Snake Oil History Series Coming to Hudson

The crack ATBL editorial staff received this from a local reader. Thanks for contributing.

"Ladieeeees and Gentlemen! Readers of all ages! Come one, come all and gather 'round for the Greatest Show this sleepy little burg has ever
seen! (gimme some elbow room there boy) Announcing my intention to submit letters to the Hudson Star Observer over the upcoming weeks as an in-depth historical documentary on the life and times of Citizen Taxboy.
You will be Amazed! Astounded! Befuddled and Bemused! Don't miss a single installment of this walk down memory lane. There will be discussions of duct tape to videotape, library boards to school boards, golf club dinners to Seder meals, County deputies to City police officers, hand-painted pickups to hand-painted picket signs to hand-painted campaign signs, Nazis to nuts, blogging to jogging, and everything in between. A Greatest Hits! I've walked the highways and byways of Hudson talking to folks to get the quotes and tidbits you want to hear. And for those aficionados who want All Taxboy All The Time, announcing the creation of a new blog dedicated to bringing you the inside scoop with photos, video, and a chat room where you can leave your favorite anecdotes - anonymously!! Inspired by the artistic photography at Hudson Cinema 9, this documentary series will be
entitled: "The Concerned Citizen Behind the Hundred Dollar Smile"


Pssst...Hey Husker! Is This Why You Ask Why?

Determine The Root Cause: 5 Whys

It appears that a new member has appeared over at the ontheborderline.net blog site. Going by the name Husker, it appears this OTBL blogger doesn't understand the rules of the game over there. He or she has been called on the dog-stained carpet by the admin (who we'll call Shelia) for asking too many "why questions." Evidently, ol' Husker didn't read the fine print about not questioning the questioners.

If Husker had paid attention to our site, he/she would have known that part of our mission is to point out the abundance of hypocrisy smeared on the stalls of that urinal of negativity and redneck ignorance known as OTBL. So Husker has helped add a couple more streaks of du du and provided us with more evidence of why we are here. Since it appears that most of the main "brains" at the OTBL site let their wives bring home the heavy bread, they would not be familiar with common concepts that are discussed on the shopfloors of factories throughout the world. They may have never heard of Six Sigma or lean manufacturing or Just In Time production. Coincidently, the admin's comment about a 5-year old is quite insightful, when you consider what follows. Once again, we have proof that even a blind squirrel finds a nut.

Many businesses today use root cause analysis to better understand and improve their processes. The 5 Why's are part of the tool kit. Here's more information from the Six Sigma website:
Asking "Why?" may be a favorite technique of your three year old child in driving you crazy, but it could teach you a valuable Six Sigma quality lesson. The 5 Whys is a technique used in the Analyze phase of the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology. It's a great Six Sigma tool that doesn't involve data segmentation, hypothesis testing, regression or other advanced statistical tools, and in many cases can be completed without a data collection plan.

By repeatedly asking the question "Why" (five is a good rule of thumb), you can peel away the layers of symptoms which can lead to the root cause of a problem. Very often the ostensible reason for a problem will lead you to another question. Although this technique is called "5 Whys," you may find that you will need to ask the question fewer or more times than five before you find the issue related to a problem.

Benefits Of The 5 Whys

Help identify the root cause of a problem.
Determine the relationship between different root causes of a problem.
One of the simplest tools; easy to complete without statistical analysis.

When Is 5 Whys Most Useful?

When problems involve human factors or interactions.
In day-to-day business life; can be used within or without a Six Sigma project.
So Husker you are to be commended for your insightful probe into the minds of your fellow OTBL poster children. It's pretty obvious that the OBTL admin doesn't want to get through all your 5 whys. Why, I'm not sure. My guess is talk is cheap over there and, once you get past the cut-n-pasted words of dead, discredited econokooks like Ludwig von Mises, pop-philosophers like Ayn Rand and hypocritical, slave-owning patriots like George Mason, the chamber pot of ideas has been licked clean. Good luck on your adventure Husker!

Read more on Six Sigma and the 5 Why's.

It Makes You Want To Ralph...

Weapon Lust Ontheborderline

OTBL’s Dream machine.

“I wish I could lay my hands on one of these.”
OTBL Admin.

Referring to Army's new weapon.

The U.S. military has been developing a gunship that could literally obliterate enemy ground targets with a laser beam.

The laser could have tremendous repercussions on the battlefield, particularly in urban warfare in such countries as Afghanistan and Iraq. "It's the kind of tool that could bring about victory within minutes," an official said.

The applications of ATL could change military dynamics on the battlefield. Officials envision the laser being able to destroy or damage targets in an urban area with virtually no collateral damage. The range of ATL was expected to be 10 miles.

New weapon could mean the end of collateral damage


That’s why my car’s equipped with MIRRORS.

I hear it works great on Pink Bunnies!!!!!!!

Conceal and Carry Veto = Death Threats

Wisconsin lawmaker says wife got death threats after vote

Associated PressPLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wis. - A lawmaker who flipped his stance and voted to sustain the governor's veto of a bill that would let people carry concealed weapons says his wife got death threats after the vote. Rep. John Steinbrink, D-Pleasant Prairie, said his wife, Roberta, got two death threats via telephone shortly after the Assembly voted Tuesday afternoon to sustain Gov. Jim Doyle's veto. He said his wife was shaken by the calls.

"I know a lot of the gun owners in Kenosha and most of them are pretty good people and friends of mine," Steinbrink said. "This was an unfortunate incident by several people who apparently don't have the mental capabilities to carry a gun or possess one."

Read more: Duluth News Tribune


Dim Wit Award

The first Abovetheborderline "DimWit Award" goes
to Kilowatt:. Thanks for brightening our day.

Kilowatt: "We all need to remember this is a fight, and fights can get
ugly, very ugly. The positions taken and being viewed here most likely
will go far beyond a gentlemen's debate. I happen to think we are
already well past that. What is being witnessed here is the equivalent
statement of hearing "Care to step outside to settle this", with the end
result being an all out street brawl. I say "Blog on!! And you better
bring your friends."

Market Driven Bloviation

Killbear: Welcome back to the Killbear Rapport. I'm your host Chris Killbear. Tonight's guest is a senior partner in the architectural firm of Roark, Rand & Treadon. Please welcome Mr. Howard Roark.

Roark: It's a pleasure to be here Chris.

Killbear: Howard, I must say that I'm a bit dismayed by your
appearance. I had assumed that you would be a tall, handsome,
strong-silent type - sort of Gary Cooperesque. But even with those
elevator shoes, you are having a hard time seeing over the desk.

Roark: Well Chris, I like to think that what I lack in physical stature
I make up for with intellectual bloviation.

Killbear: Clearly. So Howard, tell us about the exciting projects you
are working on.

Roark: Recently, I received a commission to design a gleaming glass
skyscraper which will stand as a testament to the power of
uncompromising creative individualism, eschewing the dumbing-down of the
collectivist government bureaucracy.

Killbear: Marvelous. When do you break ground?

Roark: Well, the developer is still awaiting approval of financing. So
far, the city has created a Tax Increment Financing zone for the
project, the county and state have engineered a combined development
appropriation to subsidize the down payment, and Fannie Mae will be
providing the remainder of the financing. The developer will be
providing the usual investment - peanuts.

Killbear: Once again individualism trumps collectivism. What else is
on your plate?

Roark: I've been asked to design a new private high school in Hudson,
Wisconsin. This will be a state-of-the-art facility with top-notch
math, computer and science labs, Carnegie Hall-level arts
accommodations, an Olympic-worthy sports complex, and everything else
needed to help the students prepare for success in the 21st Century.

Killbear: And all provided without expropriation of taxes by the

Roark: Exactly. The total cost of the project is $83.5 million. So
far the capitalist owners have raised nothing, but they have formed
prayer groups to ask God to send a billionaire who will endow them with
the total amount needed. Once the school is up and running, they expect
that tuition will pay the operating costs. It appears that tuition will
run about $17,000 per student per year. This should be reasonably
affordable to most Hudson parents because they will be receiving their
State of Wisconsin Educational Tax Credit of $500 per year.

Killbear: When do you break ground?

Roark: Around the 12th of Never.

Killbear: Howard, have you designed any buildings that have been built?

Roark: Of course. I recently completed the design of a new outhouse
for State Farm Insurance headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois. I won a
design award for the best use of the Mississippi-retro crescent moon

Killbear: Were the owners pleased with the final structure?

Roark: Very much so. In fact, they are now providing me with a full
salary, family health benefits, pension and 401(k).

Killbear: That's amazing.

Roark: Well, they aren't exactly providing that to me. They are
providing that to my household. But, fortunately, this income provides
sufficient support for my family so that I can bloviate full-time on my

Killbear: Thanks Howard. Blog on!

Conceal and Carry Aftermath

...Clearing The Smoke And Mirrors In Madtown

Below are some tidbits from the after-vote discussion from yesterday's Wisconsin Assembly vote not to override Governor Doyle's veto of the conceal and carry, aka, Personal Protection act.
Jon Richards (D-Milwaukee) says: It's Time to move forward at the capitol

Hear a sound clip at Wis. Radio Network.

Now that concealed carry is dead, one lawmaker says he hopes to get to the real issues facing our state. Richards says he wants to talk about issues that affect middle class families in Wisconsin, including affordable healthcare. Even though nobody in Wisconsin will be carrying concealed weapons any time soon, Mark Pettis (R-Hertel) had to get one last word in, saying people who take firearm training classes and get permits are not the bad guys.

I find Mark Pettis' comment interesting. Who said anybody was saying the conceal and carry people were "bad guys?" I'm certain they are of the noblest character. If you need more proof, just go dig around on the ontheborderline.net web site and see what some of your "responsible" neighbors had to say about conceal and carry. If OTBL's Conn is the poster child of conceal and carry, the bill should have near reached Doyle's desk to be vetoed. My problem is that people like Conn talk tough with the big gun in hand. They confuse a "priviledge" with a "right." A show of adult responsiblity would go a lot further than redneck bravado. Scroll down and read about the conviction of Minnesota's first conceal and carry murderer.

If it was the "good guys" who were speaking out for conceal and carry, it wouldn't such an issue with me. Maybe an exposed and carry law would be better? But how would this idea be met by the anonymous bloggers who don't have the guts to use their name and want to run around with a gun hidden in their pocket? This isn't the motorcycle helmet law. There's more than one person's brain bucket at stake.

If their argument is that they live in a dangerous part of Milwaukee, I'll take a word from Rush Limbaugh's line to displaced autoworkers in Michigan -- MOVE! If it's not safe, get out. I'm sure there will be Republican's bringing another conceal and carry bill to the table. It seems to follow their three-chord agenda of "Guns, Gays and God."

Chippewa Falls Republican Jeff Wood attacks flip-floppers of concealed carry
Says they have no integrity
One lawmaker in the Assembly is riled up after failing to overturn the governor's veto. Saying he's "disgusted with lack of ethics" at the state capitol, Wood attacks the two Democrats who had supported the Personal Protection Act but flip flopped when their votes mattered the most. "They have no principles or integrity." Wood says concealed carry is not an easy issue to deal with, and because of that, he respects the opinions of other lawmakers, but not because someone twists their arms.

Hear an audio clip from Wis. Radio Network


Last night the Borderliners unanimously voted to disband their Bob
Muchlinski Admiration Society after a stunning revelation that Mr.
Muchlinski is not a nice person. Mr. N. Ominous, president of the fan club, was visibly shaken and had this to say: "But he's a lawyer. I
thought lawyers had some kind of professional code that required them to
be nice to everyone. All the lawyers I see on TV are really nice
(sob)." Mr. Towncrier, founder of the Daughters of Muchlinski
subchapter of the fan club, also found it hard to put his emotions into
words: "(choke) He's a liberal.

I thought liberals were supposed to
sit around being nice while right-wingers systematically dismantled
every last vestige of progress made by this society in the last century.
What gives?" Muchlinski could not be reached for comment. He was last
seen on the Serengeti gnawing on a wildebeest carcass. Developing ...


Comments from 1955

On this day in 1955, Dratsum was born. With that in mind, a little historical overview might be nice.

A co-worker sent me these actual comments from 1955. Since that was the year I was born, she thought they might be of interest to me. They are...

"I'll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it's going to be impossible to buy a week's groceries for $20."

"Have you seen the new cars coming out next year? It won't be long before $2000 will only buy a used one."

"If cigarettes keep going up in price, I'm going to quit. A quarter a pack is ridiculous."

"Did you hear the post office is thinking about charging a dime just to mail a letter?"

"If they raise the minimum wage to $1, nobody will be able to hire outside help at the store."

"When I first started driving, who would have thought gas would someday cost 29 cents a gallon. Guess we'd be better off leaving the car in the garage."

"Kids today are impossible. Those duck tail hair cuts make it impossible to stay groomed. Next thing you know, boys will be wearing their hair as long as the girls."

"I'm afraid to send my kids to the movies any more. Ever since they let Clark Gable get by with saying 'damn' in 'Gone With The Wind,' it seems every new movie has either "hell" or "damn" in it.

"I read the other day where some scientist thinks it's possible to put a man on the moon by the end of the century They even have some fellows they call astronauts preparing for it down in Texas."

"Did you see where some baseball player just signed a contract for $75,000 a year just to play ball? It wouldn't surprise me if someday they'll be making more than the president."

"I never thought I'd see the day all our kitchen appliances would be electric. They are even making electric typewriters now."

"It's too bad things are so tough nowadays. I see where a few married women are having to work to make ends meet."

"It won't be long before young couples are going to have to hire someone to watch their kids so they can both work."

"Marriage doesn't mean a thing any more; those Hollywood stars seem to be getting divorced at the drop of a hat."

"I'm just afraid the Volkswagen car is going to open the door to a whole lot of foreign business."

"Thank goodness I won't live to see the day when the Government takes half our income in taxes. I sometimes wonder if we are electing the best people to congress."

"The drive-in restaurant is convenient in nice weather, but I seriously doubt they will ever catch on."

"There is no sense going to Lincoln or Omaha anymore for a weekend. It costs nearly $15 a night to stay in a hotel."

"No one can afford to be sick any more; $35 a day in the hospital is too rich for my blood."

"If they think I'll pay 50 cents for a hair cut, forget it."

"Our taxes are too high. Unions are bad. Government schools are ruining our children's future. All Democrats are commies. I like mental fist fights, I also enjoy good poetry. I guess that makes me eclectic, damn proud of it too."

(Please note: I made that last quote up...but Senator Joe McCarthy was probablly thinking it...)


A 133 Year Tradition Lives On!

The Wisconsin state assembly voted to uphold Gov. Doyle's veto of the conceal and carry law. The vote was 64-34, a two-vote margin carried the victory. I'd hear the story on Wisconsin Public Radio at 5 PM and the bill's author, Rep. Scott Gunderson (R-Waterford), called the vote "pure politics" and said the bill was a package that a majority of residents would support. He said he expected that those working for the bill would hold lawmakers accountable for their votes at election time.

I love that phrase "pure politics!" Let's see, every Republican senator and assemblyman in the state of Wsiconsin voted in favor of a bill that would repeal a law that his been on the state books for 133 years. Was it so obvious that this was a nonsense law that obviously needed to be gotten rid of? You don't suppose the one-issue gun lobby and the NRA-threats pertaining to Republicans opposing the bill had anything to do with a unanimous Republican yes vote? I believe President Bush, in his state of the union speech tonight, said the violent crime rate in the US has dropped to its lowest point in over 30 years.

Read more: Journal Sentinal, Capital Times, Sheboygan Press

State Of The Union Speech Tonight

Young Republicans to protest across the nation!
In preparation for President Bush's sixth State of the Union speech tonight, hundreds of College Republicans around the country have been preparing for tonight's "don't-let-the-lie-die strategy in Iraq" rally.

Several hundred students are expected to gather Monday night at an exclusive country club in Washington, D.C., where Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist will hold a "Why The President Isn't In A Vegetative State" rally.

After the rally, more than 100 local chapters of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC) will gather at Lindy England's trailer house for "pictures."

Minnesota's Conceal and Carry Murderer Gets 36 Years

"He felt like somebody because he had a permit."

The man accused of killing the doorman at Nye's Polonaise Room in northeast Minneapolis last May pleaded guilty to second-degree intentional murder Tuesday. Zachary Ourada, 27, of Minneapolis, was immediately sentenced to 36 years in prison for fatally shooting Billy Walsh in the back after Walsh removed him from the supper club. According to prosecutors, Ourada shot Walsh four times in the back from close range after being tossed out of Nye's and pestering Walsh to get back in.

Read more: KARE 11

Catch POWER NEWS on Local Cable Access Channels

If you haven't see this St. Croix Valley-produced cable news show yet, check it out. Produced in Hudson and aired on a number of cable access channels in Western Wisconsin, this show provides indepth discussions on a variety of topics: health, religion, work, arts, entertainment, etc.

Here's what's included in the current episode of Power News XI - January 22, 2006

In the Health News/Views segment, Patti Seliski interviews Congressman Ron Kind concerning Medicare D. This segment is not only for seniors but for children of seniors who are trying to cope with the new law.

In the Labor News/Views segment, Bernie Hesse discusses the role of labor unions for the betterment of individuals and society. Specifically, he talks about the "Employees Free Choice Act", the "Fair Share Health Care Act", and the "Right Attack on the Labor Movement".

In the Christianity News/Views segment, Norris Erdal talks about the separate roles of the church and the state.

In the Legal News/Views segment, Jamie Johnson interviews Scott Nelson on Estate Tax for both Federal and State. A great deal of specific information is given on this subject.

In the Government News/Views swegment, Nancy Parlin interviews Jack Colvard, the Emergency Director for St. Croix County. They discuss how each person can be prepared for possible disasters in their homes and community.

In the The Arts News/Views segment, Bobbi Pominville interviews Pastor Merlin and Marilyn Bradley, the founders of the The Phipps Oratorio Society in Hudson. It is the 25th Anniversary of the founding of the The Phipps Oratorio Society in Hudson.

The schedule for Power News each week is as follows:*
Hudson - Channel 15 - 5 PM Sunday (Includes River Falls):
Eau Claire - Channel 11 - 2:30 PM Saturday
Baldwin-Telecom - 7 PM Thursday
New Richmond - Channel 3 - 5:30 PM Monday & 6:30 PM Thursday
*Check with each channel for additional times for Power News


Early today World Wide Web purveyer of B.S. Dr.Bill unveiled his latest entrepreneurial endevour, the B.S. protector. In his online demonstration of the new product, Dr. Bill mistakenly placed the protector over the wrong orifice. The ABLT conn-sumer protection department quickly discovered the error and is releasing this warning. If you
are an ontheborderline poster be absolutely sure to place the B.S. protector over your mouth, not your ears because, placing over the ear will cause permanent hearing damage.
(As demonstrated in the illustration to the left) .
This has been an Abovetheborderline Emergency Conn-sumer Alert!!!!!


ATBL's First "Brain Damage Award"

Abovetheborderline is proud to present it's first "Brain Damage Award" to Dr. Conn for the following statement.

I would recommend a Uncle Mikes pro 3 security holster to prevent gun grabs.In your car a unloaded semi auto in a case on the front seat with 2 loaded mags,or a wheel gun carried the same way with 2 speed loaders.When travelling of course a long gun is the way to go.Mini 14’s or AR15’s make great car guns,as do shotguns with folding stocks,however the rifles are much faster to load when being carried legally,unloaded in a case.This is exiting!If lil jimmy get overridden(is that a word?)I would say he is toast.Have a great day,shoot often and shoot well,conn.

Dr. Conn, Way to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a close contest here's the runner up!

Man Shoots Self in Bathroom at Gun Show

There’s almost nothing we love better than a man-shoots-self story, except maybe one submitted by our readers. This one comes to us from reader TB: “Man Shoots Self in Bathroom at Gun Show.”

Those hooks in bathroom stalls are meant for coats, not guns.

Authorities in Faribault report a Bloomington man accidentally shot himself in the bathroom at a gun show.

Police Sergeant Richard Larson says the man suffered a hand wound as he was taking his gun off the hook in a bathroom stall. The 59-year-old victim was treated and released from a hospital Sunday. The gun show took place at the National Guard Armory.

More: Minnesota, Accident

You're reading "Man Shoots Self in Bathroom at Gun Show" on Gun Guys. Enjoy!

Expect More And Get It

We Aim to Please

What Would Jesus Conceal and Carry

Republicans who dominate both houses have decided what we need really bad right now is to allow people to shove handguns in their pockets or down their pants to keep us all safe from serious crime, which by the way is at its lowest level in Wisconsin in 31 years. So where are concealed weapons allowed or not allowed. See Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Article.
I feel safer already.

Compensation Scandal Revealed

Killbear: “Joining us now is our Senior Public Employee Compensation Correspondent Dr. Kirk Kilowatt with an investigative report. Thanks for joining us Kirk.”

Kirk: “mmm-mmmm-mmmm.”

Killbear: “Kirk, take off the duct tape.”

Kirk: “Sorry. Glad to be here Chris.”

Killbear: “I understand you uncovered some scandalous information from one of your deep sources.”

Kirk: “Very deep. Extremely underground. So deep that I’d have to say my source is a groundhog.”

Killbear: “Does your source have a code name?”

Kirk: “Yes, I call him Deep Void.”

Killbear: “Excellent. Well, what can you report?”

Kirk: “Based on top secret information I’ve received from Deep Void, it is clear that coaches in the Hudson school district are being paid for coaching.”

Killbear: “You mean real money?”

Kirk: “I’m afraid so. This includes football coaches, hockey coaches – any kind of coach.”

Killbear: “This is scandalous. Do you think that the taxpayers in Hudson realize that this has been going on?”

Kirk: “Well, the taxpayers I hang out with didn’t have a clue. We still don’t have a clue. We’re extremely clueless. We’re a black hole of clues. We’re totally ignorant of what is going on. We’re downright ignorant.”

Killbear: “Clearly.”

Kirk: “And, to top it off, this appears to be a conspiracy!”

Killbear: “Unbelievable. Who is involved?”

Kirk: “It is a conspiracy between the coaches and the district payroll department. The money for coaching has been paid to the teachers in their regular paychecks!”

Killbear: “Something must be done about this to protect the concerned taxpayers. Please keep us posted.”

Kirk: “mmm-mmm-mmmmmm.”

Governor Doyle Announces Wisconsin Makes Economic Honor Roll in National Study

Here's one the ontheborderline.net slog site won't be telling you about...

Wisconsin ranks right there with TABOR-Hell, aka Colorado

Governor Jim Doyle today announced that Wisconsin was one of only seven states to make the economic honor roll in the annual report card of the states compiled by the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a national economic development organization.

"My Grow Wisconsin plan outlined initiatives to promote economic growth, such as balancing our state's budgets without raising taxes and investing in education and economic development," Governor Doyle said. "In the study, Wisconsin earned an A for economic performance, showing that our diverse economy is creating good jobs of our citizens, and our strategic economic polices are providing the business climate necessary to fuel economic growth."

In addition to earning an A for economic performance, Wisconsin also earned a B in business vitality and a B in development capacity. The Economic Performance index includes measures such as earnings and job quality, equity, and quality of life. The Business Vitality index measures variables such as entrepreneurial energy and the competitiveness of existing businesses. And the Development Capacity index measures human resources, financial resources, infrastructure, and innovation resources.

"We are starting more businesses in Wisconsin, and our businesses are competing successfully for markets both here and around the world," Governor Doyle added.

The CFED is a private, non-profit economic development organization with offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, California and Durham, North Carolina. Since 1979, the CFED has prepared an indented Economic Development Report Card of the States.

Read more: Complete CFED report

See who made the honor roll: CFED HONOR ROLL

It's Not About Oil, Bribes, Torture, Spying, A "Culture of Corrpution," A "Pre-9/11 Mentality," etc. etc.

Exxon Sees Record Profits for Any U.S. Co.

AP Business Writer

DALLAS — Exxon Mobil Corp. posted record profits for any U.S. company on Monday — $10.71 billion for the fourth quarter and $36.13 billion for the year — as the world's biggest publicly traded oil company benefited from high oil and natural-gas prices and solid demand for refined products.

The results exceeded Wall Street expectations and Exxon shares rose more than 3 percent in afternoon trading.

Read More: Atlanta Constitution

Study Ties Political Leanings to Hidden Biases

By Shankar Vedantam
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, January 30, 2006

Put a group of people together at a party and observe how they behave. Differently than when they are alone? Differently than when they are with family? What if they're in a stadium instead of at a party? What if they're all men?

The field of social psychology has long been focused on how social environments affect the way people behave. But social psychologists are people, too, and as the United States has become increasingly politically polarized, they have grown increasingly interested in examining what drives these sharp divides: red states vs. blue states; pro-Iraq war vs. anti-Iraq war; pro-same-sex marriage vs. anti-same-sex marriage. And they have begun to study political behavior using such specialized
tools as sophisticated psychological tests and brain scans.

Read more: Washington Post

Out To Lunch...D.C. "style"

Backstory: Eco-vigilantes: All in 'The Family?'

By Brad Knickerbocker
Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

ASHLAND, ORE. – The group called itself "The Family." After meticulously casing a horsemeat packing plant in Redmond, Ore., they made a firebomb using soap and petroleum products (a napalm-like substance known as "vegan Jell-O") and a time-delayed incendiary device called a "Cat's Cradle."

Read more: Christian Science Monitor