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Check out the song:

Shhhhhhh! Li'l Dickie is Sleepy.

Dick Cheney is tired from working hard to keep the price of gas "low."

Check out the toon: National Lampoon. Com

Non - Mises Thought for the Day

Satisfied Mind
(Red Hayes - Jack Rhodes)
© '54 Fort Knox Music, BMI / Trio Music, BMI

How many times have you heard someone say
"If I had his money, I could do things my way"
Little they know that it's so hard to find
One rich man in ten with a satisfied mind.

Listen to Porter Wagner version.

Once I was waitin' for fortune and fame
Everything that I dreamed for to get a start in life's game
Suddenly it happened, I lost every dime
But I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind

Money can't buy back your youth when you're old
Or a friend when you're lonely, or a love that's grown cold
The wealthiest person is a pauper at times
Compared to the man with a satisfied mind

When my life is ended, my time has run out
My trials and my loved ones, I'll leave them no doubt
But one thing's for certain, when it comes my time
I'll leave this old world with a satisfied mind.

From Homer to Marx and Lennon to Von Mises

"...even Communism worked in theory, in theory..."
-- Homer Simpson

"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies."
-- Groucho Marx

“All we are saying is give peace a chance."
-- John Lennon

"Peace and not war is the father of all things."
-- Ludwig von Mises

Hudson Blog Site Spends Earth Day With Exxon-sponsored Prostitute

A current post at Hudson's www.ontheborderline.net is a typical cut-n-paste job of pro-oil company disinformation put out by the Pacific Legal Foundation. What is this foundaiton and who sponsors it?

The Pacific Legal Foundation was the nation's first business oriented public interest law firm founded in 1973 by members of the California Chamber of Commerce. PLF was politically supported by officials in then Governor Ronald Reagan's cabinet, including founding member Edwin Meese. Pacific Legal Foundation has received $95,000 from ExxonMobil since 1998.

Learn more about the anti-environmental prostitutes frequented by the bloggers at OTBL:Exxon Secrets. Org.
Who funds PLF: Media Transparency.org
Learn more about: Right-wing legal foundations.

Learn About The Corporate Whores Pedaling Junk Science For Profit

Think tanks and journalists funded by ExxonMobil are out to convince you global warming is a hoax

It is Earth Day and the bloggers over at www.ontheborderline.net are displaying their gospel of "if big business whats it it, it must be good and we shall push for it." You can tell how deeply the OTBL'ers investigate these issues, when they pull FOX News' Steve Milloy out of the hat and forget to mention which corporations are paying him to trash serious science. Remember that the OTBL blog site is being paid by Wal-Mart to publish pro Wal-Mart press releases. Our motives on this blog site are pure and their motives at OTBL are pure cash. For them, money makes the world go round. For us, we believe in fighting to keep the world going round for countless generations to come.

It is very interesting to track the corporate cash flowing to the coffers of the anti-environmental, propaganda lapdogs. An excellent source to get a good overview of this is the 2005 May/June issue of Mother Jones titled "As The World Burns."

Check it out: Mother Jones.

Happy Earth Day!

On Saturday, April 22, the world will mark the 36th annual Earth Day celebration. Sadly, it will be the first time Earthy Day founder Sen. Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) will not be around to see it. (Nelson passed away last year.) Since Nelson's grassroots effort to recognize the importance of environmental protection "took off like gangbusters" more than three decades ago, significant progress has been made.

"Thanks to strong safeguards, which were generally won after tooth-and-nail battles, we've made some real strides on basic clean air and clean water," said Jon Coifman of the Natural Resources Defense Council. "Rivers aren't catching fire anymore, and you can see the sky in Los Angeles." And the environment has become a real concern of the American public.

A 2005 Harris polls found that seventy-five percent of the American people agree with the statement, "Protecting the environment is so important that requirements and standards cannot be too high, and continuing environmental improvements must be made regardless of cost." Yet, on issues such as climate change, clean air, and clean water, America can do more. When President Bill Clinton gave Nelson the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1995, Clinton expressed the importance of heeding Nelson's legacy.

"Today, as much as at any time in modern American history," Clinton said, "we need to remember what we share on this precious planet and in this beloved country. And I hope that Gaylord Nelson’s shining example will illuminate all the debates in this city for years to come."

Excellent link: American Progress Action.

Tree Huggers Of The World Unite!

Gaylord Nelson -- Earth Day Founder

The man from Clear Lake...
It was as simple as a penny-a-pack tax. That’s all it took for then-Wisconsin Governor Gaylord Nelson to launch the first state land preservation program in the country and one of the greatest conservation careers in our nation’s history. Enacted by the Wisconsin State Legislature in 1961, the Outdoor Recreation Acquisitions Program (ORAP) appropriated $50 million for land protection, which ultimately protected thousands of acres of Wisconsin park land, wetlands and open space. Moreover, this effort launched a life-long effort by Nelson to protect our nation’s and world’s environment.

Only a year after Nelson pushed through ORAP, he was elected to the US Senate where he took his work to protect and preserve our environment to a national level. In his first speech on the Senate floor, Nelson decried the declining condition of the nation’s air and water quality. Foreshadowing what would later become some of our nation’s most important environmental legislation (the Clean Air and Water Acts), he called for a nationwide program to “save the national resources of America.”

Read profile: The Wilderness Society.


Borderwhiners Believe Steve Milloy's 'Junk Science' Crap on Fox News

Borderwhiners worship Fox News Junk Science commentator Steve Milloy, because he "debunks climate alarmism." Did you know that Mr. Milloy receives money from Exxon Mobil to attack research on global warming? Previously, he recieved $100,000 a year from Philip Morris to ridicule the science proving the hazards of second-hand smoke.

Thanks Steve. That's about all the junk science I need. Borderwhiners and Rush Limbaugh believe your crap, but I don't.


Junk Theology 101: Instructor-Sister Ann Coulter


Excerpt from: anticoulter.com

This is an oldy but a goody. It's been quoted by other sites, but I'll include a bit more context as an added bonus. This is from a series of video clips from FOX HANNITY & COLMES, shown on June 22, 2001. (Which show the original clip was from, I can't tell.)

COULTER: I take the biblical idea. God gave us the earth.

PETER FENN (Democratic strategist): Oh, OK.

COULTER: We have dominion over the plants, the animals, the trees.

FENN: This is a great idea.

COULTER: God says, "Earth is yours. Take it. Rape it. It's yours."

FENN: Terrific. We're Americans, so we should consume as much of the earth's resources...

COULTER: Yes! Yes.

FENN: ... as fast as we possibly can.

COULTER: As opposed to living like the Indians.

So Jesus advocated strip mining, ozone depletion, toxic waste spills, and polluted waterways. Who knew?

Just in, Curtis C. added his own two bits on this quote from a Christian perspective:

This is just misuse of the bible. The bible is full of information on proper stewardship of the planet. Leviticus has ideas for proper land management in it. There is a strong environmental Christian movement based on the teachings in the bible.

I'll give you one very big, good example from the bible. This is the story of Noah and Ark. God makes certain that we include the animals on the ark, because we hold dominion over them, yes, but also because this gives us responsibility for their welfare. Clearly god wants us to take care of the animals on the planet. If we make an animal extinct then we are clearly violating the spirit of the story of Noah and the Ark where god instructed Noah to gather all of the animals and keep them alive. ( I have included the quote below.)

God can't make it much clearer than that.

Genesis Chapter 6.

18: But I will establish my covenant with you; and you shall come into the ark, you, your sons, your wife, and your sons' wives with you.

19: And of every living thing of all flesh, you shall bring two of every sort into the ark, to keep them alive with you; they shall be male and female.

20: Of the birds according to their kinds, and of the animals according to their kinds, of every creeping thing of the ground according to its kind, two of every sort shall come in to you, to keep them alive.

I'm no biblical expert, but this sure makes sense to me. A lot more sense than Coulter (who strikes me as one of those Christians who hasn't really bothered to read what Christ actually said).

Un-named Challengers to Sheila and Kitty Welcome Endorsement by N. Onimous

When you're running for political office endorsements by
powerful, well-connected, and popular individuals can add
enormous credibility to one's campaign and vastly increase
one's chances for success.
That said, is it any wonder that the un-named and unannounced
Real Republican challengers to WI legistlative seats currently held
by Sheila Harsdorf and Kitty Rhodes were quick to welcome the
enthusiastic endorsement of local OTBL blogger N.Onimous.
"I will be working to elect whoever runs against Shifty Sheila and
Committee Rhoades during the next election cycle." said N.Onimous.
N.Onimous ( who keeps his real identity a closely guarded secret)
is sure to have Kitty and Sheila shaking in their boots.
One unannounced Real Republican candidate for this race commented off the
record.."The power of anonymous endorsments is vastly under-rated,
just look at what the N. Onimous endorsement did for the Baker school
board campaign."

Borderwhiners Tell RINO's Harsdorf and Rhoades to Hit The Road!

N. Onimous on OTBL: "We are better off with Shifty Harsdorf and Committee Rhoades OUT OF OFFICE! VOTE HARSDORF AND RHOADES OUT!"

Run! Breathe! Run! Breathe!

Ann Coulter on immigration: "Eighty percent of the babies being born at the Los Angeles Public Hospital were from illegal aliens running across the border right as they are about to give birth. Their children immediately become citizens and they get to stay. This isn't the way we should be choosing citizens."


Borderwhiner School Board Members Did Not Need Coaches To Become Illiterate


Cheese State Legislative Issues

JSOnline: Harsdorf and Brown Won't Support Constitution Spending Limit Amendment

"I don't believe fiscal policy belongs in the constitution," said Sen. Sheila Harsdorf (R-River Falls). Legislators are elected to control the state's tax burden by limiting spending, she said.

"We don't need to change our constitution to do this," said Sen. Ron Brown (R-Eau Claire). "We need to change our laws."

The prospects for what supporters call the Taxpayer Protection Amendment dimmed with the opposition of Harsdorf and Brown. The GOP controls the Senate 19-14.

Cap. Times: Howard A. Learner: Clean energy solutions are crucial and feasible


Make the Switch from 24 to 007..........

Growing tired of watching 24?
Make the switch to Mudslingski 007........
A new brand of avenger is taking aim at
Jack Bauer.
Next week,
Mudslingski and his secret band of government
school supporters track the OTBL bus to
New Richmond's school board circus.
The School support ranger commandos clandestinely switch the highway signs, diverting the OTBL contingent to Elk Mound where they mistakenly
attend a Menards board of directors meeting.
After a couple hours Dr. Bill becomes suspicious
since the word school hasn't been mentioned by a single board member.
Will OTBL reverse course in time for "Citizen Comments" or will the good Dr.s head straight to Dick's Bar to cry in their beer.
Tune in and find out.....................

Welcome To Wisconsin

"The growth always outstrips our predictions."

"Up here, it's just better," said Scott Hessing, 38, who moved to Kenosha from St. Charles, Ill., with his wife and two sons. "There's a better life for the boys, better schools, more for the kids to do."

Bucking a regional trend, more people moved into the state in recent years than left it

Wisconsin was the only state in the upper Midwest to eke out a small population gain from domestic migration from 2000 to 2004, according to estimates being released today by the U.S. Census Bureau.

During that period, 13,603 more people moved into Wisconsin than left the state. By comparison, Illinois had a net loss of more than 287,000 people, and Michigan saw a net loss of nearly 114,000. Minnesota, Iowa and Indiana each also saw thousands of more people leave their states than moved in from elsewhere.

Read more: JSOnline



Another Retired General Expresses His Opinion.


Judge Scott Needham Slimed by 'Jack Bauer'. Once Again, Bob Ziller is Conflicted.

The infamous 'Jack Bauer' OTBL slime-machine took a shot at Judge Scott Needham today: "Needham said that if the Board does not accept and implement the costly and property tax raising recommendations, he would no longer be available to offer his valuable time and efforts to assist the School District in the future. Crying like a 2-year old on the floor of a toy store whose parents won’t buy the expensive and colorful little gadget, Needham sure needs to quit whining and grow up. Apparently the Judge thinks only he knows what is best and that he is too smart for all the other locals in New Richmond. It’s been nice Scotty."

On the other hand, is Bob Ziller's response: "I wouldn’t put it quite that strong JB, but you do have a point."

On the third hand, in Bob Ziller's Alternative Long Range Plan he had this to say: "Scott Needham, as chairman, was even-handed in the discussion. Flack came from outside the committee in the form of an anonymous blogger on the ontheborderline website. I follwed these anonymous posts and was surprised that information appeared the next day after the meetings. The only conclusion was that someone in the meeting was passing on information. There is nothing wrong with this as the meetings were all held in open session, but had no outside antendees. The problem was that some of the facts were interpreted to give a negative conclusion and there were constant unfounded allegations that Scott Needham was guiding an unnamed group pushing for predetermined recommendations."

"The accusations were bad enough, but they were implying unethical and dishonest conduct by Scott Needham who is a Circuit Judge. It was a blatant attempt to tear down his reputation. One expects that as a politician, but not as a circuit judge whose position requires fair, honest, and ethical conduct. How does one respond to malicious attacks from an anonymous person? I can fully understand his frustrations."

On the fourth hand, after 'Jack' took a brief hiatus from posting on OTBL, Bob Ziller said: "Welcome back, Jack."

How does Mr. Ziller deal with his internal conflicts?


Bob Ziller Impressed With How New School Board Member is Unprepared

Today on OTBL, Bob Ziller provided his thoughts on last night's New Richmond School Board working meeting.

Ziller said: "When pressed to commit to some form of building program, newly elected board member, Bob Sievert, said that he hadn’t had time to review the Long Range Planning Committee Report and my alternative proposal to make a definitive decision. I’m impressed with this new board member who sees the necessity of researching any big financial commitment for the district and, most importantly, the taxpayers. "

The LRPC report was issued on March 8, 2006, one full month before the election, and six weeks prior to last night's meeting. It is arguably the most important document in front of the New Richmond School Board right now. One has to question why Mr. Sievert has not had time to review it yet. Unlike Bob Ziller, I don't think being unprepared is very impressive.

Maybe Mr. Sievert just needs time to review the report to find ways to poke holes in it - so it will sink. Then New Richmond could go to the Ziller Alternative: A district of small country schools where the schoolmarms chop their own wood - and year-round too!



Wait A Second: Minutemen -- A home for extremists

...What's going on, of course, is that the Minutemen provide an ideal opportunity for white racists to "mainstream" their agenda, using the relatively benign "average citizens" that Lou Dobbs exclusively observes in their ranks as just so much cover.

An online report from the July 16 rally discusses this in some detail: Orcinus

Jack Bauer refused treatment in Psycho Ward:

Infamous schoolboard avenger Jack Bauer was taken to a local clinic
for psychological evaluation by a pair of his blogging buddies after one more
pyschotic episode involving government educators. Doctors at the Stone Pine
Clinic for the Criminally Insane were quoted as saying. "We know this guy is
bonkers, but unfortunely there's nothing we can do. Our hands are tied unless
he's an imminent danger to others. Unless he's done actual violence to
someone we have to sit back and watch as he roams the blogoshere."

You Don't Know Jack....

Socialist Schoolmarms beware:

Jack Bauer's got your number and he's decifered it as 666.
If you devils think you can pull the pantyhose over Jack Bauers eyes
you have another think coming. You may think Jack don't know Jack,
but he's no fool. If he smells terror, no matter what the source he'll
avenge the evildoer with the cunning of a Fox. For too long you socialist
government school supporters have been unaware of Jack's connections to the
highest centers of power. Well, he's ready to call in his favor's so you better
beware. You'll soon know the power of Jack.

YAWN. God OTBL is boring.

That's it. I can't take it anymore. Ontheborderwhine has bored me to death. The borderwhiners, bordergossips, and borderlosers have run their course. Today it looked like they tried to photoshop a photo and it turned out that they just stole it from another blog! They also faked some posting from someone in "Russia." God, how pathetic.

As an anti-ontheborderwhine blogger, I can't take the banality any more. There is nothing left to parody. The OTBL doctors tried. They gave it their all. They got a small shot in the arm from New Richmond - which provided a momentary diversion. But now OTBL is dead, dead, dead. Stick a fork in it. It's dead as a doornail.

Play taps.


Feingold For President 2008!

Check out the website: http://www.russforpresident.com/


Let them eat lutefisk on St. Patty's Day while drinking German beer and ordering french fries in a Chinese restruant and dreaming of Indian summer!!!


"Free Jerry -Free Abbie" N.Onimous Cries from OTBL

This just in.........
Anti- Establishment group Ontheborderline.nut adopts Yippie philosophy

See excerpt from Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book below:

Steal the Book Electronically Here

For extra credit read brief Jerry Rubin biography.


Usually when you ask somebody in college why they are there, they'll tell you it's to get an education. The truth of it is, they are there to get the degree so that they can get ahead in the rat race. Too many college radicals are two-timing punks. The only reason you should be in college is to destroy it. If there is stuff that you want to learn though, there is a way to get a college education absolutely free. Simply send away for the schedule of courses at the college of your choice. Make up the schedule you want and audit the classes. In smaller classes this might be a problem, but even then, if, the teacher is worth anything at all, he'll let you stay. In large classes, no one will ever object.

If you need books for a course, write to the publisher claiming you are a lecturer at some school and considering using their book in your course. They will always send you free books.

There are Free Universities springing up all over our new Nation. Anybody can teach any course. People sign up for the courses and sometimes pay a token registration fee. This money is used to publish a catalogue and pay the rent. If you're on welfare you don't have to pay. You can take as many or as few courses as you want. Classes are held everywhere: in the instructor's house, in the park, on the beach, at one of the student's houses or in liberated buildings. Free Universities offer courses ranging from Astrology to the Use of Firearms. The teaching is usually of excellent quality and you'll learn in a community-type atmosphere.


* ontheborderline.net Stone Pine Ave. Hudson, WI 54016 (catalogue on request)
* Alternative University-69 W. 14th St., New York, NY 10011 (catalogue on request)
* Baltimore Free U-c/o Harry, 233 E. 25th St., Baltimore, Maryland 21218
* Berkeley Free U-1703 Grove St., Berkeley, California 94709
* Bowling Green Free U-c/o Student Council, University of Bowling Green, Bowling Green Ohio 43402
And a complete list of experimental schools, free universities, free schools, can be obtained by sending one dollar to ALTERNATIVES! 1526 Gravenstein Highway N., Sebastopol, California 97452, and requesting the Directory of Free Schools."

BREAKING NEWS: Hippies Seize Control of Hudson Schools!

Vowing to promulgate an agenda of disestablishmentarianism, hippies have overthrown the Hudson public school establishment and replaced it with their own bag. Every moma and daddy are groovin' to make the school district a universal celebration of tribal love. "The establishment squares are gone, and the power of flowers and love is in, my man," slurred bleary-eyed Captain Rainbow. "Open government, efficient use of taxpayer dollars, and stronger curriculum is a heavy load that blows my mind!" preached Janis Jupiter, "Whoa!"

Jack Bauer on the Couch with Sigmund

Freud: Mr. Bauer, lie on the couch and tell me about your dreams.

Jack: Well, I have this recurring dream of being on the school playground while bullies are pushing me around.

Freud: Very interesting. In your dream, do you fight back?

Jack: No. I put on a mask of Kiefer Sutherland, and tell the bullies that someday I'll get my revenge.

Freud: Do you ever have happy dreams?

Jack: I dream that I grow up to be a paralegal, and get pushed around by lawyers all day.

Freud: That doesn't sound very happy.

Jack: But, at the end of the dream, I get powerful and I can run all the lawyers and community-minded people off the plantation.

Freud: Who is left?

Jack: Just me. I am all alone and all powerful. I am the Queen of New Richmond.

Freud: Go Tigers!

Jack: Ha! Yeah right.

Drum, drum, drum, drum .... (Boom!)

Today on Rush: "Are we ever going to be allowed to win another war in this country unless there's some idiotic Democrat president who doesn't know how to fight one in office? Nobody wants to deal with Iran. Folks, there are people who are trying to get the president's head and Rumsfeld's head who will lose this country if they get control of it. They are sending the message to Iran that we will not fight for our stated principles and beliefs. They are buying time for Iran to build up. The one thing that Iran has admitted its frightened of is Bush, because Bush has used force. They would love for somebody besides Bush to be president, some mealy-mouthed John Kerry. Why don't they tell us right now -- all of these people who are saying Rumsfeld has to go, that Rice stinks, that Bush stinks, that John Bolton is a bad guy, why don't these people tell us right now -- how they are going to stop Iran from getting nukes, and let's be honest. Diplomacy won't work, and it hasn't worked, and neither will the United Nations. The idea that one-on-one negotiations will work is also nuts."

Beating the War Drum

Tammy Bruce, right wing radio talk show host: "Isolating Iran won’t make a difference. We have to respect Bush for doing what he thinks is right. In this instance Bush thinks striking Iran is right because we will have to do it sooner or later. The longer we wait, the more difficult it will be because the left and the naysayers will affect the morale of the troops. Iranians don’t support their regime. War is always unpleasant and nobody wants it; but we know what happened in the 30’s. I predict that the strike will occur before the fall election."

Teeing It Up

Norman Solomon, Executive Director of the Institute for Public Accuracy, and author of 'War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death.':

"One of the nation's leading pollsters, Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center, wrote a few weeks ago that among Americans 'there is little potential support for the use of force against Iran.' This month the White House has continued to emphasize that it is committed to seeking a diplomatic solution. Yet the U.S. government is very likely to launch a military attack on Iran within the next year. How can that be? In the runup to war, appearances are often deceiving. Official events may seem to be moving in one direction while policymakers are actually headed in another. On their own timetable, White House strategists implement a siege of public opinion that relies on escalating media spin. One administration after another has gone through the motions of staying on a diplomatic track while laying down flagstones on a path to war."

'Fanatical Sports Parents' in New Richmond

N. Onimous on OTBL: "The liberals of New Richmond were emboldened by the narrow margin and were determined to bring the referendum up again in the near future. In fact they were so emboldened that they formed a task force to create a new and improved referendum for MORE money than the first! Please note that all sorts of new sports facilities were included in both plans as to entice the fanatical sports parents to VOTE YES."

Above we see some of the typical fanatical sports parents of New Richmond wearing their Tiger Gear sweaters.

The 'Big Tent' Party

100 Years Ago Today: The 1906 San Francisco earthquake

The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco is one of the most famous earthquakes in history - although not the largest recorded nor the most killed, it was one of the first major earthquakes to be comprehensively studied, reported and photographed.

The first shocks occured at 05:12 am local time on April 18th 1906.

Read more: Earthquake

More info and picturesWikipedia


St. Ayn Explains OTBL Hypocrisy

"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong."

Ayn Rand

The Lesson of Weesconsin

Once Upon A Time, in a faraway magical land called Western Weesconsin, many little quaint hamlets were nestled in the hollers of County San Croix. The pastoral folk of the land lived in harmony with the countryside and led simple lives. Mr. Fleet and Mr. Farm opened a dry goods store. Sammy Walton tendered his wares in a very large box, and always wore his friendly blue vest. The well-behaved children from all the villages were educated (all the way to the 5th grade!) by Mrs. Pickenposey, the schoolmarm. God was in his heaven, and all was right with the world.

Then one cloudy day, the carpetbaggers arrived in the villages and the pea-brained mayors of the villages (with their fifth grade educations) allowed the carpetbaggers to open parks for businesses, and build cottage cul-de-sacs with efficient use of space. Then, folks from the desert land of Manysocialists, and from the poor lands of not-so-Western Weesconsin, came to live in the little hamlets.

For reasons never fully explained in stories like this, these folks produced lots of offspring. Mrs. Pickenposey was beside herself fitting all the youngsters into her quaint little school. But the townsfolk knew just what to do. They gathered on a sunny Sunday to build new schools in all the villages.

But, before they could start, a dark cloud appeared from the border between Weesconsin and Manysocialists. Under the cloud were fifty-five ornery townsfolk. They had spent the entire year selling their nuts far and wide, and they were upset that new schools were being built in the villages. They believed that the timber for the new schools should be sold and the money given to them.

The good townsfolk considered their proposal for a good long time - about 10 minutes. Then the kindly townsfolk wrapped the fifty-five ne'erdowells in tar and feathers. They threw the miserable louts onto a train headed for Bloomington, Illinois, and the losers were never heard from again.

The schools were built, Weesconsin was renamed Wisconsin, and the townsfolk lived happily ever after.

The End.

Small towns define Wisconsin by Brad Vogel

I went sucker fishing this weekend. The moon was bright as we gathered on the bridge in a sleepy country hamlet east of my hometown. A pickup truck pulled up with dip nets, and flashlights soon scanned the waters of the creek. A crew of old classmates caught up. In time, the rough fish, their age-old trek upstream interrupted, thrashed clumsily in buckets at our sides. It was not exactly a night at the Orpheum.

Rural and small-town life, often distilled to its stereotypes, takes a beating here in Madison. In four years, the gap between the boondocks and the isthmus — in mindset and more — has become increasingly clear with every passing day. As Wisconsin’s population takes another collective step “off the farm” and into the future, however, it would do well to reflect on what it is leaving behind. Even as Sconnies embrace Instant Messenger and ensconce themselves in high rises on University Avenue, we should remember where we came from.

Read more: Badger Herald