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The end is near for Wisconsin as we know it. Big business has taken over! They poor and helpless are going to be left to die in the streets! No longer will you be able to fight of justice in our courts systems to address the greedy wrongs done to you by the heartless beast of American corporate greed! Everything in Wisconsin will quickly fade from enviromental green to anti-regualtion black! Nuclear reactors will soon be built next to daycare centers!

It's up to you to stops Walker's Chamber of Commerce Horrors (or is it Whores) machine that is now goose stepping it's way across the state of Wisconsin. First it was high-speed rail. Then it is windmills. Next it will be clean water and fresh air!

The politcal Hindenburg is coming to the state you love! Only you can stop it!

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Wisconsin GOP makes Voter ID a priority, not jobs

On the national political scene, Republicans have their sights on repealing the healthcare bill. Here in Wisconsin, that same proposal has been discussed as well with the newly contolled GOP legislature. Now, this week, the GOP unveiled its plan to pursue voter ID requirements. What happen to the creating jobs agenda?

Several legislators mostly democratic are outraged at this agenda. State Representative (D-Milwaukee) Tamara Grigsby commented on the continued neglect toward struggling families and job creation by Wisconsin Republicans.

“This is not what the people of Wisconsin asked of us,” said Rep. Grigsby. “How many jobs are created through voter disenfranchisement? We are supposed to be putting people to work, not keeping them from the polls.”

Aside from being unrelated to economic recovery efforts in Wisconsin, Grigsby also noted the volatility and negative fiscal impact that a Voter ID proposal will have on the state. Authored by Representative Jeff Stone and Senator Joe Leibham, the soon-to-be introduced Voter ID legislation closely resembles a voter disenfranchisement law in Indiana, where it was struck down by an Indiana state court in September 2009.

Read more @ Milwaukee Courier

Erik Prince- International Man of Mystery and Intregue

When you read about Eric Price the first question that comes to mind is: "What makes this guy tick?" Prince can accurately be described by all of the following :
Mercenary, Billionaire, Former Blackwater CEO, Recluse, Philanthropist, Right Wing Christian Activist,Ex Navy Seal, Aspiring High School Teacher, Spy, Former Naval Academy Cadet and the list goes on.
This guy is an enigma wrapped in bundle of contradictions.
A fairly recent Vanity Fair article describes him as the following:

Split Personality

Erik Prince can be a difficult man to wrap your mind around—an amalgam of contradictory caricatures. He has been branded a “Christian supremacist” who sanctions the murder of Iraqi civilians, yet he has built mosques at his overseas bases and supports a Muslim orphanage in Afghanistan. He and his family have long backed conservative causes, funded right-wing political candidates, and befriended evangelicals, but he calls himself a libertarian and is a practicing Roman Catholic. Sometimes considered arrogant and reclusive—Howard Hughes without the O.C.D.—he nonetheless enters competitions that combine mountain-biking, beach running, ocean kayaking, and rappelling.

From Mother Jones:

And up until two months ago—when Prince says the Obama administration pulled the plug—he was still deeply engaged in the dark arts. According to insiders, he was running intelligence-gathering operations from a secret location in the United States, remotely coordinating the movements of spies working undercover in one of the so-called Axis of Evil countries. Their mission: non-disclosable.

Black Helecopters:

Secret Agent BBC News Report
The CIA hired contractors from the US private security firm Blackwater as part of a secret programme to track and kill top al-Qaeda figures, reports say.

Get A Bigger Spoon

"The average earnings of the richest 10 percent of Americans are 16 times those for the 10 percent at the bottom of the pile. That compares with a multiple of 8 in Britain and 5 in Sweden. Not coincidentally, Americans are less economically mobile than people in other developed countries. There is a 42 percent chance that the son of an American man in the bottom fifth of the income distribution will be stuck in the same economic slot. The equivalent odds for a British man are 30 percent, and 25 percent for a Swede."

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

What Sarah Palin Meant to Say

America Enduring Sarah Palin from Political Truth Squad on Vimeo.

No Jobs!! No Problem!! The GOP Plan-Working Already


It's Starting To Make Cents

The Death of Ehtics

MANKATO, Minn. — A Mankato man landed in jail after calling 911 and telling police a prostitute failed to deliver on his $200 payment.

Authorities say the 26-year-old man called police from the Super 8 motel in Mankato Wednesday and told officers he agreed to pay the woman for sex, but that she took his cash without holding up her end of the deal.

Officers tracked down the woman after the man gave police a description of her vehicle. Both the man and woman found themselves behind bars in the Blue Earth County Jail.

Besides prostitution and disorderly conduct citations, police issued a third misdemeanor charge of doing business without a peddler's permit.

The GOP "Put Your Neighbor Out of Work" Plan

Republicans have a wonderful knack for twisting reality; in fact they have become so adept at it, they’ve convinced the rest of rational humanity to believe that paradoxical solutions are what this country really needs to get the economy back on track. Take for example the Minnesota GOP plan to put 5000 of your neighbors (AKA State employees) out of work. How does the thinking go on this?
Problem: Unemployment. GOP Solution put more people out of work.
Right! And that will improve the economy… how? The GOP answer; by lowering taxes and freeing up money for private investment. My question is, investment in what? Anyone see any pent up demand out there, needing to be filled? If so please share!
How about the banks you say. Let’s look for some stellar investment opportunity there. How about this for a great return on investment, found at Money-Rates.com.

A whopping 1.1% APY. Wow. Why are they so generous? (Look back to 2008 news reports and it will be evident. They are DESPERATE to raise cash.

Here's the pitch:

Shouldn't this guy be selling watches in Times Square?
Do you think he makes $38,000 a year?

If you could afford the gas to do so and frequented any retail outlets over the last couple weeks as I did, you’d find dozens of private sector employees wandering aimlessly looking for something to do, desperately seeking customers to help, out of boredom if out of nothing else. As a customer, this is great, dozens of people fawning over me to make a sale, even ones on which their employers are losing money. But somehow this is all the fault of government employees.
Here are a few Minnesota public employee facts:
• The wealth of Minnesota millionaires has doubled under the Pawlenty administration, as their state and local tax rates have decreased by 4 percent. Meanwhile, the wages of most public workers have been frozen.
• AFSCME members earn $38,000 a year, on average. They’re struggling paycheck to paycheck, just like average Minnesotans.
• Public workers in Minnesota earn 4 percent less than private-sector employees, when matched by education and experience. That’s because public workers have sacrificed wages for better benefits.
• Minnesota’s state workforce is the 10th leanest and one of the most productive in the nation. Minnesota has 71 public workers for every 10,000 residents, according to the U.S. census. We’re tied with conservative Florida.
• If Gov. Pawlenty fired all state employees, the cost savings would erase only 21 percent of the state budget deficit.
• Minnesota Chamber president David Olson’s concern about public compensation is hypocritical. As a trustee of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, he paid bonuses totaling $415,875 to 33 top administrators who earn six-figure salaries. Phil Krinkie, president of the Taxpayers’ League, and Mike Veckich, chair of the Emmer recount team, are also MnSCU trustees appointed by Gov. Pawlenty.
• Public pensions are modest. The average AFSCME retiree has pension benefits of about $13,000 a year.
• Minnesota’s pension systems pay out more than $2.5 billion, add $3.3 billion to the state economy, and create 22,500 additional jobs.
• State and local taxes collected on public pensions exceed public employer pension contributions by $80 million a year.
• 90 percent of retired public workers stay in Minnesota. That benefits our economy and keeps seniors self-sufficient.
• More than 20 percent of senior citizens are living in poverty with only Social Security.
• Minnesota taxpayers pay for only 15 cents of every dollar in public pension benefits.
• Most private pensions are 100% employer paid. AFSCME members pay for half of theirs.
The state's largest employee union joined Democrats in their criticism. Eliot Seide, executive director of the American Federation of State and Federal Employees Council 5, said a better alternative was to raise taxes on the wealthy. He said the bill would have a disastrous impact on the state's economy.
"Every time you lay off another worker, Main Street loses a customer," Seide said.
Pointing to data released by the U.S. Census Bureau, Seide said Minnesota's government employs one worker for every 71 residents, the 10th-lowest ratio in the country. He also pointed out that the state's work force shrank 11 percent under Pawlenty and that his members have seen four wage freezes in the past eight years.
"The Downey and Republican myth is that Minnesota's government has been growing, and in fact it's been shrinking by every measure you can put together," Seide said.
The bill got its first hearing in a House committee Wednesday, where it passed on a voice vote.
Jason Hoppin can be reached at 651-228-5445.

What is this really about? Try the Grover Norquist government bathtub project
which he's been successfully promoting for over a decade.


GOPee Foot Shooting

"I think that she has got to slow down and be more careful and think through what she’s saying and how she’s saying it,” Newt Gingrich told me. There is no question that she has become more controversial, but she is still a phenomenon. I don’t know anybody else in American politics who can put something on Twitter or put something on Facebook and automatically have it become a national story. So she remains, I think, a formidable person in her own right.”

Newt Gingrich

"R" as in "Rats" and "Republicans"

"Hundreds of major donors have abandoned the Republican National Committee, leaving it $20 million in debt and threatening its future as a central player in the 2012 presidential election.

The RNC raised just $7 million from major donors for the midterm elections, one sixth as much as it brought in for the previous midterms, in 2006. By contrast, the Democratic National Committee raised $38 million from large donors for last fall's midterms, three times as much as for the 2006 elections, according to a Washington Post analysis of donor records..."

Read more @ The Washington Post



The Sheriff is a Near...

"Mark Twain once defined a classic as a book people praise but don’t read. It seems that his truism is still quite accurate.

In another of the sadly ironic PC events of the day there will be a new version of Tom Sawyer which will remove ‘offensive words’.

The word nigger (my sincere apologies to those who are offended by the use of this word but it would be sort of hypocritical to condemn censorship by censoring) will be replaced with slave while the world Injun will be removed entirely (not sure if he will now be Native American Joe).

The irony of all of this being, of course, is that one of the main reasonsfor having the word in the novel is for Huck to understand how offensive it is to Jim and for him to recognize his friend as a human being.

There are of course arguments in support of the move. We regularly edit movies for broadcast on television so that they can be seen by a broader audience, so why not do the same with books. I can see a small degree of merit in this. If someone who would not otherwise read the book does so because of the PC version that is a small victory.

But at the same time that reader will not get the full experience of the book as it was written, and that is sad..."


The Moderate Voice

Tucson Is Not Alone...

Over in Boston...

The emotionally racked trial of a former Pelham police chief charged in connection with the accidental shooting death of an 8-year-old boy at a gun fair came to an end yesterday with a jury acquitting Edward Fleury, who cried at the verdict.

Fleury, 53, was found not guilty of involuntary manslaughter and multiple counts of furnishing a machine gun to a minor. Christopher Bizilj of Ashford, Conn., lost control of an Uzi submachine gun and shot himself in the head in front of shocked onlookers that included his father and brother. The jurors had viewed chilling video footage of the youth’s death, which occurred in October 2008, before they rendered their verdict.

Several members of Fleury’s family embraced him after the verdict was announced in Hampden Superior Court in Springfield, said his lawyer, Rosemary C. Scapicchio of Boston.

Down in Alabama...

HUNTSVILLE, AL -- Lawsuits filed Friday in connection with the deadly mass shooting at UAH last year contend university officials could have prevented Amy Bishop from gunning down her colleagues.

Two similar lawsuits filed on behalf of the families of UAH professors Dr. Maria Ragland Davis and Dr. Adriel Johnson - who were both killed Feb. 12 during Bishop's rampage in a UAH biology faculty meeting - argue that the University Provost Dr. Vistasp Karbhari failed to follow policy in dealing with Bishop's deteriorating mental state.

Over in Dallas...

Charges are possible against whoever left a loaded shotgun where an 11-year-old boy was able to get access to it and accidentally shoot and kill an 8-year-old friend inside a northwest Dallas apartment Thursday afternoon, police said.

"Charges could be filed against anyone who may have made this weapon accessible," said Dallas police homicide Lt. David Pughes.

Homicide investigators were working Friday to determine where the gun was being kept when the boy, whose name was not released, got it.

He shot and killed Keiveon Johnson about 3:45 p.m. at the apartment in the 4000 block of Harvest Hill Road near Interstate 635 and Midway Road, police said.

A 6-year-old boy suffered minor injuries and a 9-year-old boy in the apartment was uninjured, police said.

In Miami...

One woman was killed, five people injured, when gunfire broke out in north Miami-Dade.

Police said it happened just before midnight in the 1900 block of NW 92nd Street. Family members said it began when the 22-year-old woman began arguing a boyfriend who had just been released from prison after 8 years.

As the argument grew heated, police said two men pulled guns and started shooting.

When officers arrived they found they found the injured individuals and a car riddled with bullets. There are indications the car was hit with bullets as someone tried to chase after the shooter.

One of the injured was treated on the scene. The remaining five injured people were taken to the Ryder Trauma Center where the 22-year old woman was pronounced dead. Police said the injuries to the four other people are non-life threatening.


Don't Forget To Wipe

"...A feud has broken out between Rush Limbaugh and the so-called "All Star Panel" on Fox News' "Special Report" over the panel's praise for President Obama's speech at the memorial for the Arizona shooting victims. Speaking on his radio show Thursday, Limbaugh slammed the panelists--which, on the night of the speech, were Brit Hume, Charles Krauthammer and Chris Wallace--for their positive comments.

"They were slobbering over it for the predictable reasons," he said. "It was smart, it was articulate, it was oratorical. It was, it was all the things the educated, ruling class wants their members to be and sound like."

On Thursday night's "Special Report," host Bret Baier played the Limbaugh clip and asked Krauthammer--who had called the speech "quite remarkable and extremely effective"--for his reaction.

"As one of the three slobberers...I find it interesting that only the ruling class wants a president who is smart articulate and oratorical in delivering a funeral oration," Krauthammer said. "It's an odd and rather condescending view of what the rest of America is looking for in their president."

Huffington Post

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