Dateline Roswell:

From OTBL's N. Onimous:

"Folks, Paris Hilton is by any objective analysis the dumbest, most ignorant, and worthless piece of blond debris to ever girate on this planet. She revels in the outrageous just as big government monopolies and evangelical Swagartesque blow hards revel in their own expansion - because they are unrestricted by the realities of any market forces that matter. Natural market forces that could matter, were it not for the dumbed down state of our children and an unfortunate percentage of their parents (are you listening "public education")."

Earth to N. Onimous:

She's the PRODUCT of Market Forces. She's an heiress you idiot, that's why she does whatever the hell she feels like. The Hilton's are Uber wealthy. The free market created their wealth. OTBL's N. Onimous says "public education" is what's given us Paris Hilton? and we need "Market Forces" to reign her in. Now I've heard it all.

If any of this makes sense to you.
Go take your meds.


raving madman watcher said...

At least Ted Kazcinski's ( the unibomber) manifesto had some logic.

This is more L. Ron Hubbard.

We are human beings - like it or not said...

The most disturbing part of nonimous' comment was his reference to Ms. Hilton as "the dumbest, most ignorant, and worthless piece of blond debris." This young lady may be spoiled and irresponsible, and she may be trying to cash in on her fleeting moment of fame, but she is still a human being. She is not a "piece of debris."

Unfortunatley, this is typical of the crap posted on OTBL. They seek to dehumanize anyone that they disagree with, or envy, or just simply hate for the sake of hating. They call these people "shitheads," "pieces of shit," and now "pieces of debris."

Why not just do away with these enemies? They're not really human anyway. They're just worthless pieces of garbage. Sound familiar historians?

Nonimous has some serious mental problems. But even he is a human being. Not a likeable one, but still allowed basic human rights and citizen privileges. Ms. Hilton is too. And the rest of use socialist "pieces of shit"? Sorry nonimous, we're human too. You can't take that away from anyone just by calling us shit. You have to learn to deal with humans - like it or not.

Kowboy K Kurtass said...

Notice how the OTBLers are jealous and spiteful of anyone who has wealth and/or job security...which means everybody not participating in their blog. Gee, Paris Hilton is the poster child of successful parents. She's got it all and gets a tax break with so much of income coming from dividends. She's a libertarian who likes to smoke a joint and enjoy occassional wild sex and have some fun. Don't forget what it's like to be 20...and not keep you dope in a golf bag.

Mikhail Ivanovich said...

Can you guys tell me how to subscribe to the Roswell Times?