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Wisconsin Republicans Get Paid Off In D.C.

Wisconsin state Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, the consigliere for Gov. Scott Walker in the legislative fight to eliminate collective bargaining rights for public workers and to make it easier for the governor to transfer public property to campaign donors in no-bid deals, traveled to the nation's capital recently to collect tens of thousands of dollars in campaign donations from Washington-based lobbyists for corporate interests.

Fitzgerald was the "star" of a lavish fundraising event at the offices of the BRG lobbying group. The "B" in BRG stands for Barbour, as in veteran GOP fixer Haley Barbour, who is now the governor of Mississippi and a potential 2012 Republican presidential contender.

Along with Fitzgerald, who this week made news when he attempted to bar Democratic senators from voting in Assembly committees (only to be forced to back off after the move stirred a public outcry), Republican Sens. Glenn Grothman and Alberta Darling attended the D.C. bash. Both Grothman and Darling -- who chairs the powerful legislative Joint Finance Committee and is thus the point person for Walker's budget plan -- are the targets of recall campaigns.

Also making the trip were Fitzgerald's brother, Jeff, who in the true Banana Republican tradition serves as Assembly speaker, and Robin Vos, one of Jeff Fitzgerald's lieutenants in the Assembly.

Absent from the gathering were the other 16 Republican state senators, including Senate President Mike Ellis, who took the lead in forcing majority leader Fitzgerald to back off his attempt to deny Democratic senators the vote.

Capitol aides say that Ellis and a number of other senior senators have grown increasingly ill at ease with Fitzgerald's erratic behavior and with his inability to recognize the damage that could be done to Republicans by flying into Washington to pick up corporate money in return for passing Walker's plan.

"There's just no way to spin this as a positive," said one aide, who suggested that Ellis would look "like a bagman." (Notably, Congressman Sean Duffy, a Republican from northern Wisconsin, contacted media outlets to emphasize that he had not been invited to the event and would not be attending.)

On the chance that anyone might miss the "bagman" point, more than 1,000 workers, students, retirees, union members and their supporters were expected to attend a mass protest Wednesday evening outside the BGR headquarters in Washington.

Among the groups sponsoring the event were: Public Campaign Action Fund, AFSCME, Public Citizen, USAction, Common Cause, People for the American Way,MoveOn.org, the Center for Media and Democracy, Code Pink, Center for Community Change and Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Fitzgerald and his Republicans traveled to Washington "to collect their payoff from corporate lobbyists after the GOP lawmakers voted last week in the dark of night to strip teachers, nurses, snowplow drivers and others of their collective bargaining rights," explained AFL-CIO Washington, D.C., Metro Council president Jos Williams.

"These politicians might be willing to subvert our democratic process to move Wall Street's corporate agenda, but we're fighting to bring balance to our economy and protect middle-class families."

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Maxine's Secret Senior Solution ( shared with the GOP)

E-mailed from a friend:

Walker's Lips Are Moving- You Know What That Means!

Thank These Brave Republicans!

Even Republicans are starting to see the Light about Walker and his so called "Budget Repair Bill".

See Milwaukee Journal Sentinal
"Walker's fellow Republicans said Wisconsin needs the mandate to ensure that waste is recycled - and not thrown into landfills.

In the 2011-'13 budget he unveiled this month, Walker eliminated the recycling requirement for local units of government.

His plan also would take away the state subsidy that communities use to help fund recycling.

Walker's proposal surprised many. But until now, much of the criticism has come from recycling advocates or Democrats, including Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Now the four Republicans say Walker is making a mistake. They include Senate President Mike Ellis (R-Neenah)

Robin Vos (R-Rochester,) co-chairman of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee, which will hold hearings across the state on Walker's budget.

Sen. Rob Cowles (R-Green Bay)

and Rep. John Nygren (R-Marinette) also took issue with Walker.

It's been my observation that being a member of the GOP and thinking for oneself are mutually exclusive activities. These four legislatures are proving me wrong. Good for them.
Please send letters of support to them for standing against Walker when they disagree.

The Right Wing Agenda In A Nutshell

The following is a letter to the editor from the San Angelo Standard-Times that sums up the right wing agenda. It's by Kelly D. Clover of San Angelo

It's sad that millions of Americans are so badly misinformed as to what Rick Perry, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, John Boehner and other right-wing Republicans really stand for. Here is their real agenda:

• Destroy the middle class. Create a society in which a few multimillionaire corporate executives and CEOs control almost all the nation's wealth. Almost everyone else will be dirt-poor.

• Do away with almost all regulation of business with no regard for the consequences. Allow American industry to ignore pollution, unsafe working conditions and unsafe products so they can increase their profits.

• Use voter ID laws to inconvenience young adults in the hope that they won't vote. (Many young adults don't have driver's licenses.) Use the bogus claim that such laws are needed to prevent fraud.

• Replace critical safety nets like Social Security and Medicare with much less reliable privatized systems. Use skyrocketing entitlement costs as an excuse to employ these bogus remedies that would place seniors at the mercy of the Dow Jones industrial average or money-hungry insurance CEOs.

• Use the public schools as a political indoctrination tool. Rewrite history and social studies textbooks to promote a partisan or ideological agenda. (Texas is now doing this.)

• Use one-sided talk radio, Fox News and other right-wing propaganda outlets to mislead and indoctrinate the general public. Shut down or discredit any media sources that are not right-wing. (They are trying to shut down PBS and NPR by cutting off their funding.)

• Use religion as a political indoctrination tool. Get people to think they are out of favor with God unless they support the Republican political line. (Pat Robertson, Glenn Beck and God's Learning Channel are all using this type of propaganda.) Robertson made the situation in Wisconsin worse by purposely misrepresenting what was going on.