10 Lesson For TEA Baggers...

1. President Obama Cut Your Taxes
2. The Stimulus is Working
3. First Ronald Reagan Tripled the National Debt...
4. ...Then George W. Bush Doubled It Again
5. Republican States Have the Worst Health Care
6. Medicare is a Government Program
7. Barack Obama is Not a Muslim
8. Barack Obama was Born in the United States
9. 70,000 Does Not Equal 2,000,000
10. The Economy Almost Always Does Better Under Democrats

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Stand Up To Scott Walker!

It Depends on Your Perspective!

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That Doesn't Happen Here...

Dear Gov. Walker You Ignorant Slut

In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker’s battle with public sector unions may have some unintended consequences. Statistics show that in America, 35 percent of union members are registered Republicans. By engaging in this battle of philosophy that will do little to actually balance Wisconsin’s budget, Mr. Walker is hurting a large number of Republicans who voted for him for governor. Statistics will also show that a higher percentage of Republican union members actually go to the polls and vote than do Democrats. Mr. Walker received a lot of votes from the very unions he is trying to bust. So this situation in Wisconsin is far more complicated than anyone has been able to adequately address. How much damage is Mr. Walker willing to do to his own supporters to make himself a hero to extreme right wing conservatives? We’ll find out.

Reggie Marselus Lenexa

Recall Momentum - Milwaukee