A WOTBL TV Public Service Announcement

Believe in or not, 47 of the United States have some type of conceal and carry permitted, but still millions of children go to bed at night unarmed. Oh sure, they have plenty of violent games to play on the PlayStation 3, but when push comes to shove, they are unable to produce the kind of fire power that makes wimps into bullies. You can put a stop to this. Many have forgotten that second graders have Second Amendment rights and should be able to defend themselves on their playgrounds.

This Christmas season we ask you to help be an equalizer in the fight against playground inequality. Help bring a smile to a small child's face and turn the neck red as they gain the ability to make those around them tremble in white-faced fear. Your small donation will help give the gift the ricochets throughout the year.

This Christmas, please consider making a donation to the Borderline Valley Guns For Tots program.

For information and ballistic statistics, call Guns For Tots at 1-800-666-OTBL and ask for Citizen Joe.

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Charleton Heston said...


How can I help put Joy like that on the face of another kid!

I'm in! I'll tell my NRA budds all about this program. Thanks for sharing and
have a blessed Christmas, just like these kids.
Maybe there is a Santa!