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Borderline High School Students Protest Funding Disparity

It has been learned that early last week student at BHS staged a protest after learning that the school district pays $11,000 to educate each student while it only cost $75 to educate a student in a one room school house in 1895. Today's student might not know how many hecters of wheat fit in a 4X3X8 wagon, but the do know the $11,000 - $75 = at least a PlayStation 3, an MP3 player and a shit load of snow boarding at Afton Alps. Once students learned of this missing money, which was leaked by a local bolg, they decided they weren't going to take this sitting slumped in their desks with their heads resting face down on their arms.

Student organizers said their original idea was to get their parents to do it, but that idea was dropped after they realised that their parents where tied up waiting in line at Best Buy to get them PlayStation 3's for Christmas. Students then decide to make a massive show of force and walked out of the BHS at 11:52 AM on Tuesday. Students stayed out on strike until 12:37 PM that same day. On returning to class, when asked what the strike was about, one student said, "Who cares, I got out of eating in the cafeteria."

The WOTBL TV news team was able to get this video of the protest:

When asked what she thought of this strike business, Mother Theresa -- who blogs by the name visciousventor at the OTBL blog site -- had this to say:

"Exercising their rights in a responsible manner? Give me a freekin break here, since when do kids have a right to be a truant! If these kids would have been out on the front lawn protesting against the upcoming referendum there would have been fines and jail time called for by the socialists in Hudson. Yet, just because these little miscreant meat heads were protesting for some politically correct b as in b, s as in s, everybody seems to give them a pass and say they were exercising their rights - bull! They have no right to be truants, they are expected to be in school… For crying out loud, we’re dishing out $11,000 per meat head to watch this non enforcement?

What is called for here is either basic enforcement of the law, or get rid of the law. Personally, the whole notion of compulsory attendance is socialist bull but it’s currently the law in Wisconsin…

1. A student is considered truant if he/she is absent without an acceptable excuse for all or part of one or more days during which school is held. A student qualifies to be habitually truant when he/she is absent without an acceptable excuse all or part of five or more days in a school semester. §118.16(1)(a) and (c), Stats.

2. The school attendance officer must notify the parent(s) and direct the parent to return the child to school or provide an excuse. Notification must occur by the end of the second day after receiving a report of the unexcused absence. §118.16(2)(c), Stats.

3. For the first offense, parents and guardians of students who are truant could be fined up to $500 or imprisoned 30 days. §118.15(5)(a)1. a., Stats. For the second and subsequent offense, the fine cannot exceed $1,000 and/or imprisonment for 90 days. They could also be required to perform community service, §118.15(5)(a)2., Stats, participate in counseling at their own expense and/or attend school with the truant child. §118.15(5)(am) & 118.163(2) (k) & §938.342(1m)(a), Stats. In addition, parents and guardians can be held all or partially responsible for any fines that their child receives. §118.163(1m)(b) and §938.342(1d)(b), Stats. They can also be responsible for the cost of any counseling or for supervised work. §118.163(2)(b) and 938.342(1g)(b), Stats. Also, any adult who knowingly contributes to truancy can be found guilty of a Class C misdemeanor under §948.45, Stats. Some exceptions exist for parents or guardians of children under Learnfare. §49.26(1)(h), Stats.

If these kids want to protest after school down at the park, that would be exercising their rights - doing what they did was not."

When asked what he thought of visciousventor's comments, a striking student replied, "Obviously she has never ate in the cafeteria."


CANRAC said...

I just hope the OTBL shemale didn't get assaulted in the parking lot like she did at last years rally. That is a oft forgotten "crime of the century" overshadowed by the threat letter.

Actually those people in the picture are throwing things at Lukes house after having read enough of his boring Carnac cheap imitations. That or they just stepped in a pile of dog crap or got a bad can of nuts.

fuzz said...

They'll just continue to hold their breath and have a tantrum when they don't get their way, like Kurt oops.....Luke loves to.

Jerry Rubin said...

You call that video a Protest? It looks more like an early 70's Sociology class.
I'd file it under loitering, not protest.

mikehammered said...

Canrac is right about the terrible injustice that the not so lady like shemale had to endure at the HS parking lot. Lizzy likes to threaten community members with "legal action" because her Grandpa oops I mean dad oops again, I mean her husband is a lawyer.
How funny

Abbey Hoffman said...


Shouldn't you be out stealing a book? You of all people would know what loitering is, you did it for three decades.

bill berditzmen said...

The problem Lizzy finds herself in is that she threatens legal action but would never take it because then she would have to go public and everytime she has gone public with the tears flowing, the paper covers it and she looks like a moron.
By the way, why has Dean Knudson been a no-show with this referendum debate. I heard he actually said that the district should give the coulee road property to the city. Give something for nothing!? doesn't sound like good fiscal planning to me. Dean has invested a lot of thought to our school situation over the years. When will his finger get tired of gauging the wind direction? Is he for it or against it?