Congressman Ryan Stands Up Against SB-5 on the House Floor

Crisis In Dairyland

America The Beautiful on the Tuba...

"The Star Spangled Banner" On the Tuba...

Thurston Howell III Protests "Americans for Properity" Empty Bus Tour

Sheila Hardorf and her minions (estimated at 100 by WCCO News ) gathered at the Hudson House this afternoon. While in the comfy confines of their conference room, a crowd several times as large held anti-Walker signs, chanted and gathered signatures on a petition demanding Hardorf' be recalled.
Harsdorf was quoted as saying "That's part of the process". She neglected to mention the other part of the process, stripping Wisconsin Public employees of their collective bargaining rights and introducing unnecessary Voter ID legislation as a means of suppressing opposition voters .
Film at 11:00.

Ed Shultz Tells it Like It IS- An attack on public education

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Thoughts On The National Debt In 1829

"... The management of the public revenue--that searching operation in all governments--is among the most delicate and important trusts in ours, and it will, of course, demand no inconsiderable share of my official solicitude. Under every aspect in which it can be considered it would appear that advantage must result from the observance of a strict and faithful economy. This I shall aim at the more anxiously both because it will facilitate the extinguishment of the national debt, the unnecessary duration of which is incompatible with real independence, and because it will counteract that tendency to public and private profligacy which a profuse expenditure of money by the Government is but too apt to engender. Powerful auxiliaries to the attainment of this desirable end are to be found in the regulations provided by the wisdom of Congress for the specific appropriation of public money and the prompt accountability of public officers..."

President Andrew Jackson
First Inaugural Address
March 4, 1829

Wisconsin's First Dog

Original cartoon submitted by Jay P Patches

The Human Cost of Being Open For Business

Raw Video: 12 News Camera Captures Lawmaker Being Tackled By Police - Video - WISN Milwaukee

Welcome to Nazi Wisconsin or
Raw Video: 12 News Camera Captures Lawmaker Being Tackled By Police - Video - WISN Milwaukee

Open For Business


Ads Like These Aren't Cheap Thank You Karl Rove AFP's response to Obama attack

GOP: Governor Out Punked

Original cartoon provided by Jay P Patches

What Country Are We In?

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Obey said on Wednesday that he was denied entry to the Capitol for the first time in his five decades of visiting and serving in Madison.

"I think the governor is a political bully and a political thug," said Obey, who urged the governor to stop locking citizens -- and in some cases legislators -- out of the building and begin negotiating with the 14 Democratic senators who fled to Illinois when it became evident that the governor and his legislative allies were seeking to limit debate on what the Democrats see as a union-busting bill.

"I think the governor has needlessly divided the state," said Obey. "I can't think of a bill that will do more to weaken the future of Wisconsin. This is an anti-education, anti-union budget, and people ought to understand that."

Westboro Baptist Church Report - The Church With Zero Friends But A Lot of Power

Law Enforcement Refuses To Support Walker's Coup d' etat

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Where's The Beef?


The Way The "Kochie" Crumbles

A CEO, a Tea Party Member and a Union Worker walk into a restaurant and sit at a table. On the table is a plate with a dozen cookies. The CEO reaches over, takes 11 cookies and says to the Tea Party Member, "Hey," pointing to the Union Worker, "I think the union wants a piece of your cookie."

It's A Dog-Whip-Dog World

"You can tell Gadhafi is getting more and more desperate. First, he says the protesters are all on drugs. Remember that yesterday? He said they were all on drugs. Then he blamed the uprising on al Qaeda. And today, he said it's all the fault of the teachers union."

Jay Leno

The Upside Down World of Scott Walker: Improving Education by Cutting Billions in Education Funding.

Would this kind of logic work anywhere?
Would you more likely to win wars by cutting defense spending?
Would the Space program reach new heights by cutting their budget by 8-10%.
Only a fool would believe this. Governor Walker thinks we are all fools.

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Republican War On Working Families

Wisconsin Gov. Denies 'Union-Busting'

"Bling" for the Christian Left

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Madison WI Capitol Rally 2-27-11 Do You Hear the People Sing - Les Mis.avi


KSTP Questions Teachers-Not Koch Brothers

2012 GOP Race To The Bottom: Sarah Palin

"Dolphin-loving food co-op members are perverting our cultures so they can pack you into Priuses and take you off to a place to be slaughtered."

Sarah Palin
Speaking at the 2011 Nutpac Convention
North Hudson, Wisconsin
Feb. 29,2011

John McCutcheon "This Land is Your Land"

Scary Union "Thug" Teachers Message to Gov. Scott Walker

Quote of Note

"We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers salaries and take away their
right to strike." Adolf Hitler, May 2, 1933

On Tuesday, Republicans plan to move on with business as usual in hopes that they can put the pressure on their exiled Democratic colleagues to return. As long as the self-described “Wisconsin 14” remain in Illinois, they cannot be dragged back to the Capitol by the sergeant-at-arms.

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The protests have drawn national attention from the left and the right. The liberal group ActBlue has now raised more than $300,000 from nearly 12,000 donors for the Wisconsin Senate Democrats since they fled the state, and U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) sent a fundraising appeal to his supporters as well.

And it’s not lost on either side that the nation’s most visible policy stalemate is unfolding in one of its most historically progressive states, particularly when it comes to matters of labor.

Wisconsin was the first state to provide its employees with collective bargaining rights, which Walker now seeks to eliminate. It was also the first state to institute workmen’s compensation. And the “Wisconsin Idea” was the primordial soup for Social Security, which was authored by two former faculty members at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


Praise Allah! A Fair and Balanced World

"It was reported today that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi described President Obama as an African of Muslim decent. Immediately after the speech," Gaddafi "was given his own show on Fox News."

Conan O'Brien

FireFighters Demonstrate Against Walker

An Unpaid Political Announcement:Visit ontheborderline.nut, Wing Nut Propaganda For the St. Croix Valley

I Fear For My Country

A Real Governor Mark Dayton FIX

Congressman Tim Walz Supports WI Public Worker Unions