Let board members do their jobs

Since when do school board members have to set aside their belief systems to run for office? Fair representation does not mean a group of people who think alike, who believe the same things and have the same ideas. How would a group of homogeneous people generate new ideas and solutions for our school? A school board should be a fair representation of the community and the school for which it serves. We need fair representation for all, not just a subset.
What does it matter what Wendy Day posts on her Web log? What she posts is not illegal, immoral or unlawful. It all falls under our First Amendment freedom of speech. If you do not like it, then don't go online and read her blog. Simple as that.

The First Amendment freedom of speech should not be taken away the minute someone accepts a school board position.

How can people be true to themselves and yet set aside their values and belief systems to serve their school? It is a package deal. It is hard to be true to yourself and not mix the two.

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