Trash Talk -- Austrian Style

"Consumers decide whether this or that industry will receive more capi­tal. If they demand more beer, more beer will be brewed."

Ludwig von Mises

"In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex."

Dwight D. Eisenhower


Romney Admits To 12-Hour Trip With Dog On Roof

Red State Update: Mitt Romney's Dog

Mitt Romney's Dog Prays To Jesus

Fred Thompson: Something to Sing About

Fred Thompson: Something to Clap About...?

That's Why He Gets Paid The Big Bucks!

"And I got to go, I hate to tell you. You're paying me too much money to be sitting here talking."

President George W. Bush

LANCASTER, Pa. — Give the man a microphone and he'll talk about anything. For 76 minutes, President Bush prowled the stage Wednesday in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, giving a speech and answering questions about everything from his opposition to tax increases to his veto of a bill to expand children's health insurance.

But he covered a lot of other ground, too. Bush gave an intriguing description about what happens when businesses expand, as was the case here at a company run by a woman.

"You know, when you give a man more money in his pocket _ in this case, a woman _ more money in her pocket to expand a business, they build new buildings. And when somebody builds a new building, somebody has got to come and build the building."

"And when the building expanded, it prevented (sic) additional opportunities for people to work. Tax cuts matter. I'm going to spend some time talking about it," the president said.

He offered a pointed description of his job. "My job is a decision-making job. And as a result, I make a lot of decisions," the president said. He elaborated on that point later. "I delegate to good people. I always tell Condi Rice, `I want to remind you, Madam Secretary, who has the Ph.D. and who was the C student. And I want to remind you who the adviser is and who the president is.'

"I got a lot of Ph.D.-types and smart people around me who come into the Oval Office and say, `Mr. President, here's what's on my mind.' And I listen carefully to their advice. But having gathered the device (sic), I decide, you know, I say, `This is what we're going to do.' And it's `Yes, sir, Mr. President.' And then we get after it, implement policy."

Bush, known for his impatience when fellow leaders rattle on, acknowledged he was doing the same himself in his opening remarks.

"I'll be glad to answer some questions from you if you got any," he said. "If not, I can keep on blowing hot air until the time runs out."

Asked about global warming, he gave a lengthy account of alternative fuels. "I'm not quite through," he said near the end. "And it's a long answer, I'm sorry. It's called filibustering." After one answer about American views of the Iraq war, Bush said sheepishly: "I think that was your question, wasn't it? The answer was so long I lost track."

He had some fun with a woman who seemed slow on the draw when Bush called on her. "You want a little chance to collect the thoughts, you know? I mean we're talking national TV here, you know?" he said. "I actually wrote it down so I wouldn't get flustered," the woman said. "It didn't work," Bush said. Bush gave an upbeat assessment of being president, despite polls showing the public overwhelmingly disapproves of the job he's doing.

"I told somebody behind stage, this has been a joyous experience being the president," Bush said. "My buddies in Texas just simply don't think I'm telling them the truth. But it is."
He forgot that he had promised a question to a woman. "When you're getting over 60, sometimes your mind slips," said Bush, who is 61.

The Truth About Free Trade: Small Net Gain, Big Redistribution

"Consider the ironies in the discussion of free trade. It's widely depicted by economists to be a good thing, and anyone who opposed it is considered to be economically illiterate. Yet the system we have deviates considerably from the free trade ideal and is more accurately called managed trade. And in this system of managed trade, other countries seem to do a better job of protecting their labor markets and achieving trade surpluses than we do.

In particular, Harvard's Dani Rodrik has shed a good deal of light on this topic. In one post, he set forth the conditions that have to be in place for trade liberalization to enhance economic performance (short answer, a lot); in another, he reviewed the analyses that claimed that our current trading system produced large economc gains and found the logic to be badly flawed."

"The advocates of more open trade are particularly upset at the growing backlash against globalization, which they see as retrograde and self-destructive (funny how the same citizens who are viewed as savvy economic actors when they function as consumers are regarded as morons as far as their labor market attitudes are concerned). But if you are, say, an auto worker, being against more open trade is a perfectly sensible position.

The trade liberalization advocates would say that anti-trade auto worker and call center employees are simply selfish. Yes, they wind up as losers, but the collective gains outweigh the losses. But since there are not mechanisms to make sure the gains are shared, the losers have legitimate concerns."
Read More at: Naked Capitalism
Listen to Article:


"Real" Soldier Replies To Rush


If Ann Coulter Had a Brain - She'd Be Like Elizabeth Edwards

Ann Coulter- Pleads Insanity

Ann Coulter Gets A History Lesson

Ann Coulter: Doing God's Work

Want Another Republican President? Support Hillary

Even George Bush is predicting Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic Nomoniee for President.
(And predicts her defeat to a Republican in the General Election)

"Taking a stab at political prognostication, President Bush says in a new book that Sen. Hillary Clinton will score her party's nomination but won't win the White House.

In "The Evangelical President," due to be released tomorrow, Bush says the former First Lady's name recognition and fund-raising skills are a formidable combo for upstart Sen. Barack Obama to overcome."

Here's one reason he could be right.

Anti-Hillary Facebook site tops Obama

"As the new school year gets fully under way and presidential hopefuls work the young voter circuit via social networking websites, one online group — Facebook’s “Stop Hillary Clinton (One Million Strong AGAINST Hillary)” — is seriously outpacing its pro-candidate rivals in attracting new members.

With more than 418,000 members, Stop Hillary Clinton has now surpassed “Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)” as the largest group for or against a presidential candidate on Facebook. (The pro-Obama group has 355,000 members.)

The anti-Clinton group is growing at 10 percent per month, said Micah Sifry, co-director of Tech President, a blog group that tracks and studies how political candidates use the Web."

"Political analysts aren’t surprised. Clinton has had a polarizing effect on voters since her days as first lady. “Hillary Clinton is one of the most divisive political figures of our time,” veteran GOP consultant Rick Wilson said. “People feel empowered by the Facebook effect. This group is growing organically. It’s not some sort of Republican plan by Karl Rove in the background.”

But Sifry believes Stop Hillary Clinton members are united not only by Clinton’s negatives but also by the fact that moderate voters in both parties, and especially in the GOP, are struggling to find a candidate to rally behind."

“Whether Republican, Democrat or independent, a lot of us can agree that we don’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House,” DeMaura said. The group “lets young adults know they’re not alone in opposing Hillary.”

The RNC Chairman Writes Us A Letter

The Hillary Clinton fundraising juggernaut keeps on rolling.

Dear Curt,

This week, the Clinton campaign announced that they have raised $27 million over the last three months, putting Hillary's total campaign cash at $90 million for the year. She is on pace to raise much more than $100 million by the end of the year.

But that's not all. The Democrats have taken in $100 million more than Republicans this year. And this doesn't even count the hundreds of millions of dollars Big Labor, Hollywood elites and liberal groups like MoveOn.org are raising to defeat Republicans in 2008.

If Republicans don't close the fundraising gap with the Democrats by the end of this year, we will not be able to defend our candidates from their vicious attacks and outright distortions.

Hillary is criss-crossing the country raising tens of millions of dollars from Hollywood elites, Big Labor and trial lawyers. And she's shown her true liberal colors by:

Announcing Hillary-Care 2.0 -- a one-size-fits-all health care system like the one she tried to force through in 1993, which would put bureaucrats in Washington in charge of your health care choices instead of your doctor.

Refusing to denounce the despicable and malicious attack ad that left-wing group MoveOn.org leveled against General Petraeus before his testimony last month in front of Congress -- essentially condoning slander against our troops.

Proposing more than $615 billion in new government spending to pay for her liberal schemes.

Curt, I know you have been a strong supporter of the RNC -- and I'm grateful for all you have done and continue to do for our President and our cause. You know better than most how critical early preparation and funding is to winning in 2008.

Will you go the extra mile to help retain the White House and regain Congress by making a secure online contribution of $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or $25 to the RNC today?

Republican victory begins with you. Please respond today.

Best wishes,

Robert M. "Mike" Duncan

Chairman, Republican National Committee

P.S. Curt, Democrats and left-wing special interest groups are raising hundreds of millions of dollars to put a liberal like Hillary Clinton in the White House and expand their majorities in Congress.

Here are fair and balanced conservative links that will give you the unbiased truth about the vast left wing media conspiracy to put Hillary in the White House. Oh yea, some of these operations might be funded by millionaires and billionaires, but they are not fund by George Soros and the gang...

Media Research Center
The O'Reilly Factor
Shawn Hannity Show
The Glenn Beck Show
The Rush Limbaugh Show

Rupert Murdoch, owner of the FOX network, has a network of $9 billion.


New Richmond Celebrates Sputnik's 50th Anniversary

New Richmond Soviet Style Educators announced that in celebration of Sputnik's Fiftieth Anniversary there will be no school. New Richmond children are encouraged to spend the day creating their own orbital rocket devices with their comrades.

Read about it Here:

New Richmond Builds New Government Propaganda Office

Welcome to Commie Town. Check your guns at the border. Permits required for non-resident School Board Harassment.

Red State Update

A Rush To Judgement?

As a regular listener to right wing radio, I'm always interested in learning what the squawking points of the day are. This week it seems to be "Save Rush Limbaugh" on right wing radio and FOX News (Although having only welfare TV channels, I don't watch FOX).

Of course, right wing nut radio no longer calls the non-FOX News outlets the "mainstream liberal media." Now it's the "MoveOn.org, liberal media." It wasn't sure what all the Rush flap was about and decided to check into it this evening after listening to Shawn Hannity implore his listeners to ignore the MoveOn.org smear campaign against great Americans like Rush and Shawn. This evening Michael Levine was also on saving Rush.

Today I got an e-blast from CNSNews.com site with the following "Save Rush Story:"

Limbaugh 'Needs Defending' From Liberals' Attacks, Kingston Says

Video report (CNSNews.com) - Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) said Tuesday that he introduced a House resolution to support Rush Limbaugh because the conservative talk radio host "needs defending" from Democrats who have introduced resolutions and made statements condemning him for using the words "phony soldiers" on his radio show.

On his Sept. 26 show, Limbaugh used the term "phony soldiers" in setting up a story about Jesse Macbeth, a former soldier who was recently sentenced to five months in prison for obtaining veterans' benefits by falsifying his military records.

Macbeth claimed to have been an Army Ranger with a rank of corporal. He further claimed to have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and became a figure of the anti-war movement when he stated in Internet videos that he witnessed U.S. military atrocities in Iraq. In reality, Macbeth was in the Army only 44 days and never served overseas.

The liberal media group Media Matters for America (which has led a long campaign to have Limbaugh removed from taxpayer-supported Armed Services Radio) accused Limbaugh of referring to all anti-war soldiers as "phony soldiers."


It's interesting to note that CNSNews is part of the conservative alter ego of Media Matters. Here's what Wikipedia says about CNSNews:

Cybercast News Service (CNS) is a subsidiary of the conservative news monitoring group, the Media Research Center (MRC). Originally calling itself the "Conservative News Service," CNS changed its name to Cybercast in 2000. CNS was launched on July 16, 1998, by founder Brent Bozell, as an "alternative news service" to mainstream news sources which reports by MRC claim have a "liberal bias."

CNS says it strives to "cover stories that are subject to the bias of omission and report on other news subject to bias by commission," and "endeavors to fairly present all legitimate sides of a story."

Read more on CNSNews...

According to Wikipedia, the Media Research Center Inc. is a conservative media watchdog group run by president and founder Brent Bozell. The Center has a $6 million annual budget and 60 staff members and is funded by larger right-wing foundations.

From MRC's website: "The mission of the Media Research Center is to bring balance and responsibility to the news media. Leaders of America's conservative movement have long believed that within the national news media a strident liberal bias existed that influenced the public understanding of critical issues. On October 1, 1987, a group of young determined conservatives set out to not only prove - through sound scientific research - that liberal bias in the media does exist and undermines traditional American values, but also to neutralize its impact on the American political scene. What they launched that fall is the now acclaimed --- Media Research Center (MRC)."

Read more about MRC...

CNSNews and MRC were started by Brent Bozell. What kind of "fair and balanced" guy is he? From the Washington Post I gleaned the following:

Conservative activist Brent Bozell has long argued that the liberal media are distorting the news. Now, six months before the election, he's paying to get his message out.

Bozell's Media Research Center has raised $2.8 million for newspaper ads in 15 markets, billboards in 40 cities and a talk-radio blitz aimed at countering what he sees as a "liberal jihad" that is unfair to President Bush. The slogan (also on T-shirts and mugs) is not exactly subtle. A finger-pointing Uncle Sam declares: "Don't believe the liberal media!"

"This is a media that in the last year has gotten out of control," Bozell says. "They're so blatant in the way they slant the news. . . . It's as if people in newsrooms have just taken off the gloves, whether it's foreign policy, economic news or political news, there's a spin on everything that's said."


And so now they conservatives are trying to pull Rush's head out of his ass and put lipstick on his shit-eating lips. Lets let Rush explain his side of the story...

Rush Limbaugh: Anatomy of a Smear

After I listened to Limbaugh actual statement, I checked out this Jesse MacBeth character and I remember reading about him earlier this year an fabricating stories about being in Irag. Here's what the Seattle Times reported:

Man who lied about actions in Iraq admits faking forms

Jesse MacBeth stoked opposition to the Iraq war in 2006 when he spoke out about atrocities he committed as a U.S. Army Ranger serving as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

MacBeth, 23, of Tacoma, claimed to have killed more than 200 people, many at close range, some as they prayed in a mosque. He spoke at an anti-war rally in Tacoma and appeared in a 20-minute anti-war video that circulated widely on the Internet.

Trouble is, none of MacBeth's claims was true. He made it through only six weeks of Army basic training, was never a Ranger and never set foot in Iraq.

Conservative bloggers exposed MacBeth's lies in May 2006, destroying his credibility and embarrassing the Seattle company that produced the video about his exploits.

Now this MacBeth guy doesn't seem like the type of soldier any side of the debate would waste their time on...once the truth was exposed. However, contrary to what Rush said above, he does aim has controversial comments specifically at MacBeth. Instead he aims them at any soldier protesting the war in Iraq. Below what started all the fuss...

Rush Limbaugh Phony Soldiers Statement Sept 25 MacBeth

The White House Response

O'Reilly attacked Media Matters for "propaganda"

Tom Harkin attacks Rush Limbaugh on "phony soldier" misquote

With all the above taken into consideration -- including the MoveOn.org "General Betray Us" ad, I'm left wondering whatever happened to free speech and when will our government get done playing trivial pursuit and get down to the serious business at hand...

PS: If you haven't seen it, check out the documentary on FOX News "Out FOXed." You can get it locally through Inter-library loan. Below is a "fair and balanced" taste of the documentary:

OTBL Is Three Years Old

On the BorderLine -St Croix County Daily News
St. Croix County Wisconsin Daily News
Anonymity and the Blog
Filed under: General, News, About On The BorderLine admin @ 11:04 pm
Anonymity while Blogging is used as a preference for many reasons. It is up to you if you want to use an alias. You don’t have to, but I recommend it. However, I have the ability to use the statistics of the web sites server, to track someones IP address and uniquely identify them that way if need be. I have never had a request to provide one to anybody, and if things remain civil and within guidelines, I don’t see it happening in the future. Here are the main reasons for anonymity:
1.Security. Most BLOG’s audiences are national or statewide. This BLOG is unique in that it covers only a potential 71,155 people. That is only about 16 cities. That is only 23,410 households. Narrow it down even further to Hudson, then you have even a smaller pool. When you are talking about over-taxation, livelihoods, and family, things can get heated. I would not want to be responsible for some wacko hurting or threatening anyone on any side of a debate. So consider using an alias.
2.Privacy. You can find out a lot about someone. Who owns a 95 Audi Quatro, lives on 3rd Street, likes to cross country ski in Duluth, raced in the Laddie’s Loppet a few years back but failed to finish, has a hubby who is 37, and a 14 year old daughter who plays soccer? You know who you are and so do I. It’s easy to find out more. All it takes is a name.
3.Coolness factor. What would you like to be known as lets say “Andrew V. Johnson” or “In the Know”, Marylin Joblolski or “BlogBabe”. The same reasons people purchase vanity license plates and use alias email names is the Coolness factor.
4.People who may be introverted open up because of the anonymity that is available for BLOGGING in general. Not only is it helping someone open and share idea’s, it is at a pace that is self prescribed. There are a lot of psychological factors at work here.
To be criticized for allowing or using the anonymity of using aliases is totally unfounded. I totally recommend it.


Another Fine POS Publication

POS Vanity Printers proudly presents it's latest publication
The New Richmond Visitor's Guide to Communist Landmarks -
( by Dan Billiamson )
with forward by ontheborderline.nut's "Our View"

This voluminous work, which some say rivals "War and Peace", is a compilation of travel tips and classical liberal rants, peppered with critical reviews of Socialist ideology from the crackpot objectivist point of view.
Reviewers from Appleton's John Birch Society rave: "This is the consummate guild to Commie hunting in Western Wisconsin. If you don't bag you're limit with this fine publication, you're probably shooting blanks" The New Richmond Visitor's Guide to Communists is available online at the POS Bookstore and Ammo shop. www.POS-NRAvanitypublications.net. for the ridiculously low price of 3 payments of only $12.95. Or Call- 888-Commie and don't forget to mention Grover the Flash sent you.
Your purchase will be shipped directly to your home mailing address is a discreet brown paper wrapper.

Loco Blogger Stars In Porn Film

Country Music Takes On Terrorists

Country Music Stars Challenge Al-Qaeda With Patriotic New Song "Bomb New York"

There is nothing quite like a Country Music concert filled with gun toting, beer drinking, flag waving, Pledge of Allegiance singing, geetar playin', southern drawl talkin' patriots…
Here the whole song here:

Communism 101


President Bush Leaves 4 Million Children Behind To Kick Off October as "Celebrate Selfishness Month"

Kicking off October as "Celebrate Selfishness Month" President Bush promises to Veto Health Care Coverage for Poor Children

When asked for his reason for the VETO the President Bush stated " I did it for the kids".

"Even though most congressional Republicans support the compromise bill to renew the Children's Health Insurance Program (sometimes also called the State Children's Health Insurance Program), President Bush intends to veto it."

The bill would “add $35 billion over five years to the program, adding 4 million people to the 6.6 million already participating. That is hardly a dent in the health coverage problem for the USA since 47 million Americans have none and most of them are children. But reducing that number by 10 million would enfeeble Bush’s record at placing children at a substantial health risk. After all, there is one’s place in history to consider.

The plan would be financed by raising the federal cigarette tax by 61 cents to $1 per pack” (link). Of course, one of the objections Bush has to the bill is that it “unacceptably raises taxes” on the products produced by the corporate constituents of the tobacco lobby.

The Bush administration, continuing its fight to stop states from expanding the popular Children’s Health Insurance Program, has adopted new standards that would make it much more difficult for New York, California and others to extend coverage to children in middle-income families.

Administration officials outlined the new standards in a letter sent to state health officials on Friday evening, in the middle of a month-long Congressional recess.

Be sure to contact your Congressman, Senator and President Bush and thank him for towing the line for selfishness.

Mr. Peanut Sucks New Life Into McCarthyism

The Price of Sin - Coming Soon to a Thee-8-tour Near You!

Now On Video: The Price Of Sin

"Get 'er while she's hot!"
Dr. Billiamson

"Get 'er while she's red hot!!"
Dr. Marx Bubonic

Free Market Discovery!

Goldwater -Miller '08

Fictitious Vice Presidential candidate Stephanie Miller said: “C’mon, America, Goldwater/Miller ‘08!
Official Site:
What’s another landslide among friends? And remember, we look WAY better than Rudy Giuliani in a dress.”

Added Miller: “On a more serious note, our heroes, our grandfather and father, ran for President and Vice President in 1964, and now we’re making our own fun run for the White House. Why? We want to make a point that today’s Republican Party is not something that Barry Goldwater or Bill Miller would recognize. Those men stood for something that is sorely missing in today’s political landscape—honesty.”

OTBL Commie Watch Focuses on New Richmond

Bush Defends No Child Left Behind: "Childrens Do Learn"

Washington Post
By Peter Baker
September 26, 2007

"The No Child Left Behind Act is working," Bush said with first lady Laura Bush, Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, New York Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg (I) and School Chancellor Joel Klein at his side. "I say that because the nation's report card says it's working. Scores are improving, in some instances hitting all-time highs."

A few moments later, he added, "As yesterday's positive report card shows, childrens do learn when standards are high and results are measured." The official White House transcript later corrected the statement to "children."


New Clubhouse Same Stupidity

The "Price of Sin" Duo impart more wisdom from their new cyber clubhouse. Here

"September 28th, 2007 — Flash

There is nothing quite like a banquet room filled with gun toting, beer drinking, flag waving, Pledge of Allegiance stating patriots… So went the annual NRA Banquet I attended last night."

The Oppenheimers

Murtha Among Wis. Legislators Fouling Up WMC's Script

29th Assembly Representative, John Murtha, among group that rebels against WMC money

From the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign ...

The state's largest business organization recently began airing radio ads commending five Assembly Republicans - four of whom won their 2006 races by the skin of their teeth - for opposing increases in business and other taxes contained in the Senate Democrats' version of the proposed 2007-09 state budget.

The ads are being run on behalf of Representatives Lee Nerison, Terry Moulton, John Murtha, Karl Van Roy and Brett Davis. But it seems these guys fouled up the script that Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce had for them.

The ad scripts are identical for each lawmaker and use two women conversing who say, in part, "none of us can afford higher taxes. But you know what? We're lucky. Why? Our state representative (name) is fighting to keep the Senate tax hikes from becoming law. He says taxes in Wisconsin are already too high. In fact, he's already voted against the tax hikes."

But within days of these radio ads, the five voted on September 18 in favor of a $12.3 billion education spending bill that translates into an $80 increase in property taxes on the average home. The education package they approved contained most of the school aid levels sought by Democratic Governor Jim Doyle and Senate Democrats.

Our Pew