The Politics Of "Concern"

"I'm concerned for the global population, for everyone. No one is really paying enough attention. It's hard to make everyone aware of what's going on because of our unsustainable ways. Africa's tallest mountain, Kilimanjaro, now has no snow."

Hannah Teter
Gold-medal Snowboarder

"...Environmentalists are keen to establish a new energy order, but they don't have a whole lot of allies. At the DWP solar workshop, for instance, the only other identifiable constituency was workers from the union halls who wanted to make sure they got in on the action of building all that solar infrastructure. But labor is far from unified on the issue. In March 2009 a bond measure for solar projects was defeated after other unions opposed the monopoly on jobs it would have given to the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Getting the West off coal this decade is an enormous undertaking. It will require politicians following up on their lofty pronouncements; relentless, informed organizing by grassroots activists; constant legal pressure; and (two words not often seen together) bureaucratic creativity..."

Paul Tullis
The West Without Coal
Sierra January/February 2010


No Bees In "Anarchy"?

“Anarchy is the only slight glimmer of hope.”

Mick Jagger
"Anarchism, really stands for the liberation of the human mind from the dominion of religion; the liberation of the human body from the dominion of property; liberation from the shackles and restraint of government.”

Emma Goldman

“…And lest my friend the anarchist grow hopeful, I once responded to an emergency call at an underground music event at which a woman had been stung by a wasp and was going into anaphylactic shock. As we crested the rise in the ambulance, we spotted a barefooted man clad in dust, dreadlocks, and a T-shirt emblazoned with the classic circle-A. ‘Over here! Over here!’ he hollered, urging us to hurry it up with our state-sponsored gear and our syringe full of evil corporate epinephrine. The woman had stopped breathing and when the bagging and adrenaline took effect halfway to the hospital and she roused, I had this teachable moment where I realized the trouble with anarchy is that it is allergic to bees..."

Michael Perry
Truck: A Love Story

“Our government teaches the whole people by its example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

Louis D. Brandeis