In The Words Of Our Presidents -- James Madison

"The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments of tyranny at home."

"The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe with blood for centuries."

"The truth is that all men having power ought to be mistrusted."
The fourth American President (1809-1817).

One of the major architects of the United States Constitution. One of the three authors (along with Alexander Hamilton and John Jay) of the Federalist Papers, written for the American public in explanation and support of the new Federal Constitution.

He served as Secretary of State during Jefferson's presidency (1801-1809).

He had the misfortune of serving as American President during the near catastrophic War of 1812 (actually 1812-1815)--when Washington, DC was burned to the ground by invading British troops.

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Kindred Spirits

Now here's a website that will warm the heart of every borderliner in St. Croix County. The warm and fuzzy antics of The American Jehad.

Here's a sample of the brilliant discourse:

"Jeff, Do you know anybody who reads a newspaper?

Jihad Jay "The only reason I'd consider getting a newspaper, is to put
it in the bottom of my birdcage."

For more inciteful dialogue Listen Here

Temper Tantrum Coming

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"So much for the editor doing the right thing this week. I did, however, see that after Bob Baumann whined about letter placement he has had two letters in a row hit the pole position. I guess temper tantrums do pay off, even when they're done by an adult(?)".

Do you really think nobody knows who you are N. Onimous?
You are the biggest tantrum thrower in this town.

Message to Doug Stohlberg: Alert, Alert Tantrum coming. From the RIGHT- WATCH-OUT.
N. Onimous, we'll be watching for you first place letter.

Bush Bumper Stickers Spotted Along The Way

I was reading the ontheborderline.net blog and two of the most enlightened members of that blog klan where having an intellectual discussion about the First Amendment and bumperstickers. Their conversation deserves to be replayed on this site. Here goes:
embers Says:
February 17th, 2006 at 10:47 pm : "Hey Luke, is the First Amendment before or after the Second Amendment? I get them two mixed up. Anyway, do the First Amendment cover bumperstickers on cars? I asked this because I seen some I didn't like."

Luke Says:
February 18th, 2006 at 8:37 am
I’ve seen those bumper stickers Embers. One of the more vocal mudslingers has a “Hillary 2008″ bumper sticker right next to his “Support Hudson Schools” bumper sticker. Then I see one of his friends has a “Kerry/Edwards”/”Support Hudson Schools” combo. Of course then another one has a “W”(with a line through it)/”Support Hudson Schools” combo on his suburban. It gives you a little bit of an idea as to the mindset of the opposition.
I felt bad thinking that people would drive around in their Saabs and Volvos with a "W" (with a line through it) drinking lattes. I decided to do some investigative, photojournalism. So, even though it's the kind of day that makes me long for global warming, I dug out my Big Swinger and went in search of "W" stickers that didn't have a line through them. I found some. Check out the pictures below.

Then as I was driving by the golf course, I saw the OTBL camera crew swing into the parking lot in OTBL utility vehicle. They were probably there to film school officials eating supper. They too have a interesting stickers on that car:

As the OTBL cruiser past by, I was able to get a picture of some of the many bumper stickers that are on the back of the car:

I just thank the Lord eveyday that the world is blessed with compassionate conservatives like my friends at OTBL. Tonight I'm going to start reading their bible -- Ayn Rand's "The Virtues Of Selfishness" and, who knows, tomorrow I may e-mail the OTBL admin and ask if I can join their klan.

Ontheborderline.net Bloggers Search For Missing Member


Bush To Outsource American Ports

Can you believe this?
A company in the United Arab Emirates is poised to take over significant operations at six American ports as part of a corporate sale, leaving a country with ties to the Sept. 11, 2001, hijackers with influence over a maritime industry considered vulnerable to terrorism.
The $6.8 billion sale could be approved Monday and would affect commercial port operations in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia.
Read in Washington Post

Conservative Wisconsin Groups Prefers Pregnant Teens Over Taxes

A joint Senate-Assembly committee is holding a public hearing Tuesday afternoon on legislation that would block minor children's access to the Medicaid Family Planning Demonstration Project, a state/federal family planning program.

The legislation in question would terminate the Medicaid Waiver that provides low-income women with contraceptive counseling, cervical cancer screens, venereal disease testing and treatment, and annual health exams, said the Wisconsin Alliance for Women's Health.

Read more from another "fair and balanced, righ-wing, compassionate conservative news service: CNSNews.com

Pro-Slavery Group Launches Anti-Labor Union Web Site

Activists Protest Union 'Fossils,' Launch Fact Site
By Nathan Burchfiel of CNSNews.com February 14, 2006

(CNSNews.com) - A handful of union critics on Monday picketed outside the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the AFL-CIO with a 15-foot dinosaur balloon to protest what they described as the "criminal practices of the labor movement."

Individuals from the Center for Union Facts (CUF) used the dinosaur to symbolize their belief that unions are "relics of the past." Pro-union protesters have in the past used large, inflatable rats to criticize non-union construction projects. The CUF announced the launching of its multimillion dollar "educational campaign," featuring a website that offers "more than 3 million facts about unions and their leaders."

UnionFacts.com has information on 126 labor organizations. It includes financial data, political contributions, membership statistics and allegations of unfair labor practices filed with the National Labor Relations Board.

(Note that the CNSNews.com is a front group for right-wing extremists, I mean FOXNews wannabes trying to discredit anyone to the left of Rush Limbaugh.)
Link to the Anti-Union Site

Global Warming: Glacier Melt Could Signal Faster Rise in Ocean Levels

Greenland's glaciers are melting into the sea twice as fast as previously believed, the result of a warming trend that renders obsolete predictions of how quickly Earth's oceans will rise over the next century, scientists said yesterday.

Read more of the facts: Washington Post


Thomas Jefferson on The Sources of Revenue

"The taxes with which we are familiar class themselves readily according to the basis on which they rest. 1. Capital. 2. Income. 3. Consumption. These may be considered as commensurate; Consumption being generally equal to Income, and Income the annual profit of Capital. A government may select either of these bases for the establishment of its system of taxation, and so frame it as to reach the faculties of every member of the society, and to draw from him his equal proportion of the public contributions; and, if this be correctly obtained, it is the perfection of the function of taxation. But when once a government has assumed its basis, to select and tax special articles from either of the other classes, is double taxation. For example, if the system be established on the basis of Income, and his just proportion on that scale has been already drawn from every one, to step into the field of Consumption and tax special articles in that, as broadcloth or homespun, wine or whiskey, a coach or a wagon, is doubly taxing the same article. For that portion of Income with which these articles are purchased, having already paid its tax as Income, to pay another tax on the thing it purchased, is paying twice for the same thing; it is an aggrievance on the citizens who use these articles in exoneration of those who do not, contrary to the most sacred of the duties of a government, to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens."

Thomas Jefferson

3rd US President
Note to Destutt de Tracy's "Political Economy," 1816

How do libertarians feel about taxes?

Americans already obtain a host of services from private providers. There is every reason to think that other services, from postal delivery to education to road building and maintenance, could be provided more efficiently and at lower cost by the private sector.

We should support all moves to reduce and repeal taxes because taxes are obtained immorally, by force. The income tax is particularly evil, since it penalizes productivity and forces all of us to expose our private affairs to government snoopers.

We had no income tax before 1914 and America prospered. Replacing the income tax with voluntary methods for financing services should be our goal, and we should begin right now.

In the information above, you have captured the primary reason why the ontheborderline.net contributors say, do and act like they do. If you understand this, you know where they are coming from.

Read more:
On libertarians

Public Education Defined

In the post below this, Bill Danielson, ontheborderline.net's master spin doctor, has chosen to confusion the debate on public education by introducing a hybred definetion that has grown out of the libertarian philosophy.

To help us keep with the conventional understanding of the definetion of "public education," I've included an overview of the meaning and a few helpful links.

Defined (from Reference.com): Public education is schooling provided by the government, and paid for by taxes. Public education emerged in the early 19th century as a tool of industrialization and still uses mass production techniques to achieve its ends. Proponents of public education assert it to be necessary because of the need in modern society for people who are capable of reading, writing, and doing basic mathematics. However, some libertarians argue that education is best left to the private sector; in addition, advocates of alternative forms of education such as unschooling argue that these same skills can be achieved without subjecting children to state-run compulsory schooling. In most industrialized countries, these views are distinctly in the minority.

Read more:
Reference.com: Overview of Education
US History of Public Education
Education in the US

Outside Instigator Continues to Plague Hudson

Dr. Bill's illustrious response to an HSO writer:

Mr. Muchlinski, you are simply wrong on several levels. First of all, you have a parochial definition of public education. In your view, as you have clearly implied above, public education is composed of only the government’s K-12 system. But any rational and clear headed analysis of the education landscape demonstrates that in fact an educated public is accomplished by many sources, the government schools being the least efficient, most costly, and clearly from these volleys back and forth, the most divisive to communities. Public education includes not merely the inefficient government schools that you
defend, but also private schools, religious schools, academies and last,but certainly not least, home scholarship. So, when you use the pejorative of anti-public education with respect to Internet Nut Salesman you are either ignorant or purposefully misleading people. Internet Nut Salesman is certainly not anti-education, nor is he anti-public education. Is he a critic of the government’s K-12 system? I would say yes, absolutely.
Secondly, if you want to refer toInternet Nut Salesman going in front of your local school board on camera and in public to challenge their dictatorial position as cowardly, you have a strange and bizarre concept of the term. Furthermore, it is this board and its leadership which has created much of the divisiveness by their politicizing matters that ought not be voted on at a board level (such as the voucher program in Milwaukee). Moreover, it was this board led by Annette Cook that engaged in the most cowardly of actions, with the compliant incompetence of the Hudson Police Department, in requesting Internet Nut Salesman and Mr. Shaw to be removed from a regular meeting in June.
Then, you state: We must agree to dismantle public education, and agree to pay tuition at a private school system, before he (Internet Nut Salesman ) will even attempt to make one valid argument that public education should be abolished by American society. This is an interesting argument, somehow placing government education in the role of the underdog and a sole citizen raising the debate and asking questions as the dominate, monopolist holding participant. Frankly, it’s beyond laughable it’s irrational. The fact is the system you are in love with has all the power - it's a government imposed monopoly! It has the power to tax, it has the most powerful union in the country representing its workforce, and by and large it has the support of the majority of citizens. Were that not the case, we would not be having this discussion your side would have lost long ago.
Then, for you to suggest that anyone who is campaigning for choice in education is advocating that you or anyone else pay for the private education of their child is, again, false and laughable. What the choice advocates argue and you can’t seem to grasp is the idea of only having to pay for education once, and not be
penalized for choosing a form of education for your children outside of the government K-12 system (as is the case today). Only a socialist with intentions of complete government planning would argue that full economic choice constitutes redistribution from the socialists pocket to that of the marketplace participant - apparently you believe Mr. Internet Nut Salesman 's money is not really his in the first place. The truth is it scares you because the government K-12 system cannot compete on its merits or in the marketplace, and you know it.
No, it is you who refuses to engage in an honest argument because the facts, morality and the traditions of the founding of this country are not on your side in this debate.

Dear Dr. (of liberty I presume) Bill.
The first question that comes to my mind is when did the Creator die and leave you as the final arbiter of morality, of absolute right and wrong? You and your illegitimate philosophical offspring of Ayn Rand, (author of The Virtue of Selfishness) represent nothing short of the absolute antithesis of the Judeo Christian ethic upon which many belief this country was founded.
You think that by redefining the definition of public education you can delude others into adopting your premise of what public education actually is and thus argue that you are a defender not a detractor and destroyer of that ideal. I for one will not buy your premise, or semantic gymnastics that twist the widely accepted concept of public education. As you say" by and large it has the support of the majority of citizens".
I must have missed something when I formed my concept of democracy, that believes in the rule of the majority. In your world of inverted logic, you argue that it is your group of pseudo intellectual gangsters that hold the keys to truth, and that the majority should cow tow to your intellectual superiority. You believe that if only the invisible hairy three fingered claw of the market would reign over education, somehow a utopia of learning would follow.

In the days of aristocracy this mythical market of yours ruled with an iron fist to keep the lowly subdued and ignorant. There is no reason to think that if your utopian pipedream of market based education would become a reality that the same end would not result. To some degree, through ever narrowing control of media and wealth it is already happening, talk about monopolistic tyranny.
As one who no longer resides in the Hudson School District, you are no longer a stakeholder in our community schools, rather you are a rabble rousing outside instigator.
Why not spread you poisoness ideas closer to a school district near your current abode?
Finally, in your typically inverted logical tactics, you accuse the school board of creating the divisiveness that has resulted from your incessant "government" school bash fest? Give me a break.


Political Parties and Terrorism

"The real terrors of both parties have always been, and now are, the fear that they shall lose elections, and, consequentlly, the loaves and fishes, and that their antagonists will get them. Both parties have excited articial terrorism, and, if I were summoned as a witness to say, upon oath, which party had excited the most terror, and which had really felt the most, I could not give a more sincere answer than in the vulgar style, "put them in a bag and shake them, and then see which will come out first."

John Adams
2nd President of the United States

Points To Ponder: Live Liberal

"We're starting at the simplest level: We're first confronted with the reality" that "liberal" has become a negative word to many. The goal of Live Liberal, then, is to "just get the word out in the public eye again, and in a positive way…We're going to try really hard to stay above the political fray."

Dan Burch
Check out Hudson's: Live Liberal site.

Live Liberal: Hudson Website Gets National Attention

A lesson for D.C. Democrats, from the backwoods of Wisconsin

By Alston B. Ramsay

"Evil," "corrupt," and "brain-dead." That's how Howard Dean refers to his right-of-center counterparts, when he's feeling charitable. "They want to kill me and my children if they can," noted former Clinton aide Paul Begala last summer. It's not terribly surprising, then, given Begala's concerns, that Republicans didn't have "any problem with Hitler" — at least according to Thomas Frank, the best-selling author of What's the Matter with Kansas?. With enemies like conservatives, who needs that vision thing?

Well, just in case those on the left are looking for a backup plan — that is, if Howard Dean, John Murtha, and the impeachment crowd can't find the road back from political purgatory — they may want to go outside the fricassee of Beltway politics: Deep in the Wisconsin backwoods, one family is trying to breathe life back into the decayed husk of liberalism.

Live Liberal is the name, and redefining "liberal" is the game. The infant organization, which was started last spring, is the brainchild of Daniel Bruch, an erudite man whose degrees form a veritable alphabet after his name (D.Min, Ph.D, Sc.D., etc.). "We're starting at the simplest level: We're first confronted with the reality" that "liberal" has become a negative word to many. The goal of Live Liberal, then, is to "just get the word out in the public eye again, and in a positive way," he explained. This means avoiding the catcalls and bickering so dominant on the political scene; in fact, it means avoiding politics period, at least in the traditional sense. "We're going to try really hard to stay above the political fray."

Read more: National Review Online

Late Night Love Triangle Involves VP Cheney

Local Interest: Wisconsin Places That Pack Presidential Punch

And so the President's Day weekend - as oxymoronic as low fat - approaches, and the patriotic populace is at fever pitch, eager to honor American presidents dead and living. Well, federal employees with a paid day off are eager, anyway.

But how best to honor past presidents? By shopping? Please. A nice thick biography of Franklin Pierce? Yawwwn. So how about a tour of presidentially named places in Wisconsin, which especially for you young newspaper readers out there would be both historic and educational.

Read more: JS Online


Special Guest: Count Vun Tu Tree

Killbear: Welcome back to the Killbear Rapport. I'm your host Chris
Killbear. Tonight's guest is the administrator of the ontheborderline
blog, Mr. Chris "Count Vun Tu Tree" Kilber. Welcome Chris!

CK: Great to be here Chris.

Killbear: Chris, mind if I set a few things down on the desk between
you and me? I've got a ring of garlic, a silver crucifix, a wooden
stake, a mirror, and a sunlamp.

CK: That's fine. I'm accustomed to that because I'm descended from
Vlad the Impaler on my dad's side, and the Marquis de Sade on my
mother's side.

Killbear: Well, I've been looking forward to this interview - I have so
many questions for you.

CK: I'm sorry, you can't ask me any questions. All the answers are
already on my blog. We have millions of words. You just need to look
for the answers. Seek and ye shall find the dark side.

Killbear: So is your blog like a medallion hunt, where you use rhyming
clues? I always enjoy those. For example, if you were to hide some
words of wisdom in the mixed nuts section of the grocery store, you
could use a clue like this: "There once was a man from North Hudson,
Whose mouth really needed some suds in, He put his name on a truck, But
a slinger named Muck, Told his boy "Your dad is a dud, son."

CK: Well, we are considering that because our spiritual leader Dr. Bill
is an eclectic poet. But for now we have another method to spread the

Killbear: What's that?

CK: We repeat the same message over and over ad nauseum. On any given
day you can read the same material that was printed the day before, or
the day before that, or the day before that, ...

Killbear: That's an interesting methodology. I'll bet that keeps your
blog very unfresh and uninteresting.

CK: And unbelievably unctuous.

Killbear: How has the OTBL hit count been these days?

CK: Great. Fantastic. Through the roof.

Killbear: To what do you attribute your incredible success?

CK: We like to think that the dumbing-down of society by the government
schools has opened up a whole new market of stupid haters that find
comfort in our stupid hating.

Killbear: Have you been able to obtain an Advanced Tactical Laser to
take out your enemies?

CK: Not yet. Dr. Conn is in charge of weapons appropriations. He's in
constant contact with the NRA and Halliburton. We expect something

Killbear: I noticed that, in your own writings, you spell many words
wrong. Do you have a brain disorder?

CK: Yes.

Killbear: I also noticed that you recently celebrated the birthday of
Ayn Rand, who you feel is one of the great philosophers of our age.
Have you read any of her books?

CK: No.

Killbear: Well folks, there you have it. All the answers to all your
burning questions about life. Remember to go to OTBL to check out CK's
latest misspellificationisms, and wear your garlic necklace.

Cheney Shoots a Texas Liberal

Of course the jokes are flying all over Texas—what’s the fine for shooting a lawyer?—and so forth. Dick-Cheney-shooting-Harry-Whittington is fraught, as they say, with irony. It’s not as though the ground in Texas is littered with liberal Republicans. I think the vice president winged the only one we’ve got.

Read more of Molly Ivins

Illinois Sanitation Worker Discovers Source of St. Croix Valley Odor

About the house located at 666 Conspiracy Lane, just down from the intersection of Crackpot Drive and Fruitcake Avenue, one of the workers said, "It was worst than the cat-pee house we had to bulldoze or the garbage house we had to burn down. You would have never guessed what went on in there. It was a well-manicured lawn with the cutest little UFO lawn ornaments. What gave it away was the light burning in the basement all night,every night and the frequent night landings of a black helicpoter. The neighbors mentioned that they heard chanting from the basement that sounded like "I'm Dr. Bill and I'm the greatest!'"

"Another tipoff," said sanitation worker, "was the tremendous quantities of empty bottles of an unfamiliar beer called Blogger Lager that were placed with the trash for pickup after the helicopter visits."


Mangling the English Language or

Ontheborderline Admin. Speaketh Much Giberish.

In a rediculous attempt to clarify his blog's raison d'ĂȘtre, borderline admin. raises his bloviant word count to astronomical heights, but somehow forgets that words are meant to be arranged in a rational manner in order to communicate meaning, not impress the ignorant.
This linquistic masterpiece should make it obvious why we need to support our community schools. Good grief man, take a freshman writing class at a local technical school.
Quote from across the borderline....


........"There is a lot of material there and it is a phenomena occurring throughout the United States. It is far from a few local voices that are advocating for true choice. It is millions and millions of people. The more people know and learn about Choice the more they agree with it's underlying principal of letting competition set the table for reformation. It is this examination of what one of this blogs philosophy's premises is, that has been labeled by many as anti-education, anti-kid, anti-teacher, etc... It is far from it. The debate that is raised is an ever growing tide that will someday take foot and reverse the decline of our children's education woes and put the power back into the those of the children's parents."

Someone please translate this from Borderlinerese to English.

Silly Valentine

Looking At The Other Side of ABC's 20/20 "Stupid In America" Blindside

How Do You Feel About The Quality Of Education At Your Local School
"...I'd also remind those who use negative news about our public schools to argue for "choice" that real choice will be possible only when parents have a choice of quality public and private schools, and when private schools are held to the same standard of objective statistical accountability that allows us to celebrate the progress made in the Charleston County School District. We can then go beyond negatives and celebrate 'the rest of the story.'"

Read more: Charleston Post Courier
Join the discussion in the comments section...

Discharging The Duties Of The President and Vice President

Vice Presdient Cheney's involvement in a hunting accident Saturday, reminded me that firearms have played an important role in the history and the course of history of our presidents and vice presidents.

Concerning his involvement with skirmishs involving the French and Indians, George Washington was quoted in the London Magazine as saying "I heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound." Years latter, when someone asked Wasington about this "charm" quote, he replied, "If I said so, it was when I was young."

Thomas Jefferson's vice president, Aaron Burr killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel.

Read more: Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton

Of there Old Hickory, aka, Andrew Jackson, one of the most popular presidents ever -- although his slip in this country where the study and understanding of our history has been replaced by reruns of "Friends" and "Married With Children." A real frontiersman, upper-class Americans, particularly in the Northeast, regarded him as a crude, ignorant and bellicose brawler -- a damn, redneck hillbilly -- who would probably shoot down White House visitors in cold blood if they said something his didn't like. As a young man, Jackson had been involved in a series of duels. He seems to have taken seriously the advice his mother was said to have given him: "Never sue for assault or slander; settle them cases yourself."

Read about Andrew Jackson

Don't forget the assassinations of Lincoln, Garfield, Mckinley and Kennedy and the attempted assassination of Reagan.

Maybe the NRA is Right

In this case you have to agree with the NRA.

Guns Don't Shoot People-
Vice Presidents Shoot People

First Photo of Bush and Abramoff

Lobbyist Jack Abramoff, circled in red, is visible to the left as President Bush greets Indian tribal leader Raul Garza, while Bush adviser Karl Rove, right, looks on
Read more and see additional pictures: Time

(Note: Missing from the picture is the St. Croix County Republican Party minister of propaganda -- Bob Ziller -- who is recovering from all the crow he had to eat as a resulted of the letters to the editors he generate with his smear job on Congressman Ron Kind a couple of weeks ago.)


Vice President Cheney Favors Lowering The Hunting Age

...He's Says Many Of The Older Hunters Are In Danger Of Being Killed Off

Sure, it's been fun joking about the fact that Dick Cheney obtained five -- count them, five -- deferments to avoid serving in the military during the Vietnam War. Sure, its been amusing to recount his limp claim that the man who served as George Bush I's Secretary of Defense had "other priorities" than taking up arms in defense of his country. Sure, it was a laugh when the chief cheerleader for the war in Iraq mocked John Kerry for having actually carried a weapon in a time of war.

But it is time to stop laughing at Dick Cheney's expense.

Now that the vice president has accidentally shot and wounded a companion on a quail hunt at the elite Texas ranch where rich men play with guns -- spraying his 78-year-old victim, er, friend, in the face and chest with shotgun pellets and sending the man to intensive care unit of a Corpus Christi hospital -- it has become clear that Cheney was doing the country a service when he avoided service.

Read more: The Nation and Washington Post

Wisconsin Republican Legislators Keep The Focus On Guns, Gays and God

Proposal aimed at young hunters
Bill lowers minimum age to 8 in attempt to reinvigorate sport

Asteady decline in hunting has some worried that part of Wisconsin's cultural fabric is fraying, and one state lawmaker has even proposed countering the trend by allowing children as young as 8 to hunt. No one believes that hunting will fizzle out in Wisconsin, but even the sport's strongest advocates acknowledge it will be difficult to reverse a trend being seen across the country: up to a 50 percent drop in some states in the next 20 years.

Read more: St. Paul Pioneer Press