You Just Can't Argue With Those Damn Knuckleheads!!!

Q: I read a quote where you said that you don't argue with brutes. Who were you referring too?


A: Can a die-hard Packer fan have a civil conversation with a die-hard Bears fan right after a close game? That's what I'm talking about. There are some people now who are so wrapped up in their interest that that's all they care about. They don't even read the opinions that I write. It is their interests that govern them, not the thought process or the Constitution. They've got to have their way or they'll kill you -- not physically, necessarily, but certainly with calumnies. There are people today who seem unable to transcend their interests to the point necessary to have a civil discourse.

Clarence Thomas
US Supreme Court Justice

Read the interview @ Imprimis.


November Is National Accordion Month

Pump It Up with Those Darn Accordions!

Two Peanuts In A Podcast:

The Dr. Lil Bil Interview Transcribed

For those of you have haven't heard the Dr. Lil Bil nodcast at ontheborderline.nut, we have transcribed it in its entirety for your snoozing enlightenment.

O. No: Aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh, Dr. Lil Bil it is great that aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh you could join us. This is the aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh first of what we hope to be aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh many on the borderline aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh podcasts.

Dr. Lil Bil: Thanks for allowing me to have a transitional value-added convergence with someone of who is a pioneer in redefining distributed web services that exploit visionary methodologies and continue to prove that you are an envisioneer of out-of-the-box initiatives.

O. No.: Thanks aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh I think.

Dr. Lil Bil: I meant it as a compliment to one who understand how to reintermediate efficient functionalities.

O. No.: How’s the aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh book “The Price of aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh Spin” going?

Dr. Lil Bil: In the free market aggregate world-class system, it is enabling people with a GED to enable and envision 24/7 paradigms that utilize impactful experiences to leverage friction in communities that lack plug-and-play infrastructures which allow great intellects like me to strategize 24/7 ROIs. With the help of lackeys like you, we -- of course I mean I -- hope to facilitate virtual web-readiness sales while enhancing one-to-one infrastructures.

O. No.: I aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh agree with aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh 100 percent of 75 percent of what you aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh said. With the book aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh behind you, what is aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh next for you?

Dr. Lil Bil: I hope to optimize B2B mindshare by generating back-end e-commerce add-ons to facilitate global infrastructures that aggregate global paradigms so that we -- of course I mean I -- can enhance scalable action-items that redefine user-centric convergence so we -- of course again I mean I -- can deploy clicks-and-mortar interfaces that will allow me -- once again I mean I -- can deploy visionary applications that will allow me -- ditto -- to streamline the next-generation of idiots like you and Flash, Pavil, donttreadonme, Chris and the rest of you -- of course I don't mean I -- fruitcakes who built me up to the status of an intellectual leviathan.

O. No.: Well aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh Dr. Lil Bil I aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh hate to cut it short but aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh I have aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh a really big protein headache from all the aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh buzzwords flying around in your aaaaagh, gee, duh, silence, aaaaagh big head.

Dr. Lil Bil: Thanks for allowing a platform that lets me be an envisioneer of granular architectures that help enlighten easily fooled dupes like you by exposing my strategic vortals to leverage viral functionalities in a virtual world. Could I have some of those peanuts?


Levy opponents sue for right to spread false information

Levy referendum opponents in two Minnesota school districts where ballot measures were defeated this week are now claiming their right to free speech is under attack. They filed a lawsuit Thursday in U.S. District Court against a state agency in a preemptive move to stop school districts from suing them over the use of inaccurate information in their "vote no" campaigns.

St. Paul, Minn. — State law prohibits the dissemination of information aimed at defeating a ballot question if that information is known to be false. Alleged violations of the law end up before the state Office of Administrative Hearings.

Attorney Erick Kaardal claims that system is violating his clients' free-speech rights.

Robbinsdale Superintendent Stan Mack described the lawsuit as "amazing." Mack said he can't believe opponents would sue for the right to use false information in a levy campaign. He views the lawsuit as an admission of the tactics used in Robbinsdale.

Robbinsdale schools blame anti-levy agent from Iowa

November 07, 2007
Paul Dorr is an Iowa consultant who has built a reputation working to defeat school levy requests. He says he has helped to deny dozens of school levies and bond issues in Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, South Dakota and Minnesota. In the wake of Tuesday's levy defeat, Robbinsdale school officials blamed a literature campaign orchestrated by Dorr and financed by a Robbinsdale anti-levy group, 281 CARE (Citizens Acting for Responsible Education). On Wednesday, Dorr referred questions to CARE, which did not respond to a phone call.

Administrators in districts that Dorr has targeted say he's a master of distortion and prevarication, but in an interview last month, Dorr said he serves a higher purpose: to represent school district taxpayers who are overwhelmed by organized support for school levies and who feel their voices won't be heard.

Read more @ Minneapolis Star Tribune.
Paul Door @Google News
Dorr runs Copperhead Consulting Services.
Additonal info @City Pages.


Pot Calls Kettle "Black"

Here's a perfect example of the hypocrisy of the local fascist alliance.
A comment to a recent post on this blog stated:

Personal attacks would never appear on the Right Wing Internut Tabloid ontheborderline.nut
or would they?

They always proclaim that they are champions of MORALITY.

Judge for yourself:

Following this twisted logic. If you haven't posted your name in opposition
to legalizing heroin, must must have voted in favor of it.

Who in the world is this guy and why is Dr. Bill mocking him?

Carnac on Perverts

Over at ontheborderline.nut, CARNAC writes..."His speech was paid for by your tax dollars. His security was paid for by your tax dollars. His travel was paid for by your tax dollars. His hookers were also paid for by your tax dollars."

Not one to keep his two readers in suspense, he provides with the question: Question: "Who paid for Bill Clinton's latest trip to Las Vegas? Read more as Billy Jim Bob talked about the union thugs taking control of the 2008 election."

Evidently Carnac is equating "hookers" with "perverts." How strange for such a personal libertarian as Carnac, who orgasms publicly over the free-market philosophical lard bucket of Ludwig von Mises and the personal peanut-pounding philosophy of egotistical masturbation. Isn't prostitution legal in Nevada? It think it was von Mises who was advocating the legalisation of heroin.

Voters approve MOST levy requests

Only one question in Stillwater passes, renewing funding; South Washington County faced no opposition

Voters were willing to fund schools in Washington County at their current level but were reluctant to kick in more property tax dollars for education.

South Washington County's request to extend $14.1 million in levies sailed to an easy victory Tuesday. And one of three ballot measures in Stillwater made its way through to renew an $8.9 million levy set to expire after this school year and add $1 million a year in new funding.

Stillwater levy supporters celebrated their victory after battling through a nasty and emotional campaign. Levy opponents faced attacks from an anonymous blogger posting information about their families and children. And people on both sides saw a rash of signs slashed or stolen from their yards.

"We're thankful that the first question passed so we don't have to dismantle our programs," Superintendent Keith Ryskoski said. "But it's disappointing the second and third questions didn't pass so we can make some improvements."

The passage of Stillwater's first question was a critical victory. If the expiring levy had not been replaced, at least 10 cents of every revenue dollar would have disappeared next school year, forcing about $9 million in budget cuts.

Read more @St. Paul Pioneer Press.


Iran-Contra II: Reagan Spotted In Venezuela

Republican Says Iran Sees Venezuela as Doorway to Americas!!!

Here we go again. It's time for the Republicans to roll out their dominoes theory just in time for 2008. Let's tie together Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and put Ollie North in charge of the State Department.

Here's what one of the main talking providers to conservative talk radio has to say about the pending menace:

Exclusive Interview (CNSNews.com) - Top U.S. officials who avoid confrontation with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez should exchange their passivity for a more forceful Latin American policy, Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.) said in an exclusive interview with the Cybercast News Service.

Otherwise, rogue nations and terrorists will continue to use Venezuela as a conduit for dangerous enterprises that jeopardize U.S. interests, the Florida Republican argued. As it stands, Iran's influence in the region is already growing at a quick pace thanks in large measure to the Chavez government, said Mack.

Read more @ Cybercast News Service.

I didn't get a chance to listen to right wing nut radio today, but I'm sure Hannity and Limbaugh will some be hot of this.


English As My Native Language- By Borderline Admin. Chris

Borderline Admin Chris has some words of wisdom concerning educating our youth.

In a comment (http://www.ontheborderline.net/?p=4929 ) at ontheborderline.nut, he states that:

"Education levels are critical to reducing poverty. Unfortunately, many government run schools fail to provide their students with even basic literacy skills. Another huge step in reducing the roots of poverty will be expanding school choice to all students and ending the public school monopoly as you suggested. Students would be better prepared for colleges throughout the country."

Oh Really Chris? Really? Then why is it that Chris posted the following display of his literacy skills?

The dictionary defines adjunct as:

Perhaps Mr. smarty pants admin. meant....

Thanks for the lessons on literacy, Public school students should take these words of wisdom to heart!

Better Schools Create Poverty in New Richmond

In a recent article posted at Onthebottomline.com a.k.a. ontheborderline.net, Blue in New Richmond addresses the issue of local poverty. I find it ironic, that rather than looking for cause of local working class poverty in the lack of living wage jobs in the area, Blue readily and gleefully points the finger at the public schools and the recently passed referendum.
Of course everybody knows how better schools directly contribute to low wages, NOT!
I've heard borderliners extol the virtues of tax cuts to create new jobs, yet for these working poor families, the invisible hand of the market seems to have passed them by without the magically anticipated effect of raising their standard of living.
Let's get real Blue, the Republican tax cutting efforts have done nothing for those at the lower end of the economic scale, but instead have concentrated more and more wealth in the hands of the affluent few. At the same time workers see stagnant wages, they also see rising fuel and health care costs which can be directly related to the failed policies of the current administration. These far exceed any increase in property taxes working poor residents in the New Richmond Area may encounter as a result of a recently passed referendum. How many min. wage workers, or working poor even own a home to pay taxes on? None that I know of.
You might make the argument that higher rents could result from land lords passing on their additional expense to their tenants. But any increase like this would be offset by Wisconsin's Homestead tax credit, and would pale in comparison to other rising costs in low income family
budgets. If Blue is truly concerned about the working poor he should vote for politicians whose policies make life for those at the lower end of the economic scale less difficult and not more. These policies would obviously come from a political party that has compassion rather than criticism and disdain for the poor.
Nice try at twisting the issue blue, but nobody's biting!

Dr. Bill Composing His Lastest ontheborderline.nut post titled "Why [Stillwater] Voters Must Vote NO"

Man Reading Dr. Bill's Lastest OTBL Post

"Kids First" Group Proposes New Anti-Social Program

Dr. Dan Billiamson, Executive director of the Onthebottomline.Nut Conservative Stink Tank, "Kids First", has proposed yet another gem of anti-social engineering. Penned " The Git Yer Youngins Wirkin' Project ", it was first unveiled at the annual gather of "German Beer Drinking Social Misfits Convention" held at Dick's Bar and Harley Parking Lot, earier this week.
The " The Git Yer Youngins Wirkin'Project " proposes early release from day care for chilin' aged 2-4, to assist local underprivileged entrepreneurs who've recently suffered greatly, missing afternoon tee times at Troy Burn. "It's a travesty, that we have a ready and able source of untapped free labor and we are squandering it." said Dr. Billiamson in his keynote address to convention goers. " We need to "Just Vote No " to every penny proposed to help these looting class mothers who intentionally withhold access to this entrepreneurial source of free labor. They have no rational right under the Constitution of the United States to deter my pursuit of happiness".