OTBL TV News Presents:

The Weekly Hot Tub Roundup

Here's just a taste of the no-holds-barred dialogue in this week's episode:

Playboy Roy: "Stay tuned on this matter as it looks like heads will roll at city hall in the near future."

Columbo: "Therefore Mr. Willie should be spanked immediately."

Playboy Roy: "It is time for the city council to do what is right and send Mr. Willie packing...and I don't mean that in the Biblical sense."

Citizen Joe: "How can Willie be packing? I thought Doyle vetoed the conceal and carry law?"

Lil Bill: "Don't forget about me in Illinois."

Citizen Joe: "Have you guys ever noticed that the sticky stuff in this hot tub tastes a lot like licorice?"

Playboy Roy: "Joe, how many times have we told you not to play with your gun in the hot tub?"

Columbo: "Rumor has it that Mayor Whiplash is going to shutdown our club outhouse because someone reported to the chief that we had a Baby Ruth floating in our hot tub."

Citizen Joe: "Gulp...not any more."

Playboy Roy: "Joe, wipe that shit-eating grin off your face. Here use my pink head band."

Admin: "Hot tub rule number four states...No profanity or quasi-profanity. I hate it."

Luke: "I herd they hired a gummerment injunear to dew ah feces-ability study on destroying our club outhouse. He said it wood take a nuclear bomb just to santa-tize the area around the outhouse and make it habitable for skunks to live here. Global warming will be long over by the time those evil community members could ever think about using the outhouse again."

Lil Bill: "Luke, you are starting ramble incoherently and communicate in long sentences of absolute non-sense. In other words, you are treading on my turf. Knock it off."

Beagle666: "Yea, I heard the council is going to hold a referendum to see if the community will spring for the bomb. They might even put a banner up on Main Street."

Luke: "I hope it's a yellow banner. That's the color of my tooth."

Lil Bill: "Enough of this. Let's talk about Ayn Rand."

Citizen Joe: "Hey look at my fountain head..."

Luke: "Are there anymore Baby Ruth's floating around?"

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