Student: School's air is sickening

Cystic fibrosis sufferer forced to stay home, but officials can't find a problem

Nichole Frye just wants to go to school. But the 17-year-old junior said the air at Hudson High School is making her sick, keeping her away from her friends and her studies. School officials empathize but said that while air-quality tests show there is room for improvement, the school has a clean bill of health.

Her friends and family aren't convinced. Fifteen students were suspended for taking part in a protest on her behalf. And her mother, Tracy Frye, said she is going to continue to push school administrators to find and fix the problem.

"I have no idea what it is in that school that is harming her, but it is at that school," she said.

Read more in St. Paul Pioneer Press story by Kevin Harter.

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