Do Get Above Your Raisin'

"Children and politicians are notorious for either not understanding the consequences of their actions or refusing to believe that the same actions will always result in the same consequences. (It is fascinating to ponder why we punish children for not heeding the consequences of their actions, yet vote for politicians who promise to ignore history and repeat the mistakes of the past.)"

Robert Ringer
from Action


The Environmentalists' Dilemma

Environmental activists Raoul Surcouf and Richard Spink set sail from Bristol, England, in May on a 40-foot boat outfitted with solar panels and a wind turbine to attempt the first carbon-neutral crossing of Greenland's polar ice cap (a journey being monitored eagerly online in Bristol by 25,000 schoolchildren). However, 400 miles off the coast of Ireland, hurricane-force winds destroyed the boat, and the crew was lucky to be rescued by a nearby ship, which was a tanker carrying 680,000 barrels of crude oil.


Christian Fundamentalists Pray For Global Warming

Friut flies, gay penguins! What's next? Transvestite turtles...

A pair of gay penguins are proving to be excellent adoptive parents after they incubated an abandoned egg and are now constantly caring for their chick.

Z and Vielpunkt, two Humboldt penguins at a German zoo, got the egg after the zoo placed it in the males' nest after the egg's original parents rejected it.

The new dads are one of three same-sex pairs at the zoo..