39 Months Equals Retirement for Local Blogging Pioneer

Local internut blog trailblazer Mikhail Ivanovich, co-founder on ontheborderline.nut has decided to hang
up the ethernet cable after his illustrious 39 month career as internet "journalist" and cyber pain in the ass. Inspired by the rabid rightwing bull dogs that hounded Dan Rather from his 40 year career at CBS,
Michail has decided to put down the keyboard and just sit on his fat ass in his easy chair like he has for the last 39 months,but now without the computer.
"My fingers ache" after the countless Control C, Control V sequences of cutting and pasting billions of computer bits. "I'm taking a well deserved break".
Reflecting on his career, Miki ( as those who tolerate his personal presence are fond of calling him ) says, " I think I've had an impact on exposing the thieving government school teachers in this town, and have done my best to stand up for the little guy in the StonePine Mc Mansion,the taxpayer.
Mikhail's protege, Dr. Bill commented on the surprise announcement saying, " Hudson will be a sad place indeed without Mikhail's biting anti-Statist commentary. I think I'm getting like... all misty."

Mikhail has touched billions of lives through his unselfish devotion and sacrifice dedicated to promoting individual self interest over the public good.

Co-blogger, N. Onimous said, " Mikhail has been an inspiration to all of us, few people realize the number of hours he's put in the easy chair demolishing the reputations of the local government school parasites and their supporters. He's truly been an inspiration."


Baby Ruth said...

Evidentually, all turds get flushed from the bowl. In this case, the turd had to be netted and scouped from the infamous OTBL hot tub and used to fertilize the noxious weeds growing behind the waste treatment planet on Second Street.

Wacko Watcher said...

I see that Spotty The Horse's Ass 2 has also hung up his insensitive slurppy cup. I suppose with the writing on the wall and the increasingly obvious turn todemocratic socialism, there's not much left for these OTBL'ers to do be sit around and count their peanuts. From the doo-doo math they've littered the blogoshpere with, I'm sure you here this phrase a lot: "One, aaghh, what comes after one? I wish Lil Bill was here to help."

Social Insecurity said...

Don't tell me that kid's watching one of those $700 Van Scam Physics videos.

borderline penioneer said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but weren't the borderliners retired before they started blogging. I mean, do any of them have a job. (spouses don't count )