Hudson Schools Go Private

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After years of confrontation with Hudson's Pro-business/Anti Government Educational Intervenionism/Anti-Socialist/ Anti Union Thug/ Anti Teacher/ Anti-Extra curricular activity/ Anti-Tax / Anti-Cadillac Health Care/ Anti- Retirement/ Anti - Hudson Star Observer/Anti-Referendum/ Anti- December Election Date/ Anti-Fishing Class/ Anti-Pop Machine/Anti-Special Education/ Anti-Leftist/Anti-Two Names Second Choice/Anti-Democratic/ Anti-Teacher Spouse/Anti-Authority/ Anti-Liberal/ and Anti-Disestablishmenterrianism blog the Hudson School District has succumbed to the pressure to privatize. The District will float it's initial public offering on Wall St. Dec. 13th 2006 after it's anticipated referendum defeat. Shares are rumored to hit the street at $0.02 a share and expected to plummet precipitancy from there after the first trading day. OTBL bloggers were ecstatic upon hearing the news and immediately demanded a tax rebate from the anticipated non-profits earned by the public offering. WEAC Teacher Spouse/Thug Representatives reacted to the news by stating:
"What a Bunch of Bull".
Stay tuned to WOTBL for further developments as the happen.



warren buffet said...

F' with the measly "Cadillac" health plan and crappy pension. Me and my boys want a golden parachute, stock options, bonuses, company jet, and every other perk I can think of in the next 20 minutes. Yeehaw! Privatize and scandalize. Eat the pork and screw the dork! The concerned hicks are ripe for the picks!

Carl C. Icahn said...


Forget the bennies, when the stock drops to $0.01 I'll be there to buy it out with my unsecured loan and promise of stock options to the socialist employees, ummm I mean teachers.
It won't be long before I'm sell off all the assets. Anybody need a nice athletic field for cheap? In about 6 mo.s I'll be needing a good bankruptcy lawyer. Do you know of any?
They can contact me at my home in the
Cayman Islands.

OTBL hound said...

I want in Carl. When you sell off the assets, can I get first dibs on the Pop Machine?

Blue Raspberry said...

Hey, I get the slushie fund machine!

Carl C. Icahn said...

slushie fund machine?

Why do you think I'm doing this take over? For the leaky ceiling tile?