Dr. Pat- Androgynous Coward - Shares Foot Fungus Secrets

I was reading my favorite FruitCake Journal, ontheborderline.nut, recently and was really overwhelmed with the depth and breath of knowledge that I learned by design rather than accident from that repository of genius. It never ceases to amaze me how the intellectigent Dr.s of Liberty know so much, and even more astounding, they are willing to share it with the world.
Here's one recent post for example:

Cowards are we?
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Just a few weeks ago I said “I will never fly again” with all the ridiculous restrictions. Plus, what I really hated was taking off your shoes and wallk bare footed across tiled floors already walked on by many with numerous foot fungus deseases. At that time. when I said I would never fly again I was thinking about vacations and a choice to fly. Well, as fate has it, I had to fly to Florida to see my father in a nursing home.

So what to do about the foot problem? I went to many stores to find disposable footware, as once you go through, you must dispose of slippers etc. I found, at Walmart, shower caps, 15 for .97 cents. They fit on your foot just fine, looks stupid but does the job. In Mpls. airport, they just looked and told me I had to put them in waste basket after I went through the x-ray machine, which was fine with me, as I did not plan to wear them again as a shower cap. But in Florida, I asked where the waste basket was, they took the shower caps and saved them in a basket way beyond the waste basket. I should have asked them what they planned on doing with them, or why they saved them.

Your socks are not fine, as they absorb the sweat from your feet, you walk on the tiled floor filled with foot fungus, then put your shoes back on and welcome to your new home, Foot Fungus.

To rid yourself of athletes foot, foot fungus, try putting 1 tsp. of Borax in your socks each day. A tried and true treatment. It works. It is a cheap and reliable treatment. Buy it in the grocery store. Put it on your ant hills, it will kill ants too. Put it in your laundry, a booster. Guess that it is what it is really for.

Orange Alert=Foot Fungus. They throw away lotions, gels, toothpaste, but let you walk on their infected floor. It is a challenge to all to use all your brains to get through the gates. The terrorists have gainned their way, they have terrorized and we are giving in to them. Remember when Bush-(whacker) said after 911, “just go on living the way you did, do not give in to them? Well, we did, put your under lotions, gels etc., in a quart size plastic bag place your shoes, your jacket, your carry on in the basket.

Okay, once more, I will never fly again! ! !

That might just be a foot in the mouth statement again, but at least my foot will not have fungus.

One Response to “Cowards are we?”

1. BobZiller Says:
October 7th, 2006 at 11:35 am

Thanks for the tips, Pat. Here I thought I was protected by wearing my socks through security. Oh, by the way have a little respect for the president of the U. S.–Bush-(whacker????

Think things are bad now? Wait until the first terrorist A-bomb goes off in the U. S. You’ll settle for foot fungus.


The Twenty Mule Team Dr.s probably didn't notice Dr. Ziller's slip of the keyboard when he inadertantly revealed Jack Jr.'s identity. But heck, "When you have Borax on the mind, it's hard to think of anything else!"

So let's sum up what we've learned today from the Dr.s at ontheborderline.nut!

1. Jack Junior" s cover has been blown- now we know It's Pat, the androgenous Saturday
Night Live Character.

2. If you want to look stupid (and save money) going through airport security, always shop at Wal-Mart for your shower cap/stocking needs.

3. Put Twenty Mule Team Borax in you sox, -EVERYDAY- It keeps the fungus away.

4. If you do get a fungus, be sure to comment at ontheborderline.nut and be sure to put your foot in your mouth.

And last but not least:

5. Never fly again!!!!!!

And they say an education can't be free?

2nd Grade Amendment Rights Are Not Just For Adults

Welcome to the NRA Kooky Kidz Korner boys and girls! Hope you're packin' heat and lookin' for fun - cuz we're all about playing with high-caliber guns! Old Mr. Boring never shows his head 'round here, and if'n he does, we'll slay him like a deer!

Step into the shootin' range club house.



50 Gazillion Watts of Progressive Power

ATBL Welcomes MBS

Broadcasting from it's invisible tower high atop Newton Field, a new Media Giant has been unleashed in West Central Wisconsin. With its 50 Gazillion Watts of Clear Channel Power the Muchlinski Broadcasting System began spreading it's Progressive, Pro-Education message for the first time this week.
Click here to view the MBS Premier Broadcast.

Conceal and Carry: The Answer To All Our Problems

Lasee: Wisconsin teachers should pack heat
In the wake of school shootings in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Colorado over the past two weeks, one Wisconsin state representative devised a plan he thinks will help keep children safe.

Rep. Frank Lasee, R-Bellevue, announced legislation Wednesday that would allow teachers, principals and other school officials to carry concealed weapons on school property.

“This is too important to leave our children in danger,” Lasee said in an interview, calling it another useful tool to help keep Wisconsin students safe.

Read more @ The Badger Herald.

Click Here To Watch Frank Lasse Pitch Guns In Schools


la cage aux Foley

It's interesting to see the Republican spin machine whirling out of control over the resignation of Florida Congressman Mark Foley. The GOP is trying to deflect the blame away from the self-proclaimed party anointed by God and the keeper of all values worth getting single-issue voters to pull the ballot box lever in their favor.

Rush Limpballs and Deny Hastert are weaving the ABC/Democrat wool of conspiracy over the eyes of FOX viewers and while Lush and Sean Hyenaity are providing the ear enemas. In fact, our fellow bloggers over at www.ontheborderline.net -- the ones with the front row seats during the 2004 Bush visit to Hudson (All the better to polish you boots, Mr. President.) -- are doing their part to do counter spin of the Foley exposure.

The OTBL Admin says: "I dare say that ABC was in cahoots with the DNC and only because of this glitch did the age of the individual come out."

Of course, we all know the OTBL Admin has deep connections into all the workings of ABC and the DNC. Right, I believe I also saw an ad on his blog for ocean front property in North Hudson. (Pssst, looks like the OTBL'ers gave up their quest for capitalist blog domination in the Valley. The ads have disappeared. They've ended their career as cheap prostitutes.)

The OTBL Admin also notes: "An ABC Online glitch led to exposing the identity of the Foley Accuser. Turns out the individual was of legal consenting age, 18 at the time of IM’ing with Foley."

Of course this is where the confusion comes in. In another OTBL post, BJohnson tells us: "As it is, Republicans deny knowing about the explicit text messages that Foley sent to a 16-year-old congressional page back in 2003. In repudiating Foley, House Speaker Dennis Hastert called the messages “vile and repulsive.”"

So what is it OTBL, 16 or 18? You need to get into OTBL hot tub and do a group huddle on this one.

OTBL's BJ goes on to tell us: "If anything, the episode reveals the Democrats’ hypocrisy about their own behavior. The fact that Foley resigned virtually within minutes of being told that ABC News had copies of his salacious e-mails and text messages indicates he at least felt shame for his actions. Can the same be said for Democrats?"

I'm not sure which Democrats he's talking about? Tom Delay, Duke Cunningham, Kirk Fordham. Oh excuse me, those guys are Republicans. I must have been watching FOX News. I believe they were calling Foley a Democrat last night.

Or maybe I was reading this comment by OTBL's ChoosingLife: "If the Republican Party required a signature at the bottom of the GOP Platform and Resolutions, they would be able to weed out the Democrats in Republican Sheep’s Clothing and cull out non-platform/resolutions adherents. This is such an easy solution to a vast problem within the Republican Party. Foley was a pro-abortion/pro-sodomite so-called Republican. There’s many more like him within the Republican Party. The Platform and Resolutions are there for a reason. Americans should expect a higher standard from the Republican Party members, but if we keep electing Republican Party under miners, we will be as low as the Democrats before long. Republicans should demand accountability from the Republican Party if we expect it from the Democrats."

ChoosingLife will probably be directing the Reich side of the chorus line at the 2008 Republican convention in St. Paul. And so it looks like the OTBL zombies have put away their NRA-ass-kissing posts for the time being and got out their bucket of white wash to help spruce up the unsightly stains that are continuing to seep through their stage costumes.

Limbaugh and Hastert baselessly suggested that Democrats orchestrated Foley scandal

Summary: Rush Limbaugh and House Speaker Dennis Hastert advanced a theory that Democrats and the media instigated the scandal surrounding former Rep. Mark Foley to aid the Democrats in the midterm elections, ignoring ABC News reporter Brian Ross's statement that the sources for his reporting on Foley are, if at all politically affiliated, Republicans.

Read more and hear the audio at Media Matters.

Original cartoons complients of PO'd Toons. Thanks Fat Jon!


Part 2: "Guns Save Lives"...@ www.ontheborderline.net

Concealed weapon permits in the news:

U.D. cops seize arsenal from Drexel Hill house

UPPER DARBY -- Police say they believe they thwarted a catastrophe after removing an arsenal of guns, ammunition, grenades, knives, bomb-making components, including 16 ounces of hazardous mercury, and other weapons from a Drexel Hill home. The search warrant was obtained for the house, located 200 feet from St. Charles Parochial School, Dennison Avenue, after a detective recognized the defendant from a previous incident involving weapons.

...Conner who obtained a concealed weapon permit in Chester County in February 2005 was armed with a loaded handgun when taken into custody.

Marin stingy with concealed weapon permits

Getting a license to carry a gun in some places around the state is as simple as asking for one and taking a class. But in Marin County, it's tough. Real tough.

"People have to show me good cause," said Marin County Sheriff Robert Doyle.

Lawyers cite self-defense for Hells Angels in Nevada casino brawl

LAS VEGAS (AP) - Defense lawyers said Wednesday that Hells Angels were defending themselves and didn't plot a deadly brawl with rival Mongols motorcycle gang members during a southern Nevada biker rally in 2002 as a federal prosecutor said.

...Police later found one bullet casing and six intact bullets near where Dysart stood, Chesnoff said, adding that Schaefer had a valid concealed weapons permit and a clean criminal record before his arrest.

Second brother pleads in shooting incident

Marece Richards, who was driving the night his older brother began firing a military-style rifle at another vehicle as the two cars raced along Government Boulevard, decided Wednesday to follow his brother's lead and plead guilty in the case.

...Marece Richards, an aspiring rap artist, had in his possession on that July night a .40-caliber handgun, with a permit, but did not pull it or fire it as his brother opened up with the assault rifle. (At least somebody was acting responsible.)

Dr. Feel Worse
“He liked to show it off,” she says. “You know, I’m big, I’m bad, I got a gun.”

All of these people describe Feldman as a man who holds a grudge and carries a gun. In fact, the Scene obtained a copy of his handgun carry permit from the Tennessee Department of Safety. One source, a former nurse in his practice, says that Feldman never left home without a revolver strapped to his ankle.

South Carolina
Man gets 16 years in Cornell Arms killing
“Yeah, he had a concealed weapon permit, but he wasn’t supposed to be holding a weapon as a night watchman."

Jason Michael Dickey, 32, was sentenced to 16 years in prison by Judge James Johnson Jr. for the death of 24-year-old Joshua William Boot in May 2004.

Boot, of West Columbia, and Dickey got into a fight in front of the Cornell Arms Apartments after Dickey, working as a night watchman at the complex, asked Boot to leave. Dickey was convicted by a jury Friday of voluntary manslaughter in the death. Boot was shot in the chest and twice in the stomach. Dickey, who carried a concealed weapon permit, said at trial he was acting in self-defense. He faced between two and 30 years for the conviction.

“We felt that justice was done,” said John Meadors, deputy 5th Circuit solicitor.

Murder charge filed in shooting over jewelry

NILES — Police investigating the case of a 29-year-old South Bend man accused of shooting another South Bend man outside a store on the Michigan-Indiana state line last month said Tuesday that Louis Clark did not intend to kill Renell Exum. Police said he intended just to shoot Exum in the leg to push him away during a struggle over a gold necklace.

...“(Clark) called the police,” Parish said in arguing for a bond reduction. “He waited for the police to come. He did everything right. The fact that he had a gun shouldn’t be held against him. He had a valid permit.

New Jersey
Woodbridge man charged in 2003 twin killings

MIDDLESEX COUNTY — A Woodbridge man with ties to the violent Bloods street gang was arrested yesterday in connection with a 2003 double homicide. Michael E. Ross II, 23, of Chestnut Street, Avenel, was arrested yesterday at Mid-State Correctional Facility in Wrightstown, Burlington County, and charged with the Oct. 30, 2003, murders of Aleksy Bautin, 26, and Sergey Barbashov, 21. Ross is being held at the prison on unrelated aggravated assault and theft charges.

According to the police complaints, Ross possessed a handgun with a permit and used it unlawfully against another, "specifically by shooting the victims with a 9 mm handgun in the Forest View Apartment Complex in Avenel."

So That's Why The Mouth Has Two Sides...

"The Adam Walsh Act is the most comprehensive piece of child protection legislation this Congress has ever considered. The bill creates, among other things, new State and Federal regulations, community notification requirements, as well as new Federal criminal penalties for sex offenders."

"I have said repeatedly that in this country we track library books better than we do sex offenders."

"At Sacred Heart, I was taught how to be a better citizen because of their focus on discipline and moral values."

Mark Foley
Former Florida Congress
...as of last Friday.


Space is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Originally published Jan. 06.
File Under: Satire
As adults it’s our responsibility to set a good example for our children and young people, to set rules and pass laws that create a better society for the benefit of those who follow us. That's why we NEED a Conceal and Carry law. We can all feel safer knowing that the person who just cut us off in traffic or signaled an obscene gesture could be packing heat. It’d be a new day for every Wisconsin citizen.

So if the conceal and carry law is good for adults and society at large, it just makes good common sense that the same rules should be applied to our children to build a better world. It’s in this spirit I’d like to make a modest proposal. I like to offer for consideration, that public schools adopt a new ground breaking program, Conceal and Carry for Kids.

The benefits of this proposed program are far-reaching and best of all, fiscally responsible.

Space is a terrible thing to waste. Year after year, public school enrollment continues to increase. There’s no end in sight according to the projections of the government demographers. The citizens of this community are being taxed to the point of bleeding and if the problem continues will not even be able to afford duck tape to cover the wounds.

Conceal and Carry for Kids is the obvious solution to this dilemma . Our projections show that if Conceal and Carry for Kids is adopted, there may never be a need to build new government educational infrastructure, ever.

According to the projections, each year student enrollment could drop as much as 7 to 10 % as a result of gun violence. Just think of the cost savings. With fewer students, we need fewer teachers with even fewer health and retirement benefits. And there may be no need to fire, lay off, or wait for teacher retirements because, thank God, teachers are subject to the same population thinning hostility and carnage as the students.

And the cost savings reach far beyond that, in unanticipated ways. We’ve all read how many inner city schools spend huge amounts of money to install metal detectors and hire government police force liasons to prevent students from bringing there favorite weapon to school. With Conceal and Carry for Kids, problem solved. With no rules against concealed weapons at school, no need for metal detectors, no need for even a K-Mart Cop. No district will be hiring psychologists to deal with bullying. Students will take personal responsibility for the problem. If bullying occurs, BAM!! Instant bully removal and an lower student to teacher ratio as a by- product.

In closing, if you want a better world for the youngsters, support Conceal and Carry for Kids, contact you local school board members, church leaders, and government school administrators and let them know it’s time for a change, it’s time for Conceal and Carry for Kids.

Hopefully paid for and endorsed by the WRA. (WI- Rifle Association).

"Guns to save lives"...@ www.ontheborderline.net

Gunman kills 4 girls, self in Amish School Shooting

Nevada: Gun reported at North Las Vegas school

South Carolina: Man charged with killing his half brother

Washington: Moses Lake man murdered

Gunman kills 62-year-old man

South Carolina: Man Charged in Deaths of Wife, 4 Kids

Principal Killed, Student to Be Charged With Murder in Southwestern Wisconsin School Scooting

Gunman kills hostage, self

Florida:Gunman Kills Fla. Cop During Traffic Stop

California: Gunman kills armored car guard

Gunman kills guard at hotel

And that's the news from Lake Wobegon.

Click here for a public service announcement from the NRA on responsible gun ownership.

Hey! I Like Watermelon!

"More problems for Virginia Senator George Allen. As you know, he's been accused of making racially insensitive remarks. A number of classmates of Allen's have come forward and said he used the 'N' word quite a bit. He says he doesn't remember that. You know the reason he doesn't remember? Because he never said it to a black guy."

Jay Leno

Fatal Shooting Reported at Amish School

NICKEL MINES, Pa. — A gunman killed "a number" of people at a one-room Amish schoolhouse Monday in Pennsylvania's bucolic Lancaster County, state police said. The shooter was among the dead, and a number of people were injured, said state police Cpl. Ralph Striebig.

"There are a number of people dead," Striebig said. "The exact number I do not know yet."

Police surrounded the one-room school late Monday morning, and the Lancaster County 911 Web site reported that dozens of emergency units were dispatched to a "medical emergency" at 10:45 a.m.

Two hours later, about three dozen people in traditional Amish clothing, hats and bonnets stood near the small school building speaking to one another, several young people and authorities. At least two ambulances had left the scene, and at least one person was taken on a stretcher to a medical helicopter. Officials at the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center confirmed that victims were being admitted there. A spokeswoman said the hospital anticipated more than one patient, but did not know how many.


Earth bound thoghts...

"We know that we are the Earth and the Earth is us...The Creator put us (here) to take care of this part of the world...We know that the right thing to do is to stand up and speak out against the desecration of the environment. This is our only chance."

Sarah James, Gwich'in

Sarah James is a Neets'aii Gwich'in Indian from Arctic Village, Alaska, the northernmost Indian tribe in North America. Gwich'in is James’s first language. She grew up traditionally, following the caribou migration. As a Gwich’in, she was born with motivation to care for her land. “Loss of the caribou would mean the end of my people, much like the loss of the buffalo resulted in the decimation of many indigenous cultures in the Great Plains over a century ago,” she says. But James did not choose to become a leader for the Gwich’in; that choice was made for her. For almost 20 years, Sarah James quietly served her people as a community health aide, in a log cabin with no running water, and founder of a preschool. Then, in 1988, the elders and spiritual leaders of the entire Gwich’in nation – encompassing 15 villages and several million acres of remote land in northeastern Alaska and Canada – chose her to become the public spokesperson for preserving the caribou, the land they travel, and the Gwich’in culture.

Read more about Sarah James.