Teacher Union Thugs Promote Cadillac Healthcare

Fake ad from the fake 4 - color glossy WEAC Newsletter:

Why can't teacher's have YUGO healthcare like
Borderline Nut Factory employees?

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Psychic Predictions For 2007 Only $19.95

Psychic demographer Hazel "31 Flavors" Reinhardt made the following predictions for St. Croix County in 2007:

1. Skunk, rat and meese population: Down 78%.

2. Holiday pot demand: Up 95%.

3. Elementary schools in Hudson: Up 20%.

4. No voters: Down 89%.

5. Yes voters: Up 92%.

6. Hits on OTBL: Down 72%.

7. Hits on ATBL: Up 77%.

If you order before December 12, we will throw in an assortment of Borderline nuts just in time for the holidays.

WOTBL TV Saturday LIbertarian Movie Classic

The uncut version of Ayn Rand's Fountainhead


Max Fill's Many Coats of One Color at 11 AM

This week Max examines how racist rethoric strengths the community through isolation, intimidation and ignorance.

In the first segment, we hear Dennis Miller explain that if you are on a plane or waiting to board a plane and not watching for radical rag heads, “you are swimming so far upstream against the basic human wiring of common sense and survival instincts that if one could just capture the contrary energy, the synaptic maelstrom going on inside their feverish brainwashed nonjudgemental little skull you could power the massive tubines of the very 757 you’re flying on…”

In the second half of the show, Max demonstrates that only White people have feelings.

Tune in tomorrow when Max makes fun of the handicapped and terminally ill.

Remember, Jesus loves everyone, but He loves White people the best and White Protestants even more than Catholics and Evangelical White Protestants even more than Methodist Protestants from the northern sections of the United States.

Sunrise Semester with the Pea Nutty Professor at 6 AM

Uncle Ebenezer Says -" Humbug to School Kids"


Mrs. Luke's Cooking For Malcontents at 10 AM

This week: Duct Tape For The Holidays

OTBL Skunks Create Stink Over Schools


The Borderline Gang Comedy Show Saturday Morning at 7 AM

Pea Nut's Playhouse Saturday morning at 8 AM

This weekend's musical guest: Frank Zappa

I am the slime...

The Official Drink Of Borderline Bloggers

Sung to the music of ‘Let it Snow’

A duct taped mouth brought them fame
The neighbors know their light night game
Looking through another's window
A peeking we go a peeking we go

The community knows those whiffs of stink
When Snoopy's Kowboy pretends to think
From gutter to sewer he sinks we know
Let him go let him go

A borderline blog's credibility is dying
Their cup runneth over with whining
A fart in the hurricane as we all know
Say it ain't so say it ain't so

Socialists know loving another is grand
Free marketers prefer their own hand
On sterile ground seeds they sow
Let them eat crow like them eat crow

Fly The Unfriendly Skies

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Sunday Nights at 8

A Borderline Alien Sedition Act

Love American Style

CAR NUT answers all questions...ad nauseum.

(Note, just because I'm a know-it-all do nothing doesn't mean I have countless hours to answer your stupid questions. I do have to take my dog out for a poop, although he's embarrassed to be seen with me. But then again, he's a socialist scum dog who has contributed even less to the family unit than me. And I'm jealous of him for getting away with that. With that in mind, I'll spare giving you the turd degree and move on to the question at hand.)

Q: Who is Mark Steyn?

(The above picture is of Mark Steyn trying to rally the base at his reform school reunion.)

A: In the big ugly picture, there are pimples on your butt, e.g., Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Ann Clouter, and then there's the actual asshole and that would by Mark Steyn. Put another way, there's scum, e.g., Limbuagh, Hannity, Clouter, and then there's the pond and that would be Steyn. While Limbaugh, Hannity and Clouter might make a socialist comment about the way Mother Thereas dressed, Steyn would actually push her down on a Bombay street and hold her face in a puddle fo despair.

In the cozy hot tube of conservative punditry, there are lines of demarcation that are rarely, if ever, crossed. Respectable commentators such as Paul Gigot, George Will, and David Brooks work for respectable outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, and the New York Times. When they appear on television or radio, they carry that aura of respectability with them. Right-wing carny barkers such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Sean Hannity, on the other hand, play it strictly for laughs, even when they swear they’re not. And even though the Gigots and Wills and Brookses of the world may often agree with the freak-show politics of talk radio and the Fox News Channel, they would never sully their reputations by actually taking part.

Hold you nose and read more.


Legislator (Over?) Compensation

"The annual salary paid to members of the
2005 Wisconsin Legislature will be $45,569.
Legislative salaries will not change during the
2005-­2006 biennium, because Article IV,
Section 26, of the Wisconsin Constitution
dictates that salaries of public officers cannot
be increased or diminished during a term of
office. A 1992 constitutional amendment
allows holdover senators (those in the middle
of a 4 ­year term) to receive an adjustment
when the new legislature is inaugurated, so
that their salary matches that of newly elected
legislators. "

This doesn't seem excessive to me. The healthcare retirement
benefits are also based on un - used sick leave, again, in my mind
not unreasonable.

But then you have this:

From- JSonline:
"Take Republican state Sen. Dave Zien of Eau Claire, one of the Legislature's most expensive members. In the last legislative session, he claimed 74 round trips to Madison and 249 days actually spent in the Capitol. Yet he also said he drove 46,000 miles in his district, often listing his constituent work as "meet bikers" on his reimbursement forms. With a $24,000 reimbursement just for mileage - enough to buy one of his beloved Harleys - Zien pulled in more than $47,000 above his actual salary.

Does that mean Eau Claire has an engaged, energetic senator in touch with voters, or someone who is milking taxpayers?"

CAR NUT answers all questions...correctly

(Note: I'll answer the damn questions correctly, if you damn idiots would ask them correctly. What the hell do you think I am? I frigging mind reader with a built in spell-check option.)

Q: Who is Marc Stien?

(After a tip from a reader, I realized the March Stien they were talking about referred to the one the OTBL blog did a satirical interview with on their blog. For those who have staggered over there for a "hit" of intellectual enlightenment -- thank gosh (no swearing) for short-term memory loss -- you will already be familiar with the the funny -- peculiar not ha-ha -- interview. To remind you, I've include a picture from the OTBL voodoo math factory that was in-farce today in the HSO letter to the editor section. I always thought I was something that I was smoking that made my think the Three Stooges have been famous ballet dancers. Today I read a turd pile of letters from the OTBL voodoo mathematicians that made me realize the Three Stooges were actually rithmetic practitioners living right here in the valley.)

A: Marc Stein was a Ph.D. student at Penn in History (1989-1994). Since then he has had a fascinating and busy career as a queer academic, teaching and writing about sex, gender, sexuality, and history, and how they are all intertwined. He currently teaches at York University in Toronto, Canada, and is working, along with a few colleagues, toward creating what he calls a "sex, gender, and sexuality studies programme" there, as well as on a new book. Stein also chairs the Committee on Lesbian and Gay History, an affiliate of the American Historical Society, for which he recently completed a survey of academics who wrote or are writing their Ph.D. dissertations on LGBTQ history. The results were published in Perspectives, the newsletter for the American Historical Society.

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(Note: I just want to double remind you dear -- an I don't mean that in a solicitous way -- that this is a family blog that doesn't tolerate swear words. Too much swearing makes me so mad that my hair implants start popping out like the rib-its in the submarine in Das Boot. That ain't pretty and I ain't pretty, so don't get know ideas from my sailor analogies.)

Two Faces Spotted On The Broderline

Some say that two heads are better than one, but over at ontheborderline.net Bob Ziller wants to cut costs and thinks you can get by with two faces...

Bob Ziller in OTBL on July 27, 2006, regarding New Richmond schools: "And right now I’m pushing for an elementary school (cost: $12 megabucks) to relieve the overcrowding in the ones we have."

Bob Ziller in OTBL on November 28, 2006, regarding Hudson schools: "From what I can see Hudson doesn’t need a referendum. There reserve fund could easily handle the building program via the reserve fund. New has a policy of carrying a 16% reserve fund on the operating budget. This shows prudent management for any future borrowing. Vote NO"

CAR NUT answers all questions...fast!

Q: "OK, then who the hell is Mark Stien?"
(Please note that Car Nut does not like swear words like "hell." Please read the blog guidelines.)

A: Professional off-road truck driver seen here driving an Anadateo Pro-Stock Full F-150 at the 1996 Baja 1000.

(Note: I don't know what kind of truck that is. With a name like that, it could be a PlayStation 3 for all I know. You would find either of those parked near my golf bag. However, the mention of the word "Baja" reminds of a place that imports green leafy vegetable matter.)

Ruby Don't Bring Your Ethics To Madtown

Perk awaits convicted legislators
Unused sick days can buy health care in retirement

MADISON - Six legislators convicted of corruption are still eligible for nearly $300,000 in free health care when they retire.

Former assembly speaker Scott Jensen can cash in an insurance credit worth more than $71,000, while former senate majority leader Chuck Chvala, former senator Gary George and former assembly majority leader Steven Foti are all eligible for about $60,000 in health insurance when they retire.

Health care on tap for Legislature

With this week’s revelation that state lawmakers are able to convert unused sick days into tens of thousands of dollars in health benefits, health-care reform will be a prominent part of state lawmakers’ agendas as the next session begins in January.

Judge orders Jensen, Foti to reimburse taxpayers

MADISON, Wis. - Former Republican Assembly leaders Scott Jensen and Steven Foti have been ordered by a judge to reimburse taxpayers for salaries and fringe benefits of Capitol aides who they had campaign on state time.

CAR NUT answers the questions...

Q: Who the hell is Mark Stein?

A: Founder of Vanilla Fudge

(Note: If you are old enough to have joined the Record Club of America and got 12 LPs for free to join, you may have actually owned a Vinilla Fudge LP. If you're a really old fart like Andy Rand, you probably paid full price for VF. I believe they where one of America's first attempts at commercial heavy metal. If you were a Cactus fan, you will know that Tim Bogert and Carmine Appice were founding members of that damn good heavy metal band of the very early 1970s. After Cactus beat each other up and tried to bring too many drugs into Cleveland, Bogart and Appice joined with Jeck Beck to form Beck, Bogert and Appice which had a couple of good LPs. As far as the worth of Vanilla Fuge, I think they were too boring for the street drugs available at the time. A close acquaintance of mine, saw Led Zepplin open for Vanilla Fudge in Denver in Zeps first US tour and saw Vanilla Fudge get blown off the stage. Zep left the tour shortly and went on the fame, fortune and a much higher quality of street drugs. Thanks for asking.)

US Supreme Court To Hear Global Warming Case

A HUGELY important U.S. Supreme Court case, up for oral arguments today, hangs on a legal switcheroo.

State governments, who often want Washington to butt out of their affairs, are after the federal Environmental Protection Agency to show its muscle by designating greenhouse-gas emissions are pollutants and crack down on the sources.

Read all about!

It's Not a Civil War -- It's a Faith Based Melee


Like Cockroaches, When They Work, It's In Slimy Darkness!

Like Maggots, They Flourish Under Manure Piles!

The GO - GO - G Nostalgia Review Presents ---

Featuring that All- Time Hit Parade Favorite:
"Can you hear me now?"

Kitty Rhoades to Co-chair Senate Budget Committee

Madison – Assembly Speaker-elect, Mike Huebsch (R-West Salem) is naming Representative Kitty Rhoades (R-Hudson) to co-chair the Joint Committee on Finance. Rhoades is the first Assembly Republican woman to chair the powerful budget writing committee. Huebsch says Rhoades will be a voice for the taxpayers on the committee.

“Representative Rhoades will make sure taxpayers are the number one priority for Wisconsin,” Huebsch said, “She knows first hand what Wisconsin’s working families are going through and will help lead the charge to cut taxes and lower spending to bring our state’s finances back in order.”

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Car Nut the window peeker asks...

Q: What's the definition of a libertarian?

A: A classical liberal who smokes dope.

Shop Till The Competition Drops...

Offshoring trend threatens Western employment

Continual price pressures within the pharmaceutical industry are driving more Western firms to turn to offshore employment.

The practice is expected to increase 16 per cent annually to include 21,000 employees by 2008 – a doubling of the current figures, according to a report by research firm McKinsey & Company.
“Eighty per cent of the world's pharmaceutical industry employees are currently working in Western countries – 60 per cent of them for the top 20 firms,” said Dr Ajay Bakshi at the recent Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) conference in Brussels.

“The future will see a lot of opportunities for the industry to save money by basing some of their employees in low-cost offshore locations, although clearly this will have an impact on employees in the Western labour market.”

The sectors that are at most of risk at being deployed offshore are IT services, research and development (R&D), commercial analytics, and general and administrative back-office functions, said the report, titled: “The Emerging Global Labor Market: Demand for Offshore Talent in Pharmaceutical Services.”

The specific occupations under threat are associated with functions that are more amenable to global resourcing, including generalists, life science researchers, IT engineers, and support staff.

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Spinning Wal-Mart

Retailer, union activists wage high-stakes PR battle

When it comes to peddling pickles and pants, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. knows just what to do: Cut costs and pass along the savings. But the world's largest retailer is facing a trickier marketing challenge as it tries to sell its political agenda to lawmakers, regulators and voters.

Wal-Mart, whose sales have flattened this year, needs their support to start growing again. It must defeat legislation designed to drive up its employees' wages and benefits, and it must win governmental permission to open big-box stores in crowded cities and enter the banking industry. With its future hinging on its political savvy, Wal-Mart decided last December to launch a "grass-roots" campaign, Working Families for Wal-Mart, to drum up support. But again and again, WFWM's public relations efforts backfired in 2006.

Exhibit A: Civil rights icon Andrew Young agreed to serve as the campaign's public face. But just a few months into the job, he abruptly resigned after making ethnically insensitive comments.

Exhibit B: Top-notch political strategist Terry Nelson was hired to guide the campaign. But he resigned shortly after his consulting firm was linked to a Tennessee Senate campaign ad that many deemed racist.

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OTBL Fact Finders Return from Kazackstan

The results of the OTBL Anti- Education fact finding committee's Kazackstani tour
to discover new school cost cutting measures was released today.
Here are some highlights of the report.

1. The committee found the proposal to return to the one room school house as
overly overly wastful of taxpayer money. The major design flaw was the woodburing pot belly
stove being too costly to fuel. The committee entertained the possibility of this design
if the heating stoves were fueled with lower cost cow dung.

2. The committee proposed selling the naming rights of any new school to the highest bidder. So far only the future St. Croix Meadows Casino has made offer which the committee thought worthy of consideration.

3. Adaquate ventilation. The committee discovered that using sub standard building materials
not only saved on construction costs, but also eliminated the need for a costly
air exchange system. The committe agreed, duck tape would be the building material of choice.

4. The committee proposed that the topic would require more study ( like about 15 years more )
to further develop more and better cost cutting measures. In the mean time the committee
urged voters to vot NO, of the upcoming referrendum to enable the Otbl Cooncerned citizens
to adaquately develop a fiscally sound plan for a new school without any taxpayer money
used for it's construction.

In The Debate Over Public Education,

Is It TIME To Understand The Parents' Responsibility?

Quotes to Ponder: JFK

"Tolerance implies no lack of commitment to one’s own beliefs.
Rather it condemns the oppression or persecution of others."

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)
35th US President

It Might Be Late November, But It's Not Too Late For A Tee Time