OTBL TV Explores The Topics Of Violence and Intimidation

"It appears as though Devin Willi is claiming another “threat” on his life. We all remember 1 1/2 years ago when Willi received an anonymous “threat” letter aimed at he and his family. This letter was splashed all over the front pages of the Hudson Star Observer and then dropped like a bad habit when it was discovered that the actual perpetrator in the case was more than likely Willi himself or someone very close to him.

Since Willi is feeling the heat about the banner debacle in downtown Hudson, he is attempting to deflect any accusations that he is incompetent by accusing a citizen of “threatening” him. It appears as though the thin-skinned Willi is developing a pattern of behavior which makes him unsuitable to be employed as the city administrator. It is time for the city council to do what is right and send Mr. Willi packing."

from ontheborderline.net
City Administrator Claims 2nd “Threat”
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Nut Bandit Observer said...

So Mr. Willi is "thin skinned" and "unsuitable" for city employment because he objects to having his family threatened?

Are good people in this town thin skinned when they get that late night anonymous threatening phone call from the Nut Bandit?

Are they thin skinned when the Nut Bandit calls employers to try to get good people fired?

Are they thin skinned when the Nut Bandit calls them them a POS in public?

I don't think so.

The Nut Bandit is finally being called on the carpet by this town.

I've heard that the Nut Bandit is welcome in less and less homes in this town each and every day. His former "friends" and have had enough and won't give him the time of day. Too bad for his family, but that's how it goes.

All that's left for Nutty is the love he can find at the bottom of his golf bag.

Too bad. So sad.

Tiger said...

Isn't it interesting to get a glimpse of the perspective of one who thinks he has the confidence to know the he is all knowing and the point at which the universe revolves.

I noticed the debaters at OTBL have slithered under their rock of discontent and only a few of the remaining slugs of self-righteous discontent are found when you flip over the rocks by the OTBL outhouse.

truth-sayer said...

Nut bandit is acoward. As I understand, he runs and peeeees in his pants when confronted. looking at him, he couldn't fight his way out of a wet paped bag.

CANRAC said...

Sad thing is they are going after the wrong person, his employer obviously won't back him up or defend him. Last I knew the city administrator had absolutely nothing to do with banners, not even on his floor of the building. It would be nice to see the council or somebody come out and make a statement.

Petty Red Pen said...

Man, How "small-town" can things get when a stupid banner is the central topic of discussion this weekend. Even discussing this topic is causing people to fall in the Naysayer realm of pettiness and stupidity.
Then to top it off the OTBL friutcake makers are calling for someone to loose their job over this? Stupido! Muy Stupid!
When it comes to pettiness well, let's just say I'm an expert on the subject.

Kowboy Kurtass said...


If you notice, the OTBL job-threat machine calls for everyone that is employed by the government -- local, county, state, federal -- who doesn't aggree with them to be removed. The reason being that, if you don't agree with them, then you are obviously incompetent.

I'm sure the local governing bodies are quite aware of those coming into their offices and giving them the Type-A spit showers. I also sure that they hear the almighty oracle and keep repeating to themselves "whatever."

My experience, as someone who has never worked for a government concern, is that the Type-A'ers have learned how to cover up their incompitence through loud talk, shouting and intimidation, i.e., the fear factor. While most people operate in the workaday world in a civil manner, there are always a few malcontents who see their highway as the only highway to travel.

Petty Red Pen said...

Now you're talking Kowboy!