Isn't it entertaining that "Doctor" William Danielson (who is not a doctor or a lawyer or an Indian Chief), of Bloomington, Illinois (or somewhere other than here - not of any consequence), continues to harbor the fantasy that his well chosen words can put eggs on the faces of good citizens who live in the communities of Hudson and New Richmond?

Mr. Dr. Twt. Danielson B.S. Pr.K. needs to get perspective on reality.

So, let's apply a well chosen egg to his face and tell him to take his bloviation back to whatever planet he hails from.

Take Back Hudson.

Take Back New Richmond.

OTBL Be Damned.



Breaking news ....

On January 23, 2005, Carnac died.

Carnac humor no longer humorous.

Realization seaps into Luke's brain.

Details at 11.


(Click on toon to see clearly.)

Li'l Bil and President Bush Pull New Richmond Khan Job

Our crank ATBL investigative, gossip reporter, Kitty-Litter, has dug around in a few dumpster down behind Dibbo's in Hudson and unearthed a shocking, conspiratorial connection between Li'l Bil of the OTBL blog and President Bush. The trail of evidence leads back to President Bush's visit to Hudson in the Summer of 2004. Few in town even recall the visit, however Li'l Bil and his minions played a huge part in getting the President to take time out from leaking classified, government secrets to puppet journalists.

Once the President understood that Li'l Bil and his flock were into the same type of slandering on their blog, he quit reading his upside-down goat book and went directly to Hudson. As an apparent front to the whole operation, Bush addressed a hand-picked gathering of sheepeople to listen to him stumble through his speech. In true Jonestown-buffet style, Kool-aid and internet nuts imported from North Hudson were served to all.

When confronted with these pictures as evidence of the looming conspiracy, Li'l Bil pointed at one of the pictures and said, "Look! There's Dr. Burnt carrying a bag with $4.5 million. Yea the guy with the golf shirt from a course in Eau Claire. He was walking back to the office and we think he claimed gas mileage for that. We did a public information request specifically on that."

After his speech, President Bush held a private strategy session with Bil's minions. What transpired during that meeting is classified. However, shortly after Bush left town, the OTBL blog was started in Hudson and Li'l Bil began to pull the wool over our eyes. The President was photographed here handing over a plate of scrambled eggs to Bil's flock. At the time, it was not clear what the eggs were for.

Later Li'l Bil huddled with President Bush in a conspiratorial discussion involving the khan. Those close to Li'l Bil and the President were only able to hear snatches of the conversation. The words "egg," "face," and "New Richmond" were the only ones anyone could recall.

The President then toured Hudson to make it look like he actually gave a rip about the place, shot the breeze with a couple of Main Street photo-opportunists, told the guy at the body shop that he too was a big Merle Haggard fan and continued down the street with his handlers. Momentarily, the President's handlers were distracted by Officer Wiggle writing out a parking ticket for the President's limo. At this point, the President briefly broke away and ran down the street shouting something about wanting to go to "Banana night a Dibbo's."

After being subdued and tranquilized with some "jelly beans" leftover from the Reagan Administration, Bush was led back to the limo as Officer Wiggle was being invited to go to a government "resort" in Cuba for an "information gathering vacation." With the President secured, the limo drove off to the landing pad and soon the President was whisked away in Air Force 666 to his next speaking engagement at Elmwood UFO Days.

This very day, the conspiracy came to the surface. Li'l Bil made the following proclamation from his internet soapbox: "I have some choice words alright, and there are few characters up in New Richmond who will have egg on their faces when I get done. A smear campaign was instigated by three people with the help of an outsider - it won’t take much, nor will I wax to long…but I will be commenting on this matter soon."

Then the secret code phrase was released to Li'l Bil's sheepeople in the following posting at the OTBL blog in a the "Today In History" posting:

2006: The New Richmond News reported noodlely-armed choir boys likened to Pee Wee Herman playing the role of Genghis Khan running rough shod over the populous - brain-dead blogging fruitcakes from Hudson were lurking in dark corners. No one was safe for days.
The story ends here. However, rumor has it that Kitty Litter's spouse wanted to go out to eat egg sandwiches, pick up some bananas and stop in Hudson at Dibbo's to hear some guy named Yanni play in some band called Chameleon. The last thing Kitty Litter said was "Not without my Zoloft..."


With respect to the recount request of Hudson school board member Priscilla Wyeth, Bill Danielson says: "This was an opportunity lost for Ms. Wyeth to display grace and magnanimity. She could have been part of the healing process between the divisions of the Hudson community, part of a larger solution."

What gives Borderliners???

Has your master gone soft?

Has the antipsychotic medication he takes for his Short Man's Syndrome finally kicked in??

Whatever it is, I'm all for it.

Next step in the healing process: Shut down OTBL.

Li'l Bil Squeaks Up

From Scornfield, Illinois The Voice of Irrational Paranoia Whips Up The Ignorant Masses (all 55 of them) On The Border Line!

Editor's note: We are not after the MSM (main stream media) on this blog. We are after the truth and open, honest community debate. To do that we must continue to exposed the conspiratorial darkness that is continuing to stink up the communities of the St. Croix River Valley. To us, the source of that darkness and odor is the www.ontheborderline.net blog site in Hudson. Hence, our mission continues.

Heads Up! It's Baseball Season...


Maverick: More Hypocrisy From The OTBL Junkyard

Over at the St. Croix Valley conspiracy blog, the local John Birch Society accountants are once again doing their idiot math. An anonymous OTLB poster hiding under the hood name Maverick is rambling on about the pending recount in the Hudson school board election. As you probably know, one vote separates Priscilla Weyth and Tracy Habisch-Ahlin.

Weyth has the opted for a recount. Maverick differs with this decision and points out that Weyth could bow out and save the taxpayers the expense of a recount. Like we are suppose to take a guy serious who goes by the name of a junk car?

Remember now, Maverick is posting on the www.ontheborderline.net blog. His posting partners include people who have badgered the Hudson school district for hundreds of information requests of the last few years. Requests concerning number of cans of pop sold, mileage to the EP Rock school and a host of other request. Conceivably these requests are all supposed to add up to the mysterious $4.5 million the OTBL'ers claim is missing from the school district.

With all the conspiracies swirling in the "brains" of OTBL'ers, you'd be thinking they'd be pushing for a recount themselves. After all, their boy Jim Baker was only 557 votes behind Wyeth.

How much does Maverick really think a recount will cost? My guess it is negligible. It will be a break in the routine for the county clerk's office and life will go on. The taxpayers won't feel a thing.

Having Habisch-Ahlin on the school board would be provide the OTBL'ers with a new board member who is yet accustomed to their meanings of confrontation and anonymous slander. Likewise, she freely choose to use two last names with yet add another to their list of hyphenated names to ridicule. Does anybody get that? How childish is that? Evey time I read their two-names quack over there, any whiff of credibility vanishes. It displays to important points about those blogging at OTBL. They are rednecks and they can't accept a changing world. Once again, they are they hypocrites demanding their individual freedoms and, in the same breath, attacking others who choose to express their freedom to choose. Bullies on their bully pulpit!
Over at OTBL, the real reason they use hood names is because they're ashamed to have their neighbors know who they are. Yes Virginia, there is an idiocracy! It's at www.ontheborderline.net and it has stupidity on display 24X7.


Bill Danielson says: "I’ll be happy to respond directly to the editor since my name was dragged into this thing in the letter that was mailed around New Richmond. I have some choice words alright, and there are a few characters up in New Richmond who will have egg on their faces when I get done. A smear campaign was instigated by three people with the help of an outsider - it won’t take much, nor will I wax too long…but I will be commenting on this matter soon."

Watch out Mr. Editor, that's some pretty stinky stuff coming your way!!

Hypocritical Bush Leaks “Classified” Intelligence

Right Wing Spin Doctors See It
What's You Objective?

Plame is the wife of anti-war misleader Joseph Wilson, who the Times launched into the spotlight three years ago via a Wilson op-ed, and has defended ever since, even in the face of several Wilson falsehoods.

Read more: NYTimes Watch.



OTBL Admin Chris Kilber is downright giddy over the move of his bloggers from Hudson to New Richmond.

Kilber gushed, "We're nomads at heart. And since Hudson kicked us out, we're going where we are wanted - New Richmond, Wisconsin! Go Tigers! (Go away, that is.)"

"We plan on bringing lots of accountability to the school district the same way we did in Hudson - by sticking our freakin' video cameras in all of their faces! (While wearing our Tiger Wear, of course.)" snickered the masterblogger.

"Those New Richies won't know what hit 'em for at least a few years. And by that time, they'll be holding their elementary school classes in the basement of the grain elevator (hee hee)," gloated the anti-community blogger.

The New Richies could not be reached for comment, as they were sobbing.

Bush authorised Iraq 'leak', White House aide testifies

Former chief of staff to Vice-President Dick Cheney, Lewis "Scooter the squealer" Libby, has told prosecutors that President George Bush authorised the dissemination of previously classified intelligence about Iraq's purported weapons arsenal to the media . In court charged with obstructing a federal leak investigation, Libby testified that he had been given permission to share the contents of a National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) about Saddam Hussein's weapons capabilities.

He also said he was authorised to talk about Joseph Wilson, a former ambassador who had been publicly critical of Mr Bush's conduct over Iraq. Mr Libby's claims are contained within court papers that were made public yesterday.Read more here!


Luke says: "What will happen when and if another, larger referendum is proposed? The turnout will be huge, probably 7500 or so and the referendum will go down in flames. The liberals can control the school board races, but have little chance passing a referendum."


The conventional wisdom on OTBL regarding the results of the Hudson school board election is that James Baker did not try hard enough. The other four candidates campaigned hard - phone calls, door-to-door, leaflet drops, yard signs, meetings with community groups, the works. Mr. Baker ran a "stealth campaign."

The OTBL conclusion is that, if Baker would just have campaigned harder, he could have drawn as many votes as borderliners draw flies.

However, there may be other factors to explain the Baker loss:

1. In all the years he has lived in Hudson, he has failed to connect to the community.

2. He is well known to be connected at the hip with a group that everyone in town refers to as (roll eyes first) "that bunch."

3. People didn't buy his message, as set forth in multiple letters to the paper, multiple articles in the paper, and stated at the candidate forum.

4. People don't like voting for two time losers (now three times).

5. People were put off by the "Vote Me Only" campaign.

6. Those damn ugly signs.

Lessons learned, borderliners?

I didn't think so.


Dr. Bill's World.....Where Black is White and UP is Down

One day after the Hudson School Board Elections, Outside aggitator
Dr. Bill posted the follow comment on OTBL.

"Winner: Believe it or not, James Baker! Yes, I believe his fifth place finish was actually a victory of sorts. Jim had the guts to tell it like it is and present the only intelligent and highly informed challenge to the voters. The fact that the status quo won the day is not as important as the fact that Mr. Baker stood tall and ran an honest campaign. His message is not going away, and he seems to have more effect on this school district's board merely by running than he ever would if he were actually on the board... editor's note ("Right that's why he's run 3 times".)
Jim, thank you for providing a rallying point for so many - hat's off to Lana as well!"

No, Hat's off to you Dr. Bill....
Only in the Wacky upside down, Ayn Rand world of Dr. Wild Bill Danielson can coming in fifth out of six in an election for 3 seats be considered a "Victory" (of sorts).
Dr. Bill, you've truly lost it this time. With all that blood rushing to your "Super size me" brain I think a blood vessel must have burst. Dr. Bill just doesn't get it. It's not Jim Baker that can't be sold, it's the Jim Baker message that Dr. Bill refuses to let die. Hat's off to Dr. Bill ( Oh his hat is already off) for snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

In his new book, "Reality: The Delusion Nobody Needs". Dr. Bill describes the secret technics of delusion illustrated by diagrams and calculations by Dr. James Baker. ( A real Phd.)
See Fig. 1. Below:
If you'd like to volunteer for a trial study soon to be conducted by Dr. Bill and his associate
Dr. James on perception and the paranormal, the world from outside the planet, closely follow the instuctions outlined in their online pretest at the Center for Fruitcakology.



Candidate invited back for next year's campaign to provide additional fodder for over-the-top imagery.

Coming Distractions

www.ontheborderline.net in conjunction with Cheap-shot Productions Presents:

The stink previews reviews are in:

"Obviously these OTBL'ers have more than two thumbs up their...dark...stinky..."
---Router Rooter Person

"My Dad's one of those OTBL'ers, but I don't admit it."
---Luke's Kid

"Everybody in the theater went out to the lobby to buy tickets to see it again, before the skunks were even out of the valley."
---Buford Pusser


Take Back Hudson ( Can You Hear Us NOW!!!)

There are a lot of people who think Hudson is just about one of the best places on earth to live and raise a family. I'm one of them. There's always been something special about Hudson, a small town community with a cosmospolitan population. It's the perfect blend of urban and rural, of down home simplicity, and cultural sophistication. Long before I moved here, 20 years ago I'd encountered students from Hudson High School in other parts of Wisconsin mostly in musical bands or groups. I really don't care how hokey this sounds, but somehow I knew Hudson was a community that valued education because it showed in their kids. Valuing education is a part of the fabric and tradition of this community.
Fast forward to 2 or 3 years ago. All of a sudden, a small, but extremely vocal group of Hudsonites decided that the Hudson Schools were a center of corruption, a drain on the resources of the residents and needed to have their sails trimmed. Through 2 school board elections and countless frivolous and unfounded allegations at school board meetings and in the press, this group has been relentless and effective in tearing the community apart.
Go read what they say today at ontheborderline.net. Especially the comments about a school board member.
The net result that this small group of holligans has had on our community is nothing but division, and strife. They have brought nothing but mayhem, commotion and divisiveness to Hudson.
There's no need to go on. You know who these people are and what they're trying to do.
It's time to say ENOUGH. We're tired of the contant criticism and attacks on community minded people
and school board memberswho are trying to move Hudson forward.
We're tired of the constant fishing for some smoking gun of wrong doing.
We're tired and fed up with what they are trying to do to Hudson.
Their most recent incarnation of this group is in the person of James Baker. As an individual Mr. Baker may well be a fine upstanding gentleman. But his association with the unsavory characters who champion his bid for school board member is a formula for disaster.
If you agree, send a message to these people.
Vote for anyone but Baker in the coming election. It's time to



Words To Ponder

"People often say that, in a democracy, decisions are made by a majority of the people. Of course, that is not true. Decisions are made by a majority of those who make themselves heard and who vote - a very different thing."

~Walter H. Judd

School Election Results

To track all St. Croix County elections results:SCC County Clerk

SpongeBob Volleys Obviousman's Follies

OTBL Blog Site Sends Ominous Message To The Valley

...Remedial Writing Courses Soon To Follow.

Borderline Conspiracy Expands To The Voting Booth

Police Ignore OTBL'er Campaigning Too Close To Polling Station

Despite pleas by OTBL'er Dr. Dontzipmyfly urging police to arrest him for being in violation of polling laws, Hudson police ignored him and accepted conspiratorial bribes of coffee and donuts from the League of Women Voters overseeing Spring election voting at City Hall. Sipping coffee, the two police officers discussed the options of dealing with OTBL extremist who had duct taped himself to the sidewalk.

One of the officers remarked that if he ate too many donuts, he would be suffering for election day irregularities. The senior officer told the gathered crowded that they had to go investigate of meth labs and armed robberies and would check back tomorrow to see if the OTBL'ers was still duct taped to the sidewalk.

As the officers headed to their car, the sergeant was heard to say, "I doubt that he'll be there in the morning. He'll probably come to his senses and go home when there's no one left to pay any attention to him. Babies are like that."

"Yea," the junior officer was heard to say, "it's like my Dad always used to tell my Mom, I've never seen a cat skeleton in a tree. We ain't likely to see at OTBL corpse duct taped to the side walk tomorrow morning."


There is something distinctly Un-American about the new BAKER ONLY signs that slithered up from the netherworld last night. The stenciled letters and the bright red "ONLY." Looking at them makes me feel like I'm in a WWII prison camp being marched to the barracks.

If the Borderliners want to ever succeed in their little revolution, they need to figure out how to connect to the community - not bark orders at the citizens and expect them to comply.

However, I'm afraid that concept is beyond their comprehension. They are much more comfortable with conspiracy theories, revenge, misrepresentations, and harrassment.

Best of luck to the REAL candidates, who did not order citizens to give up their votes.



Today, Hudson school board ME ONLY candidate Captain Spaulding concluded his write-in campaign by wrapping himself in the American Flag. Nice touch.

Now the choice is in your hands.

You can vote for Spaulding, who is clearly the handsomest of the candidates. But he is also a cad, heel, cretin, lout, and rouge. Therefore, if you value looks over substance, Captain Spaulding is your man.

You can vote 4 bakerony, but Mr. Baker is sorely lacking in both personal appearance and substance (so don't waste your vote).

OR, you can get out and vote for three of the REAL candidates. These are the community-minded people who will provide responsible stewardship for our Hudson school system. They have worked hard for your vote, and they need it on Tuesday.

So remember:

Tracy Habisch-Ahlin
Brian Bell
Priscilla Wyeth
Tom Holland

P. S. Captain Spaulding, we'll miss you but come back and run for Hudson mayor next time. That's the job for you!

OTBL Blog Continues To Post Lies

Ziller Accuses Jack Bauer of Dishonesty

The more I write about the continued posting of lies, slander and disinformation posted on the www.ontheborderline.net blog site, the easier it gets. A major focus of my blog site is to be the community watchdog exposing the dishonesty pumped out by the OTBL blog site. Please note that they have never challenged any of my charges about the inaccuracy and slanderous content of their blog postings.

Below is a post from yesterday by anonymous poster Jack Bauer that totally misrepresents a letter written by Frank Norton, the principal of New Richmond's West Elementary school. Read the post first and then the actual letter.

Bauer writes:

Frank Norton, Principal of West Elementary School, included a message in the West Elementary School Parents Association's recent notice supporting Deanna Cook-Shannon and Andy Lieffort in the School Board election.

He writes that when he and his wife first married they had a small car. Once their family expanded, they needed more space and needed a minivan. He uses this analogy as an example to describe the School District. He claims there are two candidates who understand the growing needs of New Richmond and will pay for the new minivan - Lieffort and Cook-Shannon and two who hold the District hostage in a small car – Hinz and Sievert.

He fails to mention the Cook-Shannon and Lieffort "new minivan" will cost more than $71.5 million.

This notice to the West Elementary School Parents Association reeks of the same arrogance, lies, bullying tactics and failed attempts at helping their candidates like the O’Brien letter did earlier in the weekend. The reality is Norton's campaign message, like O’Brien's, will backfire. New Richmond residents are too independent to be told what to do by the crowd that thinks they are smarter than everyone else.


The OTBL administrator is very gracious to let Jack Bauer continue to prove my charges here that the OTBL blog site in a skunk-hallow cesspool that grows wider, deeper and ranker with every additional slimy stool he lets plop on to the pages of his blog site. Just make sure you let you friends, neighbors, relatives and members of local organizations know that Jack Bauer is a member of New Richmond's Do Group and obviously a supported of Hinz and Seivert. It's interesting to note that the "mini-van" Bauer talks about is in fact supported by all four of the school board candidates.

Maybe I'm prejudging Frank Norton's letter. You need to be the judge. Below is the actual letter. Notice that in Jack Bauer's post above she mentions Cook-Shannon's and Lieffort's names three times in her post of 190 words. In his 444 word letter, Norton doesn't even mention their names. Jack Bauer must be suffering some kind of paranoid psychosis and seeing the names Lieffort and Cook-Shannon on every corner.

Frank Norton's letter:

Imagine a 20-something man, as he gets ready for work. He shaves, dresses in 32-inch waist pants, eats his breakfast and heads to a job in his two-door Volkswagen bug. Now, over the years, the man marries, has a family, ages, moves up a pant size or two, heads off to a great career, but still squishes everyone into the two-door beetle. Why? Perhaps the Volkswagen got great gas mileage; perhaps it served him so well in his youth he feels guilt over replacing it. Perhaps he hasn’t had the time to really shop for a vehicle, or thinks he can’t afford a vehicle that fits his changing needs.

New Richmond is like the maturing young man. As a community, we’re growing, adding to our family, making many great changes, but still squish ourselves into the same small, dated vehicle to move ourselves forward.

Here’s what I know this month:
-Since the school year 2001-2002, in grades kindergarten through third grade, 8 classroom sections have been added due to increased enrollment. That’s an approximate increase of 160 students in five years, grades k-3.
-In the school year 2007-2008, a small class of 165 students (4th graders this year) will become middle school 6th graders. This is the last small elementary class. All present classes under this year’s 4th graders show a growth shift. In the year 2007, the shift puts West Elementary over capacity with 31 sections (building capacity 30). The shift puts East Elementary over capacity with 19 classrooms (building capacity 18). And, the shift puts the new East portables at capacity with all 6 classrooms filled. These numbers reflect current enrollment and do not include families that may move to the district. Typically, 18-20 new students enroll per year in grades k-5.
-On April 4, 2006 a general election will be held and two school board positions will be filled. Do you know who the candidates are? Do you know the vehicle each will use to move New Richmond Schools forward?

In my 20’s I didn’t have a Volkswagen, but I did drive a small, two-door, Ford Mustang—a much cooler car in my eyes. I hated to give it up, however as difficult as investing in my current green mini-van was, it has been the right investment for my family. I made sure my new purchase was large enough to accommodate my family well into the future. Which was good, because after the purchase, a third child, Gabriel, was added to the mix. So, although it’s not always fun shopping for something new it’s sometimes a necessary step during times of growth. Oh- and I got air conditioning!

You can go to the OTBL blog site and read the comments for yourself. From the reverence paid to the comments to by Bauer's post, you'd have thought it was written by Jesus on His own personal stationary. Initially, the OTBL junkyard dogs sniff the backside of Bauer's post with beta-dog glee and lick her hand with their faithful platitudes of blind obedience. However, the petting party comes to an end when the only dog in the OTBL with some spine speaks up in favor of the truth and tries to distance himself from the stench emanating from Jack Bauer. Here's what the party ending comment Bob Ziller wrote -- after actually reading the letter:

I just got a copy of the Frank Norton letter. It does not endorse Lieffort and Deanna C-S. It only urges the increase in capacity of the elementary schools. I happen to agree to that.

Maybe there are two letters out there and Jack Bauer got a different one. Next time JB, put the letter on the blog and let us make up our own minds. I want to keep this blog on a high level of honesty and integrity.

Ziller's comment was the last on the post. The comments stop after that because the other OTBL'ers have a certain substance all over their face and it ain't egg. If the OTBL admin, Chris Kilber, had any self-respect for what is put on his blog, that post would come down. But he's more concerned with somebody writing a word like "shit" is a post or comment than telling outright lies. As Chris would never say on his blog, but I will here: "It's the same old shit ontheborderline.net."

National Home Sales & Remodeling News

Remodeling Hits Record Mark
Americans spent more on remodeling than ever before, breaking the $200 billion mark for the first time, and paying out an estimated $210 billion, according to the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) analysis of recently released third-quarter remodeling spending from the U.S. Census Bureau.

The NAHB now forecasts a 13.2 percent jump to $238 billion in 2006, the largest increase in spending in more than 10 years.

New Home Sales Fall in February

Sales of new single-family homes fell 10.5 percent to a seasonably adjusted rate of 1.08 million units compared to a revised January rate of 1.2 million, according to the U.S. Commerce Department. The latest figure is also 13.4 percent below the February 2005 estimated rate of 1.24 million.
Sales improved in both the Northeast and Midwest by 12.7 percent and 5.2 percent, respectively, but fell 6.4 percent in the South, in addition to the nearly 30 percent decline in the West.

The NAHB is currently projecting a decline of approximately 8 percent in new-home sales for 2006 as a whole, which would return the market to roughly the same healthy level of activity posted in 2004.


The letter from Montello, O'Brien and Swanda in New Richmond has the Borderline bloggers seeking legal advice. Unfortunately, they are seeking it from a non-lawyer.

"Doctor" Bill Danielson, of Bloomington, Illinois, writes on OTBL: "Last night I had an opportunity to read a copy of a letter sent to various potential voters in the New Richmond School district. I have received several phone calls from concerned bloggers about the categorical and generalized misstatements of fact that appear in the letter. Generally, the comments are along the lines of whether or not legal action may or may not be warranted against the authors."

Mr. Danielson considers himself quite the quasi-attorney. But his J.D. is a fantasy. He never went to law school or sat for the bar exam.

If he is once again giving out legal advice, then he might consider the ramifications of practicing law without a license - especially in Wisconsin when he lives in Illinois.

New Richmond Teacher Art Educator of the Year!

After 29 years of teaching art to kids, John Jaskot has one absolute — it's good for them. The following is a story from yesterday's Pioneer Press about Jaskot and his teaching philosophy.

"Art educates the whole child. Words and numbers don't define everything we know. It's why arts are important. Art teaches kids to make good judgments, develop critical thinking skills. They learn problem solving, and it helps kids see multiple perspectives."

John Jaskot --- Read more!

Opium in U.S. and Hudson

That above shot is taken from a current post at the OTBL website. It is an typical illustration of what goes on there. Poster keenan rambles on calling everyone not in agreement with the OTBL perspective a socialist, collectivist, communist, whatever. It's one of their favorite songs. The post drones on and on.

This post is signed by keenan but it was actually written by Dr. Bill Danielson. Notice he is the first one to comment on what a fine post this is. You find this over there all the time. As Dr. Bill's goal is to fog your mind with his favorite opiate -- anti-socialism. It's good to remember that, although Dr. Bill now lives in Illinois (why does he still agonizes over the Hudson school district?), his theoretical political roots are in Hudson. You see Dr. Bill used to live a couple houses away from another OTBL poster and in between them live a long time member of the John Birch Society. From this man, these two OTBL'ers learned about the John Birch Society and all the anti-commie jazz he assails his followers and the OTBL political parrots with.

Bill's neighbor probably borrowed him copies of None Dare Call It Treason by John A. Stormer, Masters of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover, and maybe The American Cause by Russell Kirk -- gospels of John Birch/anti-commie library in the 1960s. Throw in a couple Ayn Rand books that include the Virtue of Selfishness, get a fellow sympathizers with a minimal amount of internet skills, setup a blog site, invite a couple of literary Neanderthals to attack all those who question the almighty Dr. Bill and you got yourself the makings of the philosophical foundation for the www.ontheborderline.net blog spot.

The post pictured above includes a number of links that supposedly add legitimacy to the OTBL conspiratorial delusion that everyone is out to get them: the Hudson Star Observer, the police chief, city hall, the public school teachers and administrators, the League of Women voters and basically anyone that doesn't see the logic of their paranoia. I always encourage people to get visit the OTBL blog site. Read what they have to say. I'm not afraid to read what they say. I own all those books mentioned above and have read them. I don't agree with the selfish, paranoid conspiracy theories that stagger their way through the pages of these far right-wing manifestos.

When I read that stuff over there, I wonder what they've been smoking. Reading the post above, the picture of an opium den came to mind. Marx said the religion is the opiate of the public and I'm thinking Marxism is the opium ontheborderline. It's their intellectual catnip that makes them run around town doing and saying that makes one swear off catnip when they sober up the next morning. The OTBL'ers evidently are on a continuous feed of fanatical catnip and have overdosed on EverReady batteries morphing into an energized assortment of fruitcakes who incessantly walk, talk and slither on their bellies like reptiles throughout our communities. To some, ignorance is said to be bliss. To the OTBL'ers, stupidity is an orgasm!

You can vote for whoever you want in this Tuesday's election. Just remember that the blog site that is telling people in Hudson to only vote Jim Baker and in New Richmond to vote for Rick Hinz and Bob Seivert is also the "only true source of information in the St. Croix Valley" that paraphrases the following quote everyday:

"The front lines in the battle against socialism are found in city hall and school board elections. In some ways it is the purest form of ideological battle since any voter can meet the candidates personally, ask them probing questions, and influence the outcome. A vote for James Mayer for mayor is a vote for socialism. A vote for Ahlin, Bell, Holland or Wyeth for school board is a vote for socialism."

The Bell mentioned in the above quote is Brian Bell who is pictured on the left with the fighter plane behind him. A graduate of the US Air Force Academy and, according to the OTBL website, a dangerous member of the ever expanding socialist conspiracy in the St. Croix River Valley.

It's this kind of paranoid fanaticism that will make me go vote for anybody not supported or endorsed by the www.ontheborderline.net blog site.. This is America and we get to pick and choose. Just because I don't happen to pick and choose who the OTBL'ers say, doesn't make me a socialist, collectivist, dirty commie rat, etc. It makes me an American citizen with a different opinion. Just remember that standing up in public and giving you opinion is called "free speech" and is a guaranteed right to American citizens. Slanderous blogging under the hooded, white sheets of anonymous names like Jack Bauer or keenan or maverick is trash talk and cheap speech.
Casting your vote is what makes democracy work. The OTBL'ers know how the system works. The fewer votes they can get people to cast, i.e., the more apathy, the better their chances. It's that simple! Wake up people of the St. Croix Valley, don't buy their opium.

James P. Nelson



Hudson school board write-in candidate Captain Spaulding attending a statewide convention of Me Only candidates at the Hudson race track.

Only two candidates were in attendance - Spaulding and James Baker.

The New Richmond Letter

The following is a letter I received in the mail the other day urging voters in the New Richmond school district to vote for Andy Lieffort and Deanna Cook-Shannon. The letter included a separate page with very negative comments taken from the www.ontheborderline.net by anonymously posted by a "Jack Bauer." Regular readers of this blog will be no stranger to the slanderous hypocrisy of the OTBL site and the caustic, anonymous comments of Jack Bauer. My experience with the OTBL bloggers is that they would make better waiters than customers -- they can dish it out, but they can't take it.

The letter is signed by Tim O'Brien, Mike Montello and Adam Swanda. I've know Mike since I moved to New Richmond nearly 20 years ago and have known Tim for more than a decade. I don't personally know Adam, but I've seen him around town. I know these men to be concerned, dedicated members of the New Richmond community who understand the importance of having quality education infrastructure in place and staffing the education system with dedicated, caring teachers, administrators and staff who focus on the future. I share these sentiments and am proud to publish this letter on this blog site.

The post below this contains most of the comments taken from the OTBL blog site that were included in the separate page sent with this letter. As someone who has been kicked off the OTBL three times under three different names (dratsum, husker and lazlo) I can vouch for the mean spirited, one-sided closed mindedness that dominates business as usual on that blog. My experience participating on that blog quickly taught me that they are free to question everyone else, but don't dare question them. Likewise, they are free to post any piece of anti-public education, anti-community information they see fit -- regardless how slanderous, false and groundless -- and label it as the facts. Yet, never would they post anything I submitted that was favorable toward public education nor will they every post anything favorable to public education.

James P. Nelson
We are members of this community who feel the upcoming School Board election will prove pivotal for the future direction of the New Richmond School District. Our School District has come under attack by outside interests, encouraged by persons from within our own district. These Hudson-area residents attempted to disrupt the Community Forum held at WITC. They have tried to intimidate our School Board members by showing up with cameras at Board meetings, and by attempting to enter closed meetings. These individuals use as their primary form of communication an internet blogsite, where they have engaged in personal attacks against community members, school administrators, Board members and teachers. We have enclosed with this letter quotes from persons associated with this website. Read them, and ask yourself: Is this what we want our District to become?

In the midst of the negative tactics, we should not ignore the very real recent accomplishments of our School Board. These include:
- Fiscal responsibility: our bond rating is now in the top 20% in the State;
- Saved $600,000 on bus transportation costs over the next five years;
- Solved the early retirement issue, and brought labor peace to the District;
- Completed studies on future facilities needs, and alternate uses of the Middle School;
- Involved the community through surveys, public meetings, and focus groups, in the search for a new superintendent and the future direction of the District;
- Recruited and retained solid, dynamic principals at each of the schools;

We must also acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead:
- Recruiting and hiring a new superintendent;
- Facilities needs due to continued growth in the community;
- Maintaining manageable student to teacher ratios;
- Health issues at West Elementary;

We believe most District residents would like to see a unified effort in dealing with these challenges. United, in this case, does not necessarily mean of the same opinion. It means working together to find the best solutions. While our School Board and the process is not perfect, we feel that the majority of the time its members are caring, hard-working, dedicated individuals, who give their time and talent to lead our District into the future, keeping the best interests of the students and the community as their guiding principles.

We do not doubt that candidates Rick Hinz and Bob Sievert have chosen to run for School Board because they care about the future of our District. However, they have chosen not to distance themselves from those who brought the “bloggers” into our community. This is reason enough for us to support the candidacies of Andy Lieffort and Deanna Cook-Shannon. We also feel that Andy and Deanna have the best qualifications to lead the Board into the future. For more information about those qualifications, visit www.electandyanddeanna.com. We think you will agree they will restore our District’s reputation as the model others try to imitate. Please vote on April 4th. Thank you.

Mike Montello
Tim O’Brien
Adam Swanda

OTBL Quotes Included In The New Richmond Letter

10/19/2005: Bildanielson: Vote NO - Part II

"The second group of yes people are the philosophical believers in collectivism. Private schools are a threat to them because government education (along with the radical environmentalist movement) is essentially the last bastion of collectivism/socialism/Marxism. It is the only place you see it in any meaningful way, government schools and university campuses are unique in that regard. So, you will find these long haired, maggot infested, pot smoking FM types who believe in the socialization idea. That children must be indoctrinated and brainwashed into the statist mentality, because if they are allowed to be educated in a free market environment it will be premised upon the antithesis of everything they believe in. A sad and pathetic group they are, but the fact is they are in control at such places as WEAC and we also have a governor who is highly sympathetic to their cause... They understand better than most that if economic educational choice were implemented, their vision of utopia goes down the proverbial tube."

1/11/2006:Jack Bauer: Integrity Matters

"However, two other members, Chair Lester Jones and Chris Skogland, do not care about conflicts of interest or even the appearance of impropriety. They are voting on recommending to themselves what they should do as Board members. Maybe they can abstain at the Board."

1/23/2006: Jack Bauer: This Fight Had To Be Called Early

"Once again, spite and immaturity rule the day on the New Richmond Board and with some of the Administrators.

The white towel was thrown into the ring quickly in this brawl. Anez wins easily with a first round TKO."

3/19/2006: Jack Bauer:New Richmond School Board to Restrict Access to Public Information

"All the stupid spending and foolishness with these 4 Board members had with Craig Hitchens is one thing. But these proposed changes are a clear violation of the public right to know. The spirit of these proposal are to stiff-arm anyone who asks questions about what the public School District is up to and what elected members of the Board are trying to keep secret."

3/20/2006: Quote of the Day (Admin):
“With the possible exception of prostitution, teaching is the only profession that has had absolutely no advance in productivity, in the 2400 years since Socrates taught the youth of Athens.”
- Richard Vedder, in a lecture discussing the performance of the US economy.