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Amazingly similar to the Borderline View.

From Time Magazine Mar. 10 1961

"Among the U.S. brotherhoods dedicated to the fight against Communism, nothing is quite like the John Birch Society. Except for an elite corps of leaders, its members shun personal publicity, and their names are held by the society in strictest secrecy. Its cells, of 20 to 30 members apiece, take orders from society headquarters, promote Communist-style front organizations that do not use the John Birch name. Carefully avoiding normal channels of political action, the society accepts the hardboiled, dictatorial direction of one man who sees democracy as a "perennial fraud" and estimates that the U.S. is 40% to 60% Communist-controlled. In other times, other places, the John Birch "Americanists" —as they call themselves ¶might seem a tiresome, comic-opera joke. But already the society admits to cells in 35 states, and its partisans have made their anonymous and unsettling presence felt in scores of U.S. communities."

"The Red Plot. All society activity comes under the firm thumb of a balding, deceptively mild-mannered, retired businessman from Belmont. Mass., named Robert Welch. Son of a North Carolina farmer. Baptist Welch, 61, spent 25 years as an executive with Cambridge's famed candymaking James O. Welch Co. (run by his brother). After the war, Welch began to bone up on Communist literature; eventually he decided that such schemes as social security and federal income tax laws were part of a Red plot to ready the U.S. for Soviet conquest. Welch left candy for fulltime anti-Communist pamphleteering in 1957. He founded the John Birch Society the next year, naming it for a U.S. Navy captain killed by Chinese Communist guerrillas after V-J day."
John Birch Society Headquarters, Appleton, WI.

Less Government, More Responsibility, and
— With God's Help — a Better World.

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