just discovered that I'm not packin' heat.

This is HSOcub reporting live from the Badger Blogger Blog Fest

More Pictures From The Badger Blog Alliance Bash

As you can tell by the huge crowd in the background, the attendance at the 2006 Badger Blog Alliance far exceeded our expectations. Winning the Von Mises Sack Race by a wingnut mile was a blogger from the ontheborderline.net team out of the western fringes of the Cheese State. He said his name was Luke and Jack Bauer and N. Onimous and Tax Boy and Spiritofbullshitus and then we quit writing.

Pawlenty Of Wingnuts In Minnesota

"I can tell you what your worst nightmare is. It's one of the big-spendin', tax-raisin', abortion-promotin', gay marriage-embracin', more welfare without accountability-lovin', school reform-resistin', illegal immigration-supportin' DFL candidates for governor who thinks Hillary Clinton should be president."

Tim Pawlenty
Governor of Minnesota
June 2006


Badger Blogger Crowned New American Idle

Badger Blogger Sam Sedentary has been crowned the new American Idle this weekend at the Badger Blog Fest. The judges were unanomous ( and anonymous ) in their decision to bestow the coveted title upon Sam after his earthshaking performance of "The Butt Crack Blues".
There were other memorable performances as well, like second place
Idle finisher Bud Lite's rendition of the "The Men of the Ludwig Brigade", but none came close to the lack of energy exuded by Sam.

In previous years a number of talented performers were eliminated for failing to meet basic wingnut blogger critera.
1. They must imagine themselves to be "Wealth Creators"
2. They must have wives who are the "Bread Winners".
This year no contestants failed to meet the basic qualifications. Bloggers holding jobs were simply not given
entry forms.
Bud vowed to come back next year with an even more Idle performance in hopes of taking the title from Sam.
In the mean time Bud will return to his blogging post for another year and continue his training and practice
regimen of swilling cheap beer and anonymously attacking educators at OTBL.

Badger Blog Fest Adds New Sponsor


Rest Assured -- Security Will Be Provided At Tomorrow's BBA Bash

Tomorrow Follow The Signs To BBA Bash HQ To Check In


Ayn Rand Scheduled for Special Guest Appearance at Blog Fest Seance

Through a unique arrangement with spiritualist medium
Natasha Satanovskya (Banned from the Annual Spiritualist Summer Camp
for the last 2 years ) Wingnut Philosophical Mentor and Anti-Spiritual
leader Ayn Rand A.K.A . (Alissa Rosenbaum, 1905-1982)
has agreed to make a special guest appearance at this year's Badger Blogger Alliance Blog Fest.

Her publicist quotes her as saying..."I don't make a habit of coming back often, So if this Blog crew knows what's good for them they'll keep their mouth's shut and their ears open as I scatter my inerrant words of enlightenment upon these collectivist heathen swine."

With publicity like this to promote the event,what right minded Badger Blogger could resist attending this once in a lifetime spectacle. Her appearances have indeed been rare so be sure to sign up immediately at ontheborderline.net/AynRandSeance/ Mention the "Enlightened Self-Interest Special" and you'll receive a 20% coupon for Ayn's next scheduled appearance in 2015. Remember to tell them Mikhail sent you.

Registered participants should meet at the Blog Fest Bingo Tent at 11:59 PM (Don't forget your aluminum foil beanies). Space is limited to 10 participants with special consideration given to the Dr.s of Liberty from OTBL. Formal OTBL attire is required to attend this event.
(Baseball or Three Cornered hat, Red State Tee Shirt, or Revolutionary War Uniform. Stockings and
Wigs are optional.) Check your weapons at the Bingo Tent Registration Desk (They'll be safely
stored in the Bager Blog Gun Safe till after the event). Camera's, Camcorder's and all electronic
recording devices are banned from this special appearance. ( Ink and Quills and Parchment allowed. )
There's no doubt this event will outdraw the public recitation of the Federalist Papers by at least a hundredfold.

Bone up Ayn's quotes so you don't look like the fool that you are:

Here's a couple for starters:

The goal of the "liberals"as it emerges from the record of the past decades - was to smuggle this country into welfare statism by means of single, concrete, specific measures, enlarging the power of the government a step at a time, never permitting these steps to be summed up into principles, never permitting their direction to be identified or the basic issue to be named. Thus, statism was to come, not by vote or by violence, but by slow rot-by a long process of evasion and epistemological corruption, leading to a fait accompli. (The goal of the "conservative"was only to retard that process.)

"Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation’s troubles and use as a justification of its own demands for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen."

Lucky participants will receive an exclusive autographed copy of Ayn's most memorable writing,
"The Virtue of Selfishness" and yet to be published excerpts of her upcoming book "Godless: The Church of Liberalism", which she is currently channeling through Ann Coulter.
The book is scheduled for release of 6/6/06.

Remember To Wear The Proper Head Gear To The Badger Blog Alliance Bash

Only 1 Day Till The Badger Blog Alliance Bash:

Below is a population map to better help you find you're way around the BBA Bash site. You should find this map helpful when trying to reach out and meet bloggers from different ends of the blogosphere spectrum.

A Badger Blog Alliance Bash Reminder!

"Remember everyone is invited Wingnut or Moonbat, Blogger or Blog Reader, Family members or people flying solo...legal and illegal aliens... "

At Saturday's Badger Blog Alliance Bash, Don't Miss Ted Nugent's Cookie Baking Demonstration

Dress Normal For The Badger Blogger Alliance Bash

While At The Badger Blog Alliance Bash, Don't Miss Ann Clouter's Workshop:

Dare To Bitch Slap!

Ken E Boy Might Be A "No Show" At Saturday's BBA Bash


Hurry, Supplies Are Limited

The Badger Blogger Alliance First Annual Blog Fest is just around the corner, and what would a Wisconsin outdoor blog fest be without the indulgence of devoring dozens of BloggerLager soaked Badger Blogger Brats. If you muttered "UNTHINKABLE" you are absolutely right.
But behind all the good times to be had there's danger lurking.
As red blooded conservative right wingnut citizens, we can never forget that any gathering that includes more people than me, myself and I is a Socialist attempt to lessen our freedoms as sovereign individuals and a ride down the slippery slope toward the confiscation of all private property by the statist moonbats.
Think you can light up the grill and not have some liberal tree hugger tell you you're melting the polar icecaps? Well think again.
Like anything "public" event, there's always the threat of contracting a "Social" disease.
That's why the Blogger Alliance has introduced the "Blogger Brat Brander" (TM), to help set your mind at ease while attending a "social" event like the Blog Fest/Brat and Weinnie roast.
You never know when some communicable disease carrying pervert might disquise himself as the Bratmeister and intentionally infect you and your family with some incurable malady.
When you indulge in a Badger Blogger Brat you want to be absolutely, positively sure it's the same 100% USDA Government inspected Spotted Horsemeat brat you brought with you with you and
personally laid on the sizzling coals. With the "Blogger Brat Brander" there's never any doubt.
Just heat your personalized "Blogger Brat Brander" iron to a temperature of 911 degrees Farenheit, and make your mark on your meal. There will be no doubt that the Brat you brought is the brat you devor.
The Blogger Brat Brander is enthusiasically endorsed by the Dr.s of Liberty from
ontheborderline.net. Just ask Dr. Bill, Dr. Bubonic, or Admin Chris if they've ever contracted
a "social" disease from Brat consumption, since they starting using the "Blogger Brat Brander".
You'll be reassured to hear the response of, "Of course not you fricken idiot" from each and every
one of them.
To order your personalized "Blogger Brat Brander" send $29.95 in gold coin or gold backed currency
Brat Fest Brander $29.95 Offer
1776 Stone Pine Ave.
Hudson, WI, 54016

Order before midnight, and you get a complimentary "Lil' Bill" Weinnie iron for the kids.
Don't delay, supplies are limited.

Count Down To Badger Blog Alliance Bash: Only 4 Days!!!

You can show up with an empty head or an empty heart, but don't show up empty handed.

We bloggers got to eat! Everybody knows that BBA'ers are full of it! Here in Waukesha, we suggest you show up at the BBA Bash with you own unique branded wienies. The crowd will be huge and you don't want to be just any wiener in the crowd.

May we suggest that when you get to Waukesha that you stop by the Spotted Horse Deli and check out their fine selection of blog-loney. Made from the largest hind quarters of the most obvious of Wisconsin's spotted horses, these wieners have an unfathomable mix of arrogance, ignorance, intimidation and a hint of overblown ego mania. To see just how popular these links are, check out the graph below. That black curve shows you how demand for them has skyrocketed since the Spotted Horse 2 blog started as away to process the huge amount of waste generated in the production of the sausages. The goal now is to double our customer base and get two people to buy our products.

Call you order in and we will custom brand your wiener with your anonymous blog name. By the time you get to Waukesha, your order with be ready at the historic Spotted Horse Deli. And don't forget, the Spotted Horse 2 Deli will soon be opening in Roswell, New Mexico right on Route 666.

As a special offer for this year BBA Bash, we will throw in the deluxe yard dart see in the picture to the left. As with an implement of destruction, please be careful when you play with these darts. They aren't for just any idiot. Never throw them straight up in the air -- no matter how many Old Milwaukee's you drank before noon.

Remember, as always, all our meat products are $6.66 a pound.

We regret that this meat is government inspected. That can be a problem down here in Waukesha -- the right wing-nut capitol of Wisconsin. It's city where, if you say the name "Ludwig von Mises" you are called a RINO because the true party extremists would just say "Ludwig."

So dig in wing-nuts! As Lawrence the cable installation technician says, "Let us get her completed male children!"

On Today's Date...

Antonia Hernandez was born in 1948

President and General Counsel of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF), Antonia Hern├índez is an advocate for 35 million Latinos in the U.S. Through law, community education, and research, she leads her organization in the fight for the advancement and protection of civil rights. Characterized as “sweetness and fire,” she continues to fight legal battles that have improved the lives of minorities throughout the nation.

Read more: Antonia Hernandez


Don't Worry If You Swill Too Much Old Mill...

Transportation Will Be Available To And From The Badger Blog Alliance Bash Site:
By land, sea and air...

Count Down To Badger Blog Alliance Bash...Don't Forget The Soap!

I hugged a tree.
It hugged me with its soul.
I love trees.
Let's drink soymilk.

Come clean and you'll avoid Chris's point.


"I like to swear, I used to be a sailor"

Comrade Chris,
You are one funny horse's ass capitalist, no? I'm sorry we couldn't "hook-up"
on your last trip to the motherland. Da, Northworst is one bad airline. Maybe it has something to do with cutting their emplyee's wages in half, No?
I see you like "Rage Against the Machine", Da, a fave band of me too.
You say "......... I only have two speeds happy and rage". I know the feeling. When I feel rage, I usually crank up the bands hit " Pissed off at the Coffee Maker" . Then I feel better.
I'm really jealous of that weapon collection of yours. I'm surprised the "little woman" gave you the permission to use your allowance money to buy them. I remember when I'd ask Bopcha for rubles to buy toys like that. She'd always said "Mikhail, you're are bad Socialist, those toys will turn you into Yankee Imperialist." After reading your blog. I can see now that she was right. Have fun
at the Blog Fest. Watch out for the tornados. Buy the other Chris a shot of Wodaka from me and tell him Mikhail says nosdrovia!!!!!

Quotes to Ponder: Thomas Jefferson

"Is uniformity attainable? Millions of innocent men, women, and children, since the introduction of Christianity, have been burnt, tortured, fined, imprisoned; yet we have not advanced one inch towards uniformity. What has been the effect of coercion? To make one half the world fools, and the other half hypocrites."

-- Thomas Jefferson(1743-1826)
US Founding Father
drafted the Declaration of Independence
3rd US President