The Intellectual Elitist Diet...

"If there were no regularity, nothing could be learned from experience."

Ludwig von Mises

Education Forward not Backward Gov. Walker


Little Know Fact -- MLK & Glenn Beck Share Same Birthdate

“For centuries man’s freedom has been crushed, contained or at best discouraged, and sometimes in subtle ways. In the days of Solomon, he decreed that man could learn too much, that one should not dig too deep, nor read too often saying that too much reading was the weariness of the flesh, that the search for knowledge was where Adam and Eve went wrong, thus proving that learning leads to man’s downfall, or his sin. St. Paul centuries later said the same thing. 1500, Francis Bacon wrote to the king trying to convince him that man could never learn too much, that knowledge did not somehow also contain the serpent, yet free thought continued to be squashed. Immanuel Kant, the man who first described the Milky Way as a collection of suns in the fashion that we now know it, wrote in 1760 that there are many things that he believed that he would never have the courage to speak, but he would never speak the words that he didn’t believe. 1760, our most precious freedom, the freedom of thought, had not yet been born.

Yet just a few years later on the other side of the globe sat a man alone in a hotel room. His wife dying in bed hundreds of miles away from him as he scratched words on paper: We find these truths to be self-evident. That all men are created equal and have certain inalienable rights given to them by their creator. Among them life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I don’t know if we really understand the impact of those words yet. Man has never been as free to think as we are now. The Chinese dissidents didn’t make a statue of Lady Liberty in Tiananmen Square out of happenstance. Americans changed the world. Our freedom of thought allowed man to discover electricity, the light bulb, the car, the motion picture, the radio, the television, the computer, to put man on the moon. We put a spacecraft on Mars. It was in the American Century that the theory of relativity was conceived, leading Albert Einstein to say, the thing about America is the joyous, positive attitude to life. The smile on the faces of the people is one of the greatest assets of the Americans. He’s friendly, self-confident, optimistic and without envy.

The American lives even more for his goals for the future. Life for him is always becoming, never being. His emphasis is laid on the “We” and never the “I.”

Glenn Beck


Ron Kind Swimming Against The Tide

Bullshit Eventually Goes Stale

"It is not a lack of the know how that prevents foreign countries from fully adopting American methods of manufacturing, but the insufficiency of capital available."

Ludwig von Mises

Congress Forgets How to Pass Laws


Budget Cuts Will Create Jobs In Tanning Industry

Speaker of the House John Boehner announced today that he will add at least one job to
help lower the unemployment rate.
The "Man from Tan" is doing his part.

John Boehner feels your pain. He knows what it means to be discriminated against because of skin color.

Contact House Speaker Boehner and tell him you support his effort to put suntan models back to work.

Obama's Eligible To Be President Of Kenya

"This man is Jesus. When will he come to Kenya to save us?"

Kenyan Man

Under the new Kenyan constitution, Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya by birth who is eligible to be elected president of Kenya, whether he was born in Kenya or not.

Under the new Kenyan constitution, Barack Obama is a citizen of Kenya by birth who is eligible to be elected president of Kenya, whether he was born in Kenya or not.

The East African nation's new constitution was officially published as a proposal May 6 and was ratified as published Aug. 4 in a national referendum with 67 percent approval.

The Times of London last year reported, at the time of his inauguration as U.S. president, Obama was wildly popular in Kenya, with one man quoted as saying, The Obama administration spent $23 million of U.S. taxpayer money to support the "Yes" vote ratifying the new Kenyan constitution, which coincided with Obama's Aug. 4 birthday.

OMG They're Back From Estonia


"It is by virtue of the division of labor that man is distinguished from the animals. It is the division of labor that has made feeble man, far inferior to most animals in physical strength, the lord of the earth and the creator of the marvels of technology."

Ludwig von Mises


Patriot Wisdom From OnTheBorderline

"Buckle up your seatbelt, America, and prepare for a crash landing because the liberals piloting your plane are plotting with eugenicists to do exactly what Hitler wrote about in the Communist Manifesto. They're all connected - liberals, big government socialists, Nazis, Kevin Bacon, everybody."

Patrick O'Henry