In sports, the Borderliner baseball team continues its stretch of continuous wins! Slugger Tommy Towncrier leads the team by batting 1000. "I don't want to boast about our outstanding performance," pshawed Tommy, "but we've won seven in a row by never getting off the bench." Team Manager Dr. Baloney was quick to point out that the Borderliners continue to win even though none of their players ever get in the game. "We figure we are winning game after game by forfeit. The other team's players win the lottery and move on with their lives." Tommy T. said he will continue to hit non-homeruns for as long as it takes. "I suspect that the other team will eventually run out of good players. Then we can get in the game."


Quotes of Note

"An economist is an expert who will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today."

Laurence J. Peter
US educator & writer (1919 - 1988)

That's Bob Z as in propaganda minister!

Who Sez There's No "W" In "Flip Flop?"

Today Bush said:

“UAE is a committed ally in the war on terror,” Bush added. “They are a key partner for our military in a critical region, and outside of our own country, Dubai services more of our military, military ships, than any country in the world.

“They’re sharing intelligence so we can hunt down the terrorists,” Bush added. “They helped us shut down a world wide proliferation network run by A.Q. Khan” — the Pakistani scientist who sold nuclear technology to Iran, North Korea and Libya, he said.

“UAE is a valued and strategic partner.”

Compare and contrast to what Cheney said in 10/6/00 debate with Lieberman:

MR. SHAW: This question is for you, Mr. Secretary. If Iraq's President Saddam Hussein were found to be developing weapons of mass destruction, Governor Bush has said he would "take him out." Would you agree with such a deadly policy?

MR. CHENEY: We might have no other choice. We'll have to see if that happens. The thing about Iraq, of course, was at the end of the war we had pretty well decimated their military. We had put them back in a box, so to speak. We had a strong international coalition raid against them, effective economic sanctions and a very robust inspection regime that was in place. So that the inspection regime under U.N. auspices was able to do a good job of stripping out the capacity to build weapons of mass destruction -- the work that he'd been doing that had not been destroyed during the war on biological, chemical agents as well as a nuclear program. Unfortunately, now we find ourselves in a situation where that's started to fray on us, where the coalition now no longer is tied tightly together.

Recently the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, two Gulf states, have reopened diplomatic relations with Baghdad. The Russians and the French now are flying commercial airliners back into Baghdad and sort of thumbing their nose, if you will, at the international sanctions regime. And of course the U.N. inspectors have been kicked out. And there's been absolutely no response.

Hudson Designates..... Law & Order Day

In Hudson today, it was announced that June 14th, in addition to being
National Flag Day, will also be designated as Hudson Law & Order Day.
Police work is dangerous and strenuous, and it takes solid judgment and
nerve. Hudson is fortunate to have a contingent of fine officers. All
citizens should show their support for the police officers who put their
lives on the line to protect them. Of course, we should show our
support every day of the year, but 6/14 was chosen because we never want
to forget the day that three fine officers boxed the ears of the two
hooligans at the school board meeting.

Stay Tuned..........................

'Forbes': 102 new billionaires join wealthiest list

Jealously Continues To Rage Ontheborderline.net, As Come Household Names Like Bill, Curt, Chris, Mark and Marion Were Once Again Missing From The List
Local Socialist Panhandler Points Out Many On The List Never Broke A Fingernail In Creating Their Wealth
NEW YORK (AP) — As emerging stock markets surged during the past year, 102 wealthy people around the world won a much-coveted title along with their stellar gains — they all became billionaires.

Read more: USA Today

Company's Errors on SAT Scores Raise New Qualms About Testing

The scoring errors disclosed this week on thousands of the College Board's SAT tests were made by a company that is one of the largest players in the exploding standardized testing business, handling millions of tests each year.

The mistakes, which the company, Pearson Educational Measurement, acknowledged yesterday, raised fresh questions about the reliability of the kinds of high-stakes tests that increasingly dominate education at all levels. Neither Pearson, which handles state testing across the country, nor the College Board detected the scoring problems until two students came forward with complaints.

Read more: NYTimes.com


It was fitting...


This just in. Daily Planet editor Perry White says he's "fed up" with
the borderliners bringing him stale news. "Great Caesar's Ghost! Can't
these nincompoops write some copy that isn't the same day-old crap they
bring me over and over again?!?" snarled White. "My editing scissors is
getting dull just hacking all this garbage out week after week!"

Cub reporter Dr. Wheeze wimpered, "Gosh, the chief seemed to like my
reports of police brutality the first 25 times I wrote them. What's he
so steamed about now? (*sob*)"

Intern Dr. Shawenuff was so hurt that he wants to burn all the copies of
the newspaper, "(*choke*) I just wish I was allowed to play with

White's blood pressure was at 178/120 as he screamed, "Get me Clark
Kent and Lois Lane! And get these two boobs out of my face."

A Female Commander in Chief? Far from Fiction

Last week there was a virtual coup in the realm of global women’s leadership. Chile elected its first female president, Michelle Bachelet. Liberia swore in its first female president, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who incidentally is also the African continent’s first female president. Meanwhile, here at home in the United States, Geena Davis, America’s first female president on television won a Golden Globe for her role as President McKenzie Allen on ABC’s Commander in Chief.

Female heads of state are not a 21st century invention. For years, we have seen some women such as Margaret Thatcher in England, Indira Gandhi in India, Benazir Butto in Pakistan, and Angela Merkel in Germany, ascend through political dynasties, monarchies or the parliamentary system. These women have broken barriers and often been inspirational leaders, but they are among an extremely small and elite group. Only 11 of the 193 nations, including Liberia and Chile now, have a woman in the top position. The glaring omission from this list is the United States, indisputably the world’s leading democracy.

Read more: Feminist.com

A Woman For President

The Story of Victoria Woodhull
by Kathleen Krull

Can you name the first woman to run for president, or the first woman to have a seat on the stock exchange? Do you know the first woman to own a newspaper or to speak before Congress?

Amazingly, one woman achieved each of these feats, and her name has been all but erased from history. Born in complete poverty, the seventh of ten children, Victoria Woodhull was supporting her family by the age of eight as a child preacher. Seeking a better life, she married, divorced, moved to New York City, and became a millionaire by offering Cornelius Vanderbilt financial advice from the spirit world.

Read more on the book: A Woman For President

"'A Woman For President: The Story of Victoria Woodhull' brings a fascinating character from history to schoolchildren...it's about time that this remarkable woman's life is made available to young readers."

Cokie Roberts,
The New York Times Book Review


ontheborderline.net Announces The Opening of Local Private High School

To be named the Von Mises-Rand Institute of Cut-N-Paste Arts, the school colors will be black and white. The school mascot will be the Caveman. The cirriculum is not expected to be taxing. The cafeteria will serve a variety of meals that include dry roasted internet nuts and baloney-nut hotdish.

Students are requested to make sure they use the bathroom at home before going to school, as the outhouse is only a one-seater.

Quotes of Note: Susan B. Anthony

"Cautious, careful people always casting about to preserve their reputation or social standards never can bring about reform. Those who are really in earnest are willing to be anything or nothing in the world's estimation, and publicly and privately, in season and out, avow their sympathies with despised ideas and their advocates, and bear the consequences."

Read biographical info: Susan B. Anthony

March 8: International Women's Day

Cutting through the crap

Come International Women’s Day and it is open season for potshots at feminism, the women’s movement, gender, and related ideas and activities, especially in the media. Some of those taking aim suggest that the admirable achievements of one extraordinary, successful woman or another is proof enough of the redundancy and irrelevance of all of the above.

Read more:
One World Sout Asia
Financial Express: Still fighting for fairness


Five Minutes with Helen Thomas

Interview: One of the most relentless reporters that questioned nine presidents talks about women journalists, world wars, and undying curiosity.

Read More: Campus Progress

The Top 10 Conservative Idiots

The Oscars have come and gone, and to show how much we love those little gold statuettes it's time for our annual homage to Hollywood, the Top 10 Conservative Idiots Oscar Special. Bill O'Reilly (1) takes home the honors thanks to his Academy Award-winning performance on The Factor last week, but George W. Bush (2,3,4,5) rakes in four wins, a big improvement over last year's performance. Other winners include Duke Cunningham (6) for producing last week's courtroom drama, Scooter Libby (8) for directing money into his bank account, and Bill Frist (9) for acting like an ass. Enjoy, and don't forget the key!

Read more: Democratic Underground.com

"Demo-CATS" Struggle To Seize Opportunity

Amid GOP Troubles, No Unified Message
News about GOP political corruption, inept hurricane response and chaos in Iraq has lifted Democrats' hopes of winning control of Congress this fall. But seizing the opportunity has not been easy, as they found when they tried to unveil an agenda of their own.

Read more: Washington Post.com

Quote of Note: Angela Locke

"If your poor, you must not be smart. If you're smart, then why are you poor? According to our dominant culture, poverty confirms a personal flaw."

Angela Locke, working-class daughter, Off Our Backs, (Jan./Feb. 2005)

Where It Comes To The Debate Over The Quality Of Public Education,

Are We Taking TIME To Understand What Our Public Schools Are Dealing With?

Rush Limbaugh, Michael Crichton, Fred Singer Nominated for First Annual "Flat Earth" Award for Views on Climate Change

Middlebury Undergrads Create Award for Vehement Deniers of Global Warming

This year's nominees are talk show host Rush Limbaugh, bestselling novelist Michael Crichton, and S. Fred Singer, president and founder of the Arlington, Va.-based Science and Environmental Policy Project.

Read more: College News.org


Mike Thompson: "No Su-port"

Taxpayer Bill Of Rights (TABOR) Returns To Wisconsin Legislature Again

Below is a good overview story about the TABOR amendment being pushed for by Wisconsin legislators in Madison.
That ‘evil’ word TABOR crops up in Siren

SIREN—It’s the evil word they’ve heard before, said Siren School Administrator Scott Johnson, but with a different spin.

The Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR), is now being pushed in the Wisconsin State Assembly as the Taxpayer’s Protection Act, a constitutional amendment that Johnson says will ultimately take away control from local government and ruin public education in Wisconsin.

“This is a train wreck in the making for education,” Johnson said.

The constitutional amendment would limit the revenue from taxes and fees that the state or a special purpose district, school district, technical college district, county, city, village or town may receive in any year to the amount it received in the previous year, according to a short analysis on the 2005 assembly joint resolution 77.

Read more: Burnett County Sentinal