The Pending Muslim Brotherhood Apocalypse

"Kiss my black, Muslim-American ass." NEW YORK - A Georgia woman has claimed responsibility for sending a severed pig's foot to Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) earlier this month, apparently in protest over a hearing he held on radical Islam. Jacquelyn Barnette, who described herself as Muslim, told the New York Post Thursday that she sent King the package, which also contained an anti-Semitic note. The US Postal Service intercepted the package before it ever reached King's office. "I thought the letters explain themselves," Barnette said. Asked about her comments, King told FOX News she "seems to be a disturbed person." "I'll let the police decide how to deal with her. I don't want to do anything to encourage her or others like her," he said. In March, King held high-profile congressional hearings on Islamic radicalization in the US, saying he aimed to confront the threat of homegrown extremism. Though the note contained anti-Semitic messages, King is not Jewish. The note also reportedly told King to "kiss my black, Muslim-American ass." Read more...


Class Warfare!!!!

JPMorgan Chase announced in regulatory documents that it increased the 2010 compensation package for CEO Jamie Dimon by more than 50%. As reported by Zacks, Mr. Dimon’s total compensation for 2010 came in at $23 million. That compares to a package totaling $15.2 million in 2009. Read more...


Giant GOP Sucking Sound

"Republicans' radical agenda to end Medicare and play chicken with a government shutdown, while protecting taxpayers giveaways for Big Oil, is turning off independent voters and energizing our Democratic supporters. As a result, the DCCC is back on sound financial footing and aggressively focused on holding Republicans accountable for their radical agenda." Congressman Steve Israel (D-NY) DCCC Chairman


Death Threats, Thug Tactics and Violent Rent-A-Mobs Oh My!!!

Madtown TEA Party staring Sarah Palin...