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Can You Here Me Now!!!!
In the most splendid display of incompetence in the nation's history Pres. Bush spins his web of excuses for not helping dying American citizens in New Orleans. After 4 days, the full resources of the United States can't airdrop 100,000 granola bars and some drinking water to dying Americans. This is indeed a "National Disgrace". Guess that outsourcing really works. Still no Wal-Mart helicoptors in sight. Listen to someone whose been there and seen the truth of what going on. Even Williamson Enterprises doesn't smell profit.
New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin tells CBS radio affiliate WWL-AM that he gave President Bush a piece of his mind.

For the Full Interview Listen Here:
Extended Interview With Nagin (WARNING: Includes Swear Words)


OTBLer Goes South for Heart Transplant:

One Hudson area blogger reportedly received a new heart today in of all places Mississippi. He's been tight-lipped about the reasons for his departure from Tax Hell into Hurricane Hell but today’s announcement confirms that his journey South was for medical reasons. (See OTBL post below). Can you spell "heart transplant". Wow, of course the patient instructs us mental midgets that this new found generousity is not "socialism" but benevolence. Gee, good thing he didn't call it altruism since objectivists don't believe in that sort of thing. Of course,the OTBL patient got his jab in at the Socialist institution of the Poooleeeese.

Medical experts we checked with confirm that this is just a symptom of remaining “Red State Poison”, and should clear up once the transplant tissue heals. Of course, there is the possibility of rejection of the new heart. Statistics show that among OTBLers a staggering 98% of new heart recipients reject the organ within the first month.
So, BD, what is your "self-interest" in helping others? Why should the victims receive help from anybody? Why don't they just pull themselves up by their soaking wet bootstraps. Why don't they just move and get real jobs? The lazy bums were too dumb to evacuate, right? Isn't survival of the fittest what we strive for? Why should anyone "sacrifice" (i.e. give up something of more value for something of less value?) for these people just because all the wealth they created in this world has just been flushed down the toilet? Auntie Ayn says “That’s Immoral”.

Of course we should never expect the “Government” to step in and assist their citizens, should we? It looks like OTBLers won’t be disappointed, since most National Guardsmen and Women and their equipment are tied up with the more critical mission of protecting V.P. Chaney’s oil profits, and helping create a new Middle-Eastern Islamic state in Iraq, there’s no need to worry about the government getting on the backs of hurricane victims. Thank God that we have Wal-Mart to assist us in time of national disaster. Here’s to the other “Uncle Sam”.


8/30/2005 Time to chip in…

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There are times in life when you have to stop what you are doing and help folks who, for absolutely no reason or fault of their own, are truly victims of the ferocity of nature. This isn't socialism, it's called true benevolence and common decency.

After learning the hard way from September 11th, I just visited the only charity related to disasters that I will support - The Salvation Army. It's the least we can do, there is real suffering going on down in Mississippi and Louisiana.

State Farm Insurance Companies gave $1,000,000 today, dittos for Wal-Mart. What is ironic about both of these organizations is that they will most certainly be the brunt of fraudulent claims and store looters. In fact, I just saw on the tube first hand accounts of looting in a Wal-mart - by local police officers!

Unbelievable, sad, but true.

I am not Wal-mart or State Farm, I understand some of this money will be squandered, but I can spare some money to help out..and it's the right thing to do.

http://www.salvationarmyusa.org/ or call 1-800-SAL-ARMY.

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Political differences aside, (and I won’t say this often) bildanielson is right in one respect. There is a great need of assistance for the victims of this hurricane. The Salvation Army is indeed an effective place to contribute. So are,The American Red Cross http://www.redcross.org/, and Catholic Charities http://www.catholiccharitiesusa.org/.

Hope that transplant takes!!!!!!! And thanks for your contribution, really.