The Incredible Disappearing Elephant

Reporting on the new ABC/Washington Post poll has mostly focused on support for a public health care option. But the poll also shows that, while Republicans have succeeded in stonewalling Democratic initiatives in Congress, they have not managed to rebuild their party.

Only 20 percent of respondents identified themselves as Republicans -- the lowest number since 1983.

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...not mention of where the TEA Party stands in the numbers.


Becking To Differ

“That's right. Our march to socialism. You know, some say that Barack Obama, that cat's a socialist, man. Others say, no, no, he's just really unlucky. Every policy he happens to support just, dumb, stupid luck, brings us toward socialism. That's it. I mean, brings us there quickly, like at a trillion times the speed of light. And I know the number "Trillion" because we seem to be using it an awful lot lately. I believe that it's just luck myself, dumb, hapless luck. Sometimes that luck works out perfectly.”

Glenn Beck

Concerning Bush's $3.1 trillion budget for 2009:

"Under the Bush administration proposal, they are building a wall of debt. At the end of his first year, the gross debt of the United States stood at 5.8 trillion [dollars]. If you look at the end of his eight years of responsibility, we see the debt as over $10.4 trillion. That is almost a doubling of the national debt on his watch."

Ken Conrad - Democrat
Senate Budget Committee Chairman

"Obama's a market guy. He's not any kind of socialist at all. He's not challenging the of corporations. The banking reforms that have been suggested are not particularly far-reaching...I mean it's laugh out loud, really."

Frank Llewellyn
Democratic socialists of America


Notes From The Ahmadinejad Wing of the GOP

"There is a saying that the Jews who are wealthy got that way not by watching dollars, but instead by taking care of the pennies and the dollars taking care of themselves."

Edwin Merwin Jr. and Jim Ulmer
GOP Party Officials From South Carolina
In newspaper op-ed piece

"...the image of the Jew as penny-pincher was a praise of Jewish frugality. In fact, it dates back to the centuries of anti-Jewish persecution in Europe, when Jews were forbidden to own land or conduct any business other than money-lending, which was closed to Christians by Church law. It is an image of a kind and of a time with forcing Jews to wear a badge on their clothing or enclosing them in ghettos, cutting them off from religious, social, and economic freedom."

Matthew Brooks
Republican Jewish Coalition


TEA Party Pooper


Hudson TEA Party