What Nitwits Say About Obama Victory

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Joe the Plumber Plunges Into Action

Hidden security cameras capture Joe the Plumber attempting to suck the hope out of one Hudson voter. When confronted about his actions Joe said:
" Go hug a tree moonbat! This is America, I can suck if I want to, it says so in the Constitution".

Diebold Accidently Releases '08 Election Results Early


Seattle Times Endorses Obama

"Sen. John McCain is a decent man, a solid senator. He is not the right person to change Washington, D.C. He is too much of Washington. His behavior, as evidenced by his absurd choice of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, is too erratic."

The Seattle Times Editorial Board

Palin Phone Pranked By Canadians

Catholics For Obama

Someone asked me today.. "Why vote For Obama". For me, I thought the answer was so obvious that I didn't have a ready reply.
Here are some people who do.

Here a message from Martin Sheen Here:
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Why Bother? -It Doesn't Matter- Don't Vote